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Bench 300: Your 12-Week Plan

When you want to earn a next-level bench, you need a next-level approach. Just do this program exactly as written and build serious upper-body strength!

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Bench 300 Bench 300
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Periodized Programming

Periodized Programming

One Workout Per Week / 45-60 Min. Workout

Move from 225 for a few reps to a solid, smooth 300 with no guessing and no complex math involved. Each weight for each rep is laid out for you!

Essential Accessory Moves

Essential Accessory Moves

Build A Chest as Strong as It Looks

Don't do too little, or just as bad, too much. Just do what the plan says, and you'll build an iron shield that'll move a heavy barbell with ease!

Warm-up and Mobility

Warm-up and Mobility

Non-Equipment Specific / Pattern-Based Training

What keeps most people from hitting ambitious strength goals? Injury, terrible warm-ups, and a lack of mobility. This fast, effective mobility plan will have you getting more functional as you get stronger!

Add Strength and Muscle

Add Strength and Muscle

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

This is a bench-and-accessories specialization plan. Nothing more, nothing less. Just plug this plan into your existing program one day a week and start building a bigger bench today!

How much ya bench?

It's about time you had a more interesting answer to that question. There's nothing wrong with hitting 225 or so for reps. It's a great achievement, in fact. But once you've got it, then what?

Follow this straightforward, easy-to-follow plan as written, and you'll build a next-level bench that will transform your upper-body strength and muscle. Do it: Bench 300!

Testimonials for Bench 300

Bench 300 has already changed thousands of lives. Here's what those who followed this program have to say.


Just finished this program. All I have to say is "Amazing." It is like this program was designed for my body. I was able to bench 225 for 5-6 reps when I started. I put up exactly 305 in 12 weeks.


This program was crazy. I've never gained this much this fast. When I started the program I was only maxing 245. 55 pounds gained is ridiculous.


I am at week 11 and at my past workout I got 300 for 3 reps, easy. It is an excellent program that works because it confuses the body with flat bench, incline and dumbbells, and mixes up the weights. I had been stuck at 275 for many years after getting 320 back in my college days.

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