Grains: The Great Cover-Up Of An Insidious Sickness!

Once every 6 seconds somebody in America becomes a diabetic, which is a tragic statistic considering that diabetes is completely avoidable. In simple terms, diabetes is an addiction to carbohydrates... Learn more.

There was an article last week in the Detroit Free Press, which was reported from the New York Times, entitled "Diabetes Skyrocketing in Poor Nations Across the World." Of course, it mentioned the United States and, while the U.S. is not exactly a poor nation economically, it is a very poor nation in health.

We have the most obese people in the world and we are the sickest people in the world. Drug companies love Americans because literally trillions and trillions of dollars are spent on pharmaceutical drugs each year. The article went on to mention that throughout the world, in the poor countries of Mexico, some South American countries, Africa, Pakistan, India and China, diabetes is skyrocketing.

As I've mentioned many times before, once every 6 seconds somebody in America becomes a diabetic, which is a tragic statistic considering that diabetes is completely avoidable.

In simple terms, diabetes is an addiction to carbohydrates (sugar), and the damage is very subtle and serious. As with all addictions, there is a supplier who is making a profit off of your craving and dependence for sugar. Read on.

The Great Cover Up

Isn't it funny how the American news media, in most cases, tends to cover everything up? They are controlled by multinational corporations because newspaper make their profits from advertising, therefore if they told the truth, corporations would simply pull their ads! They made a statement about how diabetes is skyrocketing around the world, but they didn't mention the cause. The cause is the title of this article: "Grains: The Great Cover-up of an Insidious Sickness."

The growing of grains and the consumption of grains across the world is skyrocketing because the earth's population is just over 6.5 billion people and it is projected that 2050 it will go up to about 9 billion people.

The simple fact is that there are too many people in the world and we can't feed them all as we are running out of animal proteins and fats. In order to feed that many people, we have to do so with grains, rice, wheat, soy, beans, oats, barley, oatmeal, and corn.

Potatoes should also be in this mix because they are starches, just as grains are. Starches are carbohydrates and all carbohydrates are converted to sugar. There is a huge increase of sugar consumption in the world, whether it is from grains, fruits or vegetables. Of course, vegetables in moderate amounts are good for you and some fruits are okay.

Americans and the rest of the world are consuming grains at an astronomical rate, causing diabetes, the silent killer and the silent precursor of sicknesses, in more and more people. I learned a long time ago that people are expendable and money is king. People seem to be the cheapest commodity in the world. It should be the other way around. People should be the most important commodity in the world.

You have to remember that the reason grains are promoted worldwide is for nothing other than money. The United States exports billions of dollars every year in grains, from the Midwest and Plains States.

Interestingly enough, the big push for soy in the last several years is due to the fact that the U.S. has grown an overabundance of soy. We always hear about how healthy soy products are for us when in fact, they are not and they are only being promoted because of the surplus. Most soy is genetically engineered!

I've written many articles referring to the Eskimo, the Rocky Mountain men, the American Plains Indian, the Masi in Africa, the Bolari in South America, all in which diabetes was unheard of because these populations were protein and fat eaters.

Drs. Harry Eidenier, Jr. and George Goodhart, Kurt Donsbach, the Weston Price Foundation, and Vince Gironda, have always advocated fats, proteins, vegetables and some fruits, but the direction the world is taking nutritionally is with grains, rice, soybeans and starchy foods, etc. The reason for this is because we now have companies manufacturing genetically engineered grains, making it even more profitable to produce and sell. Again, money and overpopulation are the key factors!

Vince Gironda
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Vince Gironda.

In the last 10 years, grain sales of cookies, pies, sugared cereals, etc. had plummeted in this country due to the Atkins Diet. (Of course, it wasn't his diet, he just promoted it).

It became popular to eat animal fats, proteins and vegetables, until the federal government came out with a revised food pyramid telling us that we need to eat more grains and beans and rice and soybeans. Wonder why? It was because farmers in this country are increasingly growing more and more soybeans and, again, most of them are genetically engineered.

Add to that the fact that the soy lobby in Washington is huge! The government modified the food pyramid for monetary reasons in order to avoid a catastrophic collapse of our economy. Because the government relies on tax dollars, it will continue to lie to us because of this necessary evil.

