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Calves: Exercises, Anatomy And Tips!

Find out what exercises work best for your Calves! The smarter you are, the bigger you'll get!

Anatomy Of The Calves

The Calves

Major Muscles That Act At the Ankle and the Foot:

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Anterior Tibialis




Posterior Tibialis



Top Calf Exercises


Tips: Sit on a calf raise machine. Place your upper thighs under the leg pad just above your knees. Disengage any weight lock that may be in place. Lower your heels to the lowest possible position. Slowly raise up on your toes as high as you can go. Hold for a moment and return to the starting position. Do not "swing" the weight up using momentum! Repeat.

Tips: When doing one-legged calf raises, stand on a dumbell handle (preferably one with round plates so it rolls). This tendency to roll will make you work to stabilize yourself as you're doing the calf raise, increasing the effectiveness of the exercise.

Be sure to hang onto something solid as you're doing this exercise as you don't want to slip off. The tendency for the dumbell to roll will allow you to roll your foot over the top of the handle, giving you full extension of the calf at the top. As you come up, roll the dumbell slightly backward. Roll it slightly forward as you come down to get a better stretch. You can also do these standing on the actual dumbbell plate, using a large 85 pound dumbbell that is wider.

Tips: Many of you may have seen Arnold do this in his hayday, but how many of you actually know that it was called Donkey calf raises or even do them? I'll just give you a quick run through on how to perform them. First, go to a gym with obese people. (lol, alright, I'm joking, but they do accelerate calf development while doing this exercise!) Ok, lean over on a knee height or slightly lower bench/platform, forming an 'L' shape with your torso and lower body. Have a calf raise platform or a thick Olympic weight at the bottom of your feet, tip-toeing on them. Get a few buddies to sit on your back, like they do when horse riding and start repping out some donkey calf raises!

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