An Interview With Colorado's IFBB Fitness Diva, Bridgette Murray!

Win or loose, those who know Bridgette know she's a sweetheart and a champion on every level. Get to know this fitness diva right here as she describes herself, her contest history, how it is being a pro, and more... Check it out!

The Mile High City is becoming quite the Mecca for turning out IFBB Pros. Take a moment to get to know one of these newly crowned pros who competes as an IFBB Fitness Pro, Bridgette Murray. Best known for her routines she is quickly rising to stardom in the fitness ranks her rookie season. You can see her flying through the air at the Europa Super Show where she hopes to qualify for the 2006 Olympia.

Win or lose those who know Bridgette know she's a sweetheart and a champion on every level.

-> Stats:


      Bridgette Murray.


      Born and raised in Littleton, CO.

Currently Reside In:

      Littleton, CO.


      Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology and Health Promotion, Colorado State University - GO RAMS!


      Currently no pets. I love animals and have grown up with dogs around all the time, so not having one is quite odd for me... I hopefully will have one soon though!

Current Occupation:

      Financial Retirement Specialist.

-> Contest History:

      Colorado Natural - Nov 1998 - 2nd Fitness

      Mile Hi Natural, June 1999 - 2nd Fitness

      USA's, July 1999 - Fitness, 18th

      Tri-Fitness Iron Woman, Florida, 1999 - 10th Overall

      Northern Colorado, April 2003 - 5th Fitness

      Colorado State, July 2003 - 4th Fitness

      Northern Colorado, April 2005 - 1st Fitness, 1st Figure Class

Emerald Cup

      , Seattle, WA, April 2005 - 1st Tall Fitness, 5th Figure Class

Jr. Nationals

      , Chicago, IL, June 2005 - 1st Overall Fitness

Team Universe

    , New York, NY, August 2005 - 1st Tall Class Fitness, Awarded IFBB Pro Card.

[ Q ] How do you like living in Colorado?

I love it here in Colorado... it is home and always will be no matter where I end up! However, it would be nice to try and live a couple different places before I figure out where to put down roots! I lived in Sydney, Australia for a while and loved it... but unfortunately, couldn't stay any longer due to VISA restrictions. But I must say, Sydney is one of my favorite places on earth!

[ Q ] Ever consider making a move or is CO home for good?

Ultimately I think CO will be my home for good, but you never know what is around the corner and where life can take you!

[ Q ] What's your gymnastic background?

I have 13 years of competitive gymnastics under my belt. I have battled through injuries and managed to still have a love for the sport when it was all said and done. There is just something about performing that never leaves your blood!

[ Q ] How did you first get into competing in fitness?

I met a girl, who is now my best friend, who was preparing for a fitness show back in '98. I had no clue what fitness competitions even were! She then asked me to help her learn a few skills for the show. I helped her out, and through the process thought, I can do this! So, less than six months later I was in my first show, took second, and best fitness routine of the year!

[ Q ] Where did you turn pro and how did it feel to make it to the next level?

I turned Pro at Team Universe in NYC Aug of 2005! It was a great experience, and trip that will not be forgotten.

      I was fortunate enough to have my mom, brother, and boyfriend (who is also my choreographer) with me! We had a blast celebrating!

[ Q ] What's the biggest difference competing as a pro vs. amateur?

The biggest difference... other than being nervous, which is something I never felt before... is the PRESSURE! Let me explain. As an amateur your competition is tough, especially at the national level, but it is another ball game in the pro's. These women are amazing - physiques and routines are amazing. Ask me these questions again after I have a few more pro shows down, and I may have a different answer!

[ Q ] When you did the Northern Colorado a couple years ago and were the only competitor, were you pissed that no one else showed up?

Funny you should ask! YES! When I trained for this show, I trained different, came in the best shape of my life, hoping for some good competition! Who wants to compete against themselves for the win... NO ONE! So, at the last minute I entered figure as well. The show was great, albeit disappointing that I didn't have anyone else out there on stage performing as well. But, looking back on it... I got to be the star of the show!

[ Q ] Do you currently train other competitors?

Yes, Daniel Ward (InWard Motion - Personal Training and Choreography) and myself currently prepare other fitness competitors

[ Q ] What are you goals for your pro fitness career?

Well, as a pro, shouldn't all of our goals be to win the O?! Well, I could say that is what I would ultimately strive for. The competition is tough, and I have many years ahead of me to prepare for something such as that!

[ Q ] What do you feel your strengths are as a fitness competitor?

My strength is definitely the routine rounds. I still have some work to do on my physique, but I am getting there... slowly but surely. It's not easy!

[ Q ] Who do you admire or look up to in the fitness industry?

Although I don't know her, I truly admire Jen Hendershott's routines, they are outstanding!

Jenny Hendershott
Click Image To Enlarge.
Jen Puts On A Great Show! Here She Is At The 2005 Olympia, Where She Won Her First Olympia.

[ Q ] What do you do when you're not eating chicken and practicing your routine?

Sleep! Ha! Well, not much to be honest... while training for a show my daily routine consists of working, eating, training, and then straight to bed! When I am not training for a show... well, then, I eat (everything but chicken), train, sleep, and whatever else I want to do, it's great to have freedom!

[ Q ] What advice would you give women who are considering competing in fitness?

Not to be intimidated if they don't have a background in gymnastics or dance, it IS possible! Attitude is everything!

[ Q ] What's your favorite body part to train?


[ Q ] Do you work with a trainer?

Nope, no trainer, workout solo.

[ Q ] Who helps you with your routines, if anyone?

Daniel Ward with InWard Motion Personal Training and Choreography. I have known Daniel for 9 years and he is one of the most amazing dancers I have ever seen, plus he is cute too! I couldn't go anywhere else for my dance, he is the best!

[ Q ] Who does your suits?

Christine Marsh has done all my suits.

[ Q ] Sponsors?

I am currently sponsored by LIFT Studios, Met-Rx, Worldwide, and National Wood. But I am always looking for more sponsorships!

[ Q ] Web site:

      I have a newly designed web site at

      - thanks to Lift Studios for creating exactly what I asked.

[ Q ] Any parting words?

Don't let the competition consume you. Remember, you play sports to have FUN, fitness is no different, and at the end of the day, no matter if you win or not, it is a huge accomplishment to have done it! Be proud of yourself!

Thanks Bridgette! We look forward to seeing you on a fitness stage for years to come.