Calf Press

The standing calf raise is a popular movement to target the calf muscles of the lower leg, and in particular the gastrocnemius muscles. When unweighted, it is usually performed for high reps or for time.


  1. Stretches and targets the calf muscles to add size and strength
  2. Can alter tempo or add pauses to increase intensity
  3. Can be performed two legs at once, one leg, or alternating
  4. Can be performed anywhere, any time

Calf Press Images


Calf Press Instructions

Calf Press muscle diagram
  1. Adjust the seat so that your legs are only slightly bent in the start position. The balls of your feet should be firmly on the platform.
  2. Select an appropriate weight, and grasp the handles. This will be your starting position.
  3. Straighten the legs by extending the knees, just barely lifting the weight from the stack. Your ankle should be fully flexed, toes pointing up. Execute the movement by pressing downward through the balls of your feet as far as possible.
  4. After a brief pause, reverse the motion and repeat.