Milk: Truth & Myths!

Would you believe me if I told you that milk was only for cows? I certainly hope not. Read on to learn the truth about cow's milk and the myths people have grown up learning. Check it out.

This article is concerning the continuing controversy of milk. I've always stated that the three finest biological proteins for the human body are raw milk, eggs, liver and glandulars. You can always refer to my other articles about glands and protein.

Keep in mind that this controversy rages on and I've found that even the most knowledgeable people (nutritional doctors, biochemist, chiropractors, nutritionists) take a dim view of milk and, of course, the very common sentence that's spoken is "milk is for cows."

Now when I write an article, I give both sides of the story and one of my teachers, the great Vince Gironda, taught me twenty-five years ago to question everything. But unfortunately, we live in a Homer Simpson environment.

We Have A Homer Simpson Mentality

If it's in the newspaper, it must be true; if you see it on television, they wouldn't lie to you; and if you find it in the grocery store, it must be good for you. Well, we know right off the bat that's nonsense. So, if milk was made for cows then that means human beings should never eat vegetables or lettuce or carrots because that's made for rabbits. (You get my point?)

The Humanoid:

    So let's look at the humanoid (you can always refer to my article 'Why Man Is Not a Vegetarian'). He's made of a protein molecule not a sugar molecule. When a human woman feeds a human baby, what comes out is animal protein that's called milk.

    Of course, that is the best milk for the human, bar none, but unfortunately a mother can't go on feeding her child milk because her milk dries up and it is now up to the child to nutritionally feed itself. And, of course, eat the finest proteins as I've already mentioned, so we come back to them.

The "Knowledgeable" Man:

    Let me give you an example of an intelligent man saying that milk is made for cows and he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Years ago, a chiropractor friend of mine said that same thing then I said 'DOC, where did you learn that' and he said 'well I learned it in chiropractic school from my professor.'

    Then I said "Oh, so automatically that makes your professor a teacher of chiropractics and a teacher of nutrition. Could he possibly be wrong?" "Well, that's possible" he said. So I got the man's name and I called him at the chiropractic college and I asked him where did he get the information?

    Well, he was taught that by his teacher. I asked, "Did you ever research that or question it?" He said "No." We in this country do not drink milk anymore that is raw, natural, certified raw or natural. We drink pasteurized, homogenized and sterilized milk. As I've always said, that stuff was made for shelf life and not for your health, plus it can cause man health problems.

    In the law of nature, heat destroys and cold preserves. So, could it be possible that when a child drinks cow's milk that has been processed it is no good for him? "You bet your boots it is. Because all of the natural things in milk for the child or the cow to digest and assimilate and absorb has been destroyed so you're going to have a very difficult time."

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    Now, this professor didn't even know what he was talking about and he was a knowledgeable man (or supposedly a knowledgeable man). That is how truths become lies and lies become truth.

Down On The Farm

Now, I would like to go back to my farm days, which as you all know, when I was a child I lived on a farm from the time I was seven until the time I was ten, and lo and behold everybody on the farm drank milk and I don't recall any of the horrible things that were supposed to happen to people when they drank cow's milk because it was raw and it was natural.

Again, all the people on the farm were healthy people to me; they had beautiful skin, they didn't age, they didn't have diseases (of course they ate other things, but milk was a staple.) My grandfather sold milk for forty years. It was raw and it never killed anybody.

As I have stated, my grandfather lived two months shy of his ninety-eighth birthday and my grand mother lived to be a hundred and one. Everybody drank milk. They all drank milk. I drank milk, but it was the good stuff. The essential fats in milk are indispensable for good health.

Also, this taught me to be an observer. Not only to question things, but to observe them as well. When somebody tells you something, observe and see if it is true or not. Don't just say, "Well, everybody else believes it so I'll believe it."

Again, this world is headed toward a Homer Simpson mentality. Have you ever noticed how it is that everybody just seems to 'follow the crowd'? Nobody questions anything. Nobody thinks about anything. And nobody observes anything. But of course, the powers that are want to do your thinking for you because thinking for yourself is dangerous.

The Animals Know:

    Another thing that I observed when I was on the farm: You have to remember that when you live on a farm there are all kinds of animals; cats, dogs, chickens, cows, goats.

    Let me tell you one thing that I have observed; it is not uncommon when a cat has a litter of kittens sometimes the mother dies and sometimes one of the kittens gets lost or separated from its mother, how many times did my grandmother take a dog or a cat (when it was abandoned or the mother died) and take this cat or this dog and feed it from the tit of a dog or a cat, so the cat would drink dog's milk and a dog would drink cat's milk.