Just think, if 25% of all Americans stopped eating cookies, chips, pizza, pasta and donuts, the loss of jobs in the food industry would be tremendous! Besides, who wants to put the sugar pushers out of business? They want the whole nation hooked! That's why they go after your children first with sugared cereals, pop, cookies, donuts, pizza, etc.

Vince Gironda often said that we should go back to the caveman diet. Humans have been around for approximately 500,000 years and man originally killed animals, and ate fats and proteins. When the game ran out, he began to pick things off the vines thus becoming a hunter and a gatherer. Then about 8,000 years ago we did something really stupid, we started to eat weeds, which are corn, rice, wheat, soybeans and all of the things that are starches.

It is very difficult for the human body to digest starches because the starches have to go through a reduction process, where simple carbohydrates such as vegetables do not; therefore vegetables are much easier on the digestive system.

If you've read some of my articles, you know that, historically, grains have been detrimental to many cultures. The Romans and the Egyptians survived on grains and they didn't live that long due to heart disease and diabetes, because, again, grains are sugar.

These civilizations invented the toothbrush because they had rotten teeth from eating all that sugar. The jungle doctor of the early 1900's, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, often alluded to the diet of the poor children in Africa. He noticed that they had no acne and no tooth decay because they were basically protein and fat eaters, with some vegetables. Hippocrates told us the word protein means "most important." That's why he used ox liver to heal sick people and why he said that carbohydrates were secondary.

When eating meat, you should be eating from an animal that was grass fed. Farmers in America today are forcing grains on their animals rather than grass feeding them. Grain fed cows live 1/2 as long and they are put in pens instead of out to pasture. Grains are extremely hard for farm animals to digest.

Most animals that are not in captivity, unless they're starving, will not eat grains but will eat grass and vegetables instead. For instance, a gorilla is supposed to be a vegetarian and eats leaves, shoots and such, not grains. Contrary to popular myth, gorillas do eat meat when available.

Of course everybody is controlled by the media and never given the other side of the story, so that's why people often tell me that most Chinese and Japanese people eat soy and grains. That's not true. Only the poor people in China and Japan eat the grains, rice and soybeans . The rich people eat pork, fish and chicken and animal protein.

Grains that are meant to be edible should be fermented. In China and Japan, soy is fermented and consists of just 2% of their diet in the form of a condiment, used much like we use mustard or ketchup.

I do nutritional counseling and warn people to get off wheat, gluten and dairy products, because our dairy is homogenized, pasteurized and sterilized. We should be using raw milk for dairy products.

Our wheat and corn have been crossbred so many times that they are nutritionally worthless and are now being genetically engineered. They are horrible for the human body, causing allergies and illnesses.

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Grains That Are Meant To Be Edible Should Be Fermented.

In any country where there is an increasing incidence of diabetes, the people are becoming very obese and very fleshy, just like we Americans who have also been consuming white sugar and grains. White sugar, grains and starches do a wonderful job of making people obese and sick.

A friend of mine who traveled to Europe and Africa while working for Ford Motor Company said that he could always tell who the Americans were in his travels because they were usually fat, while Europeans weren't. That is now changing, as Europeans are now eating food from the U.S. fast-food chains that have infiltrated Europe.

"Our wheat and corn have been crossbred so many times that they are nutritionally worthless and are now being genetically engineered."

As a black man he was stunned when he went to the affluent areas of Africa to find that they ate fish, meat, eggs and animal protein and that they were a slim, muscular people with almost no incidence of diabetes. When he went to the poor areas of Africa where they ate grains, soybeans, rice, wheat and barley he discovered a fat, fleshy population with a high incidence of diabetes.

We all know what diabetes will do to you. Do you want your leg amputated, your kidneys to fail, do you want to go blind, and do you want polluted arteries and heart disease? This is what diabetes will do to you, slowly but surely.

Think of all starches in relation to protein. You can take any protein food such as cheese, cottage cheese (because they are fermented), raw eggs, milk, raw liver, raw spleen, you can eat all animal protein, you can eat berries and nuts and vegetables, you can chew up and consume all these things just as they are.

In contrast, the human body cannot consume grains unless they're processed to the nth degree. You can't take corn right from the cob and you can't take wheat, rice, barley, oats, soybeans or any starches and chew them up because they are like rocks. You have to crush them, fry them, dye them, boil them and bleach them.

