On The Go With JNL: The Busy Mom Fitness Plan

Jennifer Nicole Lee has become a household name in over 90 countries in just under a decade. Fitness happens to be JNL's 'thing', and she's here to share it with you with these 4 videos!

On The Go With JNL: The Busy Mom Fitness Plan
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Some people are great at math, or at architecture, at writing poetry, or even at gardening, but Jennifer Nicole Lee, otherwise known as JNL, just happens to be excellent at fitness modeling. JNL wasn't born into a wealthy or prominent family, and didn't have much growing up. One thing she was born with however, was natural charisma and a knack for being in front of the camera.

Shape Up With JNL On The Go
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JNL admits that she was blessed with many gifts that all miraculously aligned with being a fitness model. She has always enjoyed working out and living a super-fit healthy lifestyle. Oh, and she's also pretty attractive... so she's got that going for her too!

If you think JNL is narcissistic or self-absorbed, you couldn't be more wrong. She's full of energy and confidence, not because she's arrogant, but because she has found her passion in life!

Above all, JNL enjoys being a mother, a positive role model, and a gifted communicator where she can convey important health information to people in need. Everyone has their own "thing", and fitness happens to be JNL's—and she's here to share it with you!

Get JNL's Sleek Physique Watch The Videos

Find Your Motivation

If you don't believe in yourself then who will? As a mom, a wife, and a very busy modern-day multitasking woman, you need to give yourself the gift of exercise and self-respect!

Fuel Up For Success

Actually, to look like a super fitness model or enjoy the health benefits of looking like one, you've got to spoil your taste buds and bodies with nutrient-rich, super healthy foods that are good for them.

Shape Up Fusion-Style

No room for excuses—you don't even have to go to the gym! You can do this workout at home and still enjoy a sexy and super-fit body.

Reward Yourself

A photo shoot is a great way for you to give a gift to yourself for sticking to your goals. You don't have to want to be a fitness model to book a photo shoot!

From MOM To WOW She Did It, And So Can You!

JNL Before and After Photo

Jennifer Nicole Lee has become a household name in over 90 countries in just under a decade's time. From super-fitness-model photo shoots and successful infomercials to regular features on the Home Shopping Network, JNL has built a fitness empire around her electrifying yet down-to-earth views on personal health and fitness.

She's also an author, motivational keynote speaker, certified life coach, Team BSN athlete, and a specialist in sports nutrition and supplementation.

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In her book, "The Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model Diet", you'll find tons of insider knowledge and "JNL" tools, tips and techniques that led JNL along the journey that changed her life. Even if you aren't a super fitness model, JNL can teach you how to make life your own runway and stage, where you can walk with pride and confidence in a super-fit and sexy body.

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