    Do you know what... they survived. They survived. They survived and were healthy as humans and animals can and will adapt to any natural food when they must.

    To say cow's milk is made for cows, is the most totally, utterly, ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Mother Nature has given you about two-hundred-fifty natural foods that you can live on, flourish and be healthy, okay?

    Do you see what I'm saying? If cow's milk was made for cows how is it that all the people on the farm survived drinking cow's milk? Why is it that the cat survived drinking dog's milk? Do you see what I'm saying? Have you ever milked a cow? You probably haven't.

    If you take the tit of a cow and squirt milk on the ground, you will get fifty million dogs and cats that you never knew existed, they rush to get that milk. Do you get my point? All animals know that it is good for them.

A Story About Bob

So, I disagree with these people. Raw milk existing in any form is good for any animal whether herbivore or a carnivore. Let me give you a really funny example in a story that I can relate to you. I have two friends in California, Pat and Al, and they had a little boy, Bob, who is about ten years old today. (In California, you can get raw milk, raw yogurt, raw cheese, and raw cottage cheese.)

From the time he was born until he was fifteen months old, she breast-fed him. And the minute that her milk dried up they immediately converted the boy to a diet of staples, which consisted of raw milk, cheese, cottage cheese and keifer from the Alta-Dena Dairy in Los Angeles, plus many other protein and natural carbohydrates.

They were both competitive or semi-competitive natural bodybuilders. And Bob, this little kid, when he was five years old he could do curls with five-pound dumbbells. He's ten now and he can do ten and fifteen pound dumbbell curls.

This kid is so healthy. He has never been sick a day in his life. Do you see what I'm saying? So, please, folks, make your own decisions and never believe this old wives tale and the ignorant thinking of ignorant people who say you shouldn't drink cow's milk. If it is natural, go ahead and drink it.

Dairy Products

If there were no milk of any kind, where would you get your cheese? Did you know that the Phoenicians used cheese as money at one time? It was a prized commodity. Where would we get pizza? Where would we get cottage cheese? Where would we get yogurt?

Dairy Products
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Where Do You Think Your Dairy Comes From?

People all over the world eat yogurt. Where does yogurt come from? It comes from milk. Again, the naysayers are wrong. They just don't question anything and they don't observe, and many of them just aren't very smart.

If you want, you can get raw milk here in Detroit. You can go to the Calder Dairy in Lincoln Park, and because it is against the law to drink raw milk, they lightly pasteurize it within the limits of the law. The way to pasteurize something is to heat it very slowly and cool it very slowly. The law of nature is that heat destroys and cold preserves.

If you would like to join a foundation where you can get raw cheese and raw milk and raw cream, call up the Weston Price Foundation (contact Lisa at I-248-828-8494). They have farmers throughout Michigan and you can buy part of a cow, and you can own the cow, and now you can drink your own milk. I do that myself. I have a big glass of raw milk everyday.

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Combining With Other Foods

Remember, milk is like any other food; you should only combine it with certain things. You should always drink it by itself; but if you don't drink it by itself or you put it on cereal, then milk and starch are compatible. But milk, starch and fruit are not compatible so you have to be careful.

You can't drink milk with fish, eggs, meat and cheese because it's a neutral food and it is not compatible with other proteins because milk is higher in carbohydrates. It's high in natural milk sugar, lactose; so this is how you should drink milk. Remember, it's the digestion of all foods that really counts!

Biblical Teachings

So take what I'm saying, think about it, analyze it, diagnosis it, and then make your decision. Another thing, I think many of you out there are biblical. When I say biblical I just mean the good book, whether it's the Koran, Torah or Bible (they all more or less say the same thing).

Look at it this way, in the bible Jesus talks about the land of milk and honey; he encourages people to eat raw honey and drink raw milk. Can it be bad for you? That's another decision that you have to make. It certainly isn't bad for you.

Milk Studies

University Of Texas Study:

    Here's another little tidbit for you. Dr. Roger Williams, a renown University of Texas biochemist, took a group of cats in a controlled test. He fed one group of cats certified raw milk and the other group pasteurized and homogenized milk. The group that drank the raw milk flourished and was healthy while the group that drank the pasteurized homogenized milk got sick and had the runs.

    So there is the proof of the pudding. This was all cows' milk. Of course, goats' milk is a little bit better for your child if its digestive system is bad because its fat molecules are smaller which makes it more easily digestible. But if a child has a good digestive system then he will take to cow's milk.

