Barbell Deadlift

The barbell deadlift is a compound exercise used to develop overall strength and size in the posterior chain. It is a competition lift in the sport of powerlifting, but is also considered a classic benchmark of overall strength. When performed with the hands outside the knees, it is often called a "conventional" deadlift. When the feet are wide and the hands are inside the knees, it is a sumo deadlift.


  1. Primarily targets the back, hamstrings, and glutes, but also brings in the lats, traps, and forearms
  2. Builds core strength and stability
  3. Can be beneficial even at light or moderate weights
  4. Simple to scale for non-powerlifters by raising the bar to where someone can perform it without flexing their lower back
  5. If grip is a limitation, it can be performed with a mixed grip or using straps

Barbell Deadlift Images

Barbell Deadlift image
Barbell Deadlift image


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