Of course, I'm just kidding, but are you getting my point? These things are unnatural for the human body, so they have to be prepared and processed, and even so, the end result is that grains are not good for you if you eat them in abundance.

My family ate a lot of carbohydrates when I was a child because we were too poor to afford protein or meat. This was a factor to me as I am (or was) hypoglycemic and lucky not to be diabetic.

What comes to mind when I think back to my childhood days is the popular rhyme, "Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot." I can no longer eat beans and starches like I did back then for just that reason, they let off a lot of gas because our bodies are just not meant to digest that many grains.

As a kid, because we were poor, it was a big deal on Friday nights to have a bonfire in the field behind my house where everybody would bring a big stick to roast potatoes with salt and butter. Now, on occasion, I'll have a baked potato or a steamed potato.

It's okay to have some brown rice, oatmeal, some sprouted 7-grain bread or other grains sporadically. It won't hurt you, but do not make grains the majority of your diet. Once again, remember that Vince preached eating proteins, fats, and vegetables with some fruits and grains, only on occasion.

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Do Not Make Grains The Majority Of Your Diet.

Early man only acclimated to grains because he was starving. I am certainly not demonizing grains. I'm only asking that you keep them in perspective so that you don't become like people around the world who have diabetes.

Keep in mind that the drug companies and medical doctors want you to get diabetes. They have no incentive to cure you of anything. If you are a diabetic, they want to get you on a diabetic drug for the rest of your life. The Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company is now building a $350 million plant to produce synthetic insulin in order to prepare for the onslaught of diabetics in America and around the world. Don't you get it?

All the soy beans and corn that we are growing in this county are turned into hydrogenated oils and vegetable oils which are then used in all restaurants and for cooking. The food companies are forcing these trans-fatty acids and these hydrogenated oils on you.

When I was younger, I had relatives in Battle Creek, Michigan and I went to the Kellogg's plant to watch cereal be made. There was a long assembly line where the wheat and corn would come in and there must have been 15 vats right in a row where they started to process this wheat and corn.

The wheat and corn would go from one vat to the next to the next and so on. At the end of the line it went through a process where a man who had a mask on would spray synthetic vitamins or some preservative on the cereal. He had to wear the mask because what he was spraying shouldn't have been even inhaled.

The people who are now manufacturing these genetically engineered grains for profit have about as much respect for you and for your families as they have for a cockroach. All you represent to these companies is a dollar.

Bear in mind that most animals never eat grains, even if they are vegetarians or herbivores. They eat leaves, grass, shoots, and vegetables, but they don't eat grains. Now we're discovering, slowly but surely, that grains contain bad Omega 6 oils, which are very harmful when they overtake the beneficial Omega 3 oils that come from animal proteins, nuts and some vegetables.

See how governments and food conglomerates are twisting the truth by telling you how wonderful grains are for you and that you should be eating lots of them? Don't believe that. You have a choice, but the problem is that we never hear the other side of the story.

To discover the truth, you almost have to go underground. Drug companies, medical doctors and these conglomerates are now trying to completely control what you are going to eat and they are going to try to control vitamins.

In Michigan, they have gotten together to sponsor and pass Senate Bill #403 which, in essence, gives all the nutritional power to medical profession dietitians.

The bill states that only a medical profession/dietician/nutritionist can now counsel you on diet, vitamins and minerals and they will be licensed to do so. Anybody else such as myself, a holistic nutritional consultant, or employees of health food stores, who provides such counseling, could be thrown in jail.

Nationally, the new Senate Bill S.3546 will classify vitamins with drugs, therefore controlling them, and in 2009 CODEX will take them away from us along with more of our freedoms! Slowly but surely the government, medical profession, drug companies and food conglomerates are taking over and controlling the food supply so that somewhere in the distant future there will no longer be animal protein available to us.

We will be living on grains, soy beans, oatmeal, barley and wheat and everyone will get diabetes and die young, then our children are going to do the same thing and it will be a never ending cycle all for multinational corporation profits. Isn't this sad, because our Constitution states "the government by, for, and of the people", not "by, for and of multinational corporations."

By the way, did you know that fascism is just a marriage of government and business? Make no mistake whatsoever when someday there will be only 2 classes of people in this world, the rich and the poor, and the rich will always be able to get animal proteins, fats and vegetables!