Wulzen Factor:

    Here's a little footnote on nutrition concerning the cream in milk (remember, eat butter don't eat that garbage (Oleo margarine) that medical doctors have been telling you to eat for a hundred years). Anyway, there was a Dr. Wulzen and she did experiments with raw cream and she found out that for arthritics there is a substance in raw cream, which she named 'The Wulzen Factor.'

Brain Food

Cows milk contains colostrum and that triggers the immune system in both cows and human babies. The reason mothers' milk and cows' milk is so high in fat (natural fat) and carbohydrates (natural sugar) is because your brain subsists on natural sugar not man made processed white sugar.

If you take fat away from a baby you will stunt the growth of his brain. He will be less intelligent and have a lower IQ. That is why mothers' milk is high in fat and high in natural carbohydrates so the brain can develop and function properly.

It is a proven fact that lately our intelligence levels are going down; Our IQ tests are going down. Why? Because children are being raised on nothing but processed and refined food. Most children in America are being fed formula. Well, formula is garbage.

Formula Garbage:

    That's exactly what it is. It is nutritional garbage. It has corn syrup in it, and in a lot of cases, soy. It has synthetic vitamins in it. It has hydrogenated oil, coal tar colorings and only eleven minerals (there are ninety-two minerals in the world).

    When babies' drink/eat carbohydrates the carbohydrates should be in the natural form of natural lactose. A baby's brain never heard of corn syrup but that's what they are putting in baby's formulas. So, Americans are becoming less intelligent as each generation goes by. And this is a fact!


We've talked about commercial milk being made for shelf life and you see these ads in every City with a Hollywood star drinking a glass of milk with milk on the top of their upper lip, and of course it says "Get Calcium."

Well, let me tell you one thing folks, once you highly pasteurize and homogenize and sterilize milk you destroy the compound called phosphatase, and when this phosphatase is destroyed unless your stomach acid is so high, and Americans' stomach acids aren't high because we've been eating carbohydrates for a hundred years, you won't absorb calcium.

What happens to calcium? It goes undigested into your blood stream as a foreign substance and that's when you get autoimmune disease (it's referred to as leaky gut syndrome). Now what happens when you have calcium that is not utilized by the cell? It will create plaque in your arteries and it will create calcium deposits in places where you don't want calcium deposits; in your heart, in your joints.

So do you see what I'm saying? Once we alter something by Mother Nature or as I call 'screw it up' - then we're going to pay the consequences and that's one of the consequences. Never forget that Mother Nature is the first chemist in the world.

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If you took raw milk and let it set on the shelf for about five days it would sour. (Note: pasteurized milk with m!) That's nature's way of protecting itself. You can drink sour milk, or sour cream. I ate sour cream on the farm all the time. I drank sour milk. And of course, after that the process called fermentation takes place. Fermented foods are very good for you.

One of the reasons man started to ferment foods is because of digestion. In the USA, we have horrible digestion. That's why we take Tums and Pepcid AC and garbage like that because we are not digesting our foods. When you don't digest your food, sooner or later you are going to have a tremendous amount of problems. Refer to my article on Antacids.

Fermented foods are cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, keifer; and these are all easily digested and they are good for your indigestion. They are good for your nutritional track and your colon. A matter of fact: They increase the number of good bacteria in your colon which you need for digestion and to help fight yeast, parasites and the general unclean condition of the colon.

Speed Drinking

Let me give you another tip: Never drink raw milk or any other milk fast. Why?

Because milk is high in carbs, when you drink it you should drink it in over a five or six minute period. When you take a sip, kind of slosh it around in your mouth simply because the carbohydrate digestant Amylase is secreted as pre-digestion for carbohydrates, therefore, you get better digestion.

When you see babies who are very hungry and haven't eaten for a long time, they will gulp their milk because they are so hungry. What happens is the milk will ball up in their stomach because they drank it too fast and that's no good and then they will burp it back up. But, babies who are fed on a regular basis, every two or three hours like babies should be fed, will drink the milk very slowly.

Should You Drink Milk? Should You Drink Milk?
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How Much Should I Drink?

So, be an observer and you will see this is time. The problem with most people, even knowledgeable people, is that they are not observers. They take half-truths or no truths at all and they believe them because some supposedly knowledgeable people taught them. Be an observer. That's what the great Vince Gironda taught me.

