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Y3T: Neil Hill's 9-Week Hardcore Video Trainer

Y3T is Neil Hill's ultimate muscle-making program. It built Flex Lewis. If you survive, it will build you too. Get ready to train like a champion.

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9 Weeks of Workouts

4 workouts per week / 60 min. workouts

Neil Hill's battle-tested system achieves maximum muscle gain by cycling intensities, rep ranges, and rest pauses. Attack body adaptation!

train with flex

Train with James "Flex" Lewis

6-time 212 Mr. Olympia champ

Flex Lewis wasn't born with boulder shoulders or legs of steel. He built them with intense training, precision nutrition, and the guidance of longtime trainer Neil "Yoda" Hill, creator of Y3T.


Nutrition and Supplement Plan

Pro tips / sample meal plan

You'll need supplements that match your intensity if you plan to walk out of the gym on your own two feet during Y3T!


Weekly Y3T Cycles

Attack body adaption

The beauty of Y3T is that you never fail to progress. Since you aren't sustaining max weights every week, you're able to recover while reducing the risk of injury.

Testimonials for Y3T

Y3T has changed thousands of lives since it came out. Here's what those who followed it have to say.



Just finished two rounds of Y3T with fantastic results. I love Neil Hill's approach and perspective. I always felt challenged week to week, phase to phase. One tip that worked: I made sure to check workouts from the previous series (weeks 1, 4, 7; weeks 2, 5, 8; weeks 3, 6, 9) and added 10-15 pounds to each exercise. Small, incremental steps add up!



This is a great program! I used this for my Physical Training test prep and got my highest score ever (286 out of 300). Overall, excellent workout plan. I will be doing it again!



First program I had ever done. I thought it was a good program. I was sore after just about every workout. I'd rate it 9/10!

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