4 High-Intensity Training Techniques To Get Ripped And Build Muscle!

Stuck in a plateau? Looking for a way to increase intensity? Blast your muscles into oblivion with these four powerful & proven HIT techniques. Try them now and watch your muscles grow while burning the fat!

Article Summary:
  • Get 4 HIT techniques that wil blast your muscles.
  • Partial Reps, Drop Sets & Rest-Pause all help build intensity.
  • These programs can be mixed in with a pre-existing one.
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    HIT Technique #1
    HIT Partial Rep Routine:


      You are taught from early on that full-range-of-motion reps are the way to go if you are looking to increase size and strength to your physique. How can Partial Reps help if you are not performing the full range of motion. First you need to realize that to perform a partial rep set correctly you start by using full-range-of-motion reps until you can't do any more in full-range-of-motion form.

      Instead of stopping the set you continue to perform partial reps with as much range of motion as possible to extend the set and drive the muscle into complete failure. Partial Reps were a favorite of Dorian Yates. He was known to do them until he was not able to move the weight at ALL.

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    Partial Reps Were A Favorite Of Dorian Yates.


    What Are Partial Reps?

    This is simply moving the weight through a partial range of motion.

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    HIT Technique #2
    Triple Drop Sets:


      The next HIT technique we will discuss is the Triple Drop Sets. A triple drop set is performed by doing as many reps as you can with one weight to failure then quickly decrease the weight and continue performing reps until you fail again after that you decrease the weight one last time and perform as many reps to failure.

      This is an amazing way to pump the maximum amount of blood into the target muscle and also bring the muscle to absolute failure. As you can see you are doing three sets in a row. If you use the utmost intensity only one triple drop set per exercise is needed in HIT fashion.

    Triple Drop Set Triple Drop Set
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    Only One Triple Drop Set
    Is Needed In HIT Fashion.


    Triple Drop Set.

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      Nothing will ruin the intensity of a drop set more than having to take 20+ second to unload and re-clip a bar. If you are lucky to workout with a training partner or 2 you will have many more exercises to choose from because they can help strip off the weight once you reach failure.

    Choosing The Right Workout Partner!
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    Choosing The Right Workout Partner!
    While you may not be hungry first thing in the morning, forcing yourself to eat or drink something is one of the most beneficial things you can do...
    Shannon Clark

      If you are like most of the lifters out there that have to got at this iron sport solo, give my HIT Triple Drop Set program a try. It will really help bring some intensity to your HIT.

    HIT Technique #3
    Single-Rep Rest Pause:


      Rest Pause sets are an excellent HIT technique to help raise the intensity of any workout. There are two different variations of the Rest Pause Sets that I like to use, the Single-Rep Rest Pause and the Post-Set Rest Pause Set. I will discuss the Single-Rep Rest Pause Set here and the Post-Set Rest Pause Set next.

      When you perform a Single-Rep Rest Pause Set choose a weight that is about 90% of your 1 RPM. Perform one rep in perfect form, rest for 5-10 second, then perform your next rep resting again after one more rep. Continue performing all your reps one at a time with a 5-10 second rest in between each.

    Weight Lifted Reps
    1 RM
    90% 1 RM

      The Idea behind the Single-Rep Rest Pause Set is you are able to you maximum amount of weight and because of the little rest your form stays perfect throughout the entire set. Below is my routine for a HIT Single-Rep Rest Pause Set:




        Rest 8 seconds between each single rep rest pause for all Back/Bicep exercises.

      • Deadlifts 3x5
      • Barbell Curls 2x12
      • print Click Here For A Printable Log Of Back/Biceps.

        The Single-Rep Rest Pause Technique works best for pressing compound movements where you are able to rack the weight during your rest periods between reps. Pulling exercises like rows and curls require you to hold the weight throughout which fatigues your grip so I decided to ditch all rowing exercises and replace them with deadlifts.

      Triple Drop Set
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      The Single-Rep Rest Pause Technique
      Works Best For Pressing Compound Movements.

        Rack the barbell between each rep when performing the barbell curls.


      The Single-Rep Rest Pause Routine is an excellent way to increase both size and strength in a safe manner. The little rest between reps will help you keep perfect form and will ensure you are able to use more weight for more reps than if you did straight sets alone.

      More weight for more reps is a proven equation for continued growth. If you want to increase your intensity and continue to make those improvements give my Single-Rep Rest Pause Routine a try.


    Single-Rep Rest Pause.

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    HIT Technique #4
    Post-Set Rest Pause Techniques For Ripping Up:



    Post-Set Rest Pause.

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    There you have it. Excellent High Intensity Training Techniques with routines all laid out for you, to help you increase your intensity and get to the next level. These techniques are a little different from the next but the one thing that they all have in common, is each, if performed with all-out effort will increase your intensity in the gym. Increased intensity is always a sure way to make improvements.

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    Increased Intensity Is Always
    A Sure Way To Make Improvements.

    You could decide to use this program laid out for you as is or mix with others. As long as you follow the guidelines and keep that intensity through the roof you will be fine.

    If you have any questions regarding HIT or Fitness in general please send me an email. I would be glad to answer them for you. I hope you enjoyed my HIT Technique Routine Series.