Now, a lot of people will say, "How much milk should I drink?" Well, I wouldn't recommend any more than one or two glasses a day. And as you get older, you have to remember that your thyroid function, your pituitary function, your posterior and anterior hypothalamus function all go down.

Your digestion goes down. So it's up to the person to know what he is capable of eating. I can't tell you that, nobody can tell you that. If you're a heavy person, then don't drink a lot of milk even if its raw or pasteurized homogenized milk because it is high in carbohydrates, all right?

How Much Milk Do You Drink Per Day?

1 Glass.
2 to 3 Glasses.
4 to 5 Glasses.
A Gallon Or More.

Count Your Carbohydrates:

    Vince Gironda and Dr. Atkins have proven beyond a doubt that the protein moderate carbohydrate diet is the best for humans. (By the way, Atkins copied it from Vince). One or two glasses a day is fine.

    You must realize that for a hundred years, the medical profession has used calories as a measuring stick. Gironda and the Atkins have proven that calories are really meaningless, carbohydrates make you fat - count them.

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    Medical professionals have told us, and the myth is, that calories make you fat. Folks, fats don't make you fat, they burn fat. It's too bad that fat on the body and the fat in all natural food have the same spelling - F A T - so you say,

    "Oh, fat makes me fat."

    Well to them that makes sense. But let's say that fat on your body was called taf, and then you would say, "How can taf make you fat when sugar and starches make you fat?" Well, that's one for you to think about, but that's the truth.

Medical Testing:

    So, I can't tell you how much milk to drink. I know a glass of milk a day is fine for me but I do love the raw cream. And of course, all these stupid medical tests that are conducted but they never ask the right question. Is the milk that the people consumed raw milk or homogenized milk? In all cases, it is homogenized milk. But they don't understand the difference.

    Medical doctors don't understand because they don't study it. Medical doctors study drugs. They don't study nutrition. So they don't understand that there is a vast difference between raw milk and commercially pasteurized, homogenized, and sterilized milk. They don't ask these questions.

    Then, as I told you, they just say, "In this test people consumed milk." But, did they consume milk with their meat, eggs and fish? Because you just can't do that. They Say, "Yeah, see what we proved?" They don't prove anything because they didn't do the right test.

    What really disturbs me is the fact that many knowledgeable people, like one of my heroes, Dr. Jonathan Wright (Who is a medical doctor and a nutritional doctor), even says, "Milk is for cows." And that's a shame.

It's Not Just For Cows.

Bible Teachings:

    Like I said, if you read the bible, it tells you that you are not a vegetarian. Deuteronomy tells you that.

    What Is Deuteronomy?
    Deuteronomy, book of the Bible, literally meaning "second law," last of the five books (the Pentateuch or Torah) ascribed by tradition to Moses. Deuteronomy purports to be the final words of Moses to the people of Israel on the eve of their crossing the Jordan to take possession of Canaan.

    Peter: chapter 10, verses 12 thru 18 says, "Peter, kill and eat. I give you animals to nourish your body."

    You can eat birds of the sky, reptiles of the earth and creepy crawly things. (Did you know that?) It talks about the land of milk and honey. You can drink milk and eat honey. Well, if milk is so bad for you how come the bible says you can drink it?

    What really disturbs me is the fact that many knowledgeable people believe the myths; do you see what I am saying?

Clean Your Cows

And last, but not least, when I lived on the farm, the secret was keeping cows clean. Clean milk comes from clean cows.

Unclean milk comes from unclean cows. My grandfather would tell us, "When the cows come in, you wash the barn down. You wash their utters off before you milk them. When the cows go out in the morning, you wash them down. Wash the barn down. You keep cows clean. Clean milk comes from clean cows."

Clean Cows, Clean Milk.

Note: When your stomach acid is as high as it should be, it will kill all bacteria and viruses that enter the stomach.

When Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization in the sixteenth century in France, they had no idea what sanitary conditions were. They used to live with cows in their house. They had feces in their house. They didn't understand what sanitary conditions were. So, naturally, their cows were dirty and they were dirty. That's why they invented perfume to cover up the stench of people because they never cleaned themselves. (Few know this.)

One Final Note

I have one final note: Being the observer that I am and remembering back to my farm days, everybody on the farm lived to be seventy, eighty or ninety. I never saw anybody on the farm get sick from drinking milk or eating cheese or cottage cheese.

Those people were very healthy, so all I can say is that I never saw dairy products kill or harm anyone. It made them healthier. But, remember, it has to be raw and natural.

I hope this was informative. If you have any questions, call anytime.