Weighted Pull Ups

The weighted pull-up is a more advanced variation of the pull-up exercise, in which the lifter adds extra weight to their body. Options for adding weight include a dip belt, weighted vest, chains, a dumbbell placed between the feet or legs, or looping a kettlebell over the foot. Like other pull-up variations, the weighted pull-up builds strength and muscle in the upper back, biceps, and core.


  1. Strengthens the muscles of the lats (latissimus dorsi), biceps, upper back, core, and grip
  2. Allows you to train pull-ups in lower strength-focused rep ranges (e.g., sets of 3-5 reps) if you can do many reps
  3. Can help boost your overall pull-up numbers
  4. Heavy, low-rep sets activate different types of muscle fibers, potentially leading to muscle and strength gains

Weighted Pull Ups Images

Weighted Pull Ups image
Weighted Pull Ups image

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