The Extremely 'Essential Seven' For Proper Digestion And Elimination!

There is a correlation between digestion, elimination, longevity and your health. Learn the seven essential tips for digestion and longevity.

I used to call this one the "Big Seven," but that didn't sound very impressive so I changed the name to the "Essential Seven."

I want to prevail upon your intelligence to understand that there is an indisputable, and I am adamant when I say indisputable, correlation between digestion, elimination, longevity, and your health and general well-being.

The U.S. is dubbed around the world as the country of excess, and excess can lead to ill health in a very short period of time, whether it's by overeating, over-drinking, over-fiberizing, over-exercising, or overdoing anything; all of which Americans are famous for.

We're inundated with publicity about something that is ravaging the average American. Something that was virtually unheard of until about 15 years ago. It's a disease. Of course, the medical profession dubs everything a disease. It's called Acid Reflux "Disease".

"...there is no such thing as acid reflux disease."

I'll tell you right up front, there is no such thing as acid reflux disease. You don't "catch" this disease. You create it by yourself by not digesting your food. When you don't digest your food, you are going to have tremendous problems, for example: the depositing of undigested food in your colon, fecal matter that can't be eliminated, along with yeast, parasites, and mucous, just to name a few.

To be very blunt, when you don't digest your food, you age quicker and you aren't going to live very long, because undigested food can't reach your blood stream to nourish the cells of your body. You also might want to eat more protein foods because they contain RNA which replicates your cells as they once were and this slows down the aging process. (Women, take heed!)

A few months ago, I consulted with a lady who has asked me why she had such sagging skin. My answer was simply because she wasn't digesting her food. She looked at me as if I were a mental case and asked what digesting her food has to do with her sagging skin.

Once I explained it to her, she understood and said that it now made sense to her. Our skin depends on collagen, hence Vitamin C, bioflavonoids, minerals (especially potassium), vitamin B, amino acids, etc. If digested nutrients don't reach the blood stream, they cannot nourish and supply any cell in your body. That woman is now digesting her food properly and can see an improvement in her skin's elasticity!

A relatively good way to determine if you are digesting your food well is if your stool sinks to the bottom of the toilet bowl. If your stool floats, instead of sinking, in the bowl, you are probably not digesting your food properly, because undigested fats will float in water.

Undigested food leads to complications such as heart problems, kidney problems, clogged arteries, colon problems and autoimmune diseases. The worst person you can ever go to is a medical doctor because he knows nothing, absolutely zero, about nutrition and its function in the human body.

Medical doctors are trained only to prescribe poisonous drugs that deal with the symptoms of an illness, and to assault the body by performing surgery.

What Are The Extremely Essential Seven?


Never Overcook Any Food

It is a sin to overcook food. Everything in the world has a heat tolerance. You and I have a heat tolerance. For example, as humans, we can take 70°F degrees, 80 degrees, 90 degrees, but 100 degrees is getting uncomfortable, 110 degrees is really uncomfortable, 120 degrees is getting intolerable, and, at 135-140 degrees, we would die.

So, we have a heat tolerance - just as all things in nature have a heat tolerance. Cooking oils, vitamins and minerals, enzymes all have a heat tolerance. By exceeding the heat tolerance, you can destroy anything, and that includes nutrients. Enzymes are very vulnerable.

The water soluble vitamins, vitamins B and C, and the bioflavonoids are also extremely sensitive. The amino acid conversion of digested food, the essential structure of fatty acids, and all natural fats are helpless when exposed to high degrees of heat. You have to look at the heat tolerance of a food and remind yourself to never, ever overcook food, as we so often do in America.


Never Use A Microwave Oven

You've probably read my articles about microwaves and how dangerous they are, not only in the destruction of nutrients in foods, but also by the conversion of essential fatty acids, rendering them useless. The fact is that microwaves produce gamma rays and radiation.

All we need is more radiation! In 1941, when they invaded Russia, the Germans invented this apparatus to cook food for the troops quickly. They soon discovered that the gamma rays and radiation cause cancer, tumours, and the altering or destruction of nutrients.

Microwave ovens were banned in Germany and Russia for decades, but when both countries joined the rest of the "quick-quick, fast-fast" era, microwave ovens were again allowed in their countries. Note: The only acceptable ways to cook foods are by baking, broiling, steaming, stir frying, or lightly sautéing in a pan.


Don't Indiscriminately Mix Or Combine Foods

For thousands of years, the Jewish people have taught us not to indiscriminately mix foods that aren't compatible. The number one culprits are proteins and starches.

When you're in the anabolic state, which means that you are "building up" from the time that you are born until the time you reach approximately 30 years of age when you reach a crescendo, "the best years of your life", when your hormone levels, your enzyme levels and your metabolic rates are the highest.

Then, after you reach approximately 32 years old, you go into the catabolic state which means you're starting to wear out.

When you were 5 to 28 years old, you could practically abuse your body and it wouldn't bother you. Your digestive enzymes, your bile, proteolytic enzymes, and hydrochloric acid were at their highest, so you could mix foods without many consequences. But as you get older, everything starts to diminish.

Do not eat combinations of meat and potatoes, chicken and rice, chicken and beans, chicken and bread, or meat sandwiches, etc. Get my food combining chart - proteins and starches are not compatible!

When you combine the two, the body says, "Oh, my goodness!" - as it tries its best to digest the food and it winds up digesting about half the protein and half the starch. What happens to the other half that isn't digested? The starch ferments and the protein putrefies. Those are nickel and dime words that say your food is rotting in your stomach.

Rotting food will create yeast and parasite mutations. That's all we need, more yeast and parasites! Of course, it's a national problem that the medical profession doesn't want to address and really knows little about.


Eat Small Meals & Eliminate Overeating

It is so traumatic to the human body when we overeat. We are taught in America that when your parents put food on your plate, you must "clean your plate" by eating everything on it. We are taught from birth to overeat. It is our culture now unfortunately.

The fact is that the average man should not eat any more than 30-35 grams of protein per meal. The average woman should eat 25 grams per meal, at the most. Any more protein than that will promptly be converted to sugar! When you eat more than that, it truly traumatizes your body by sending your body into a crisis mode because your body doesn't know how to deal with it.

It's much like trying to fit 30 gallons of gas into a 20 gallon gas tank. The human stomach is about the size of two fists, so why would you ever want to put any more food in your stomach than that?

Animals in their natural environment will not overeat unless they are starving or competing for food. They eat until they are comfortable and return throughout the day for more to eat. Observe a cat! Eat little meals throughout the day so that you can digest your food.

When you get hungry, eat again. When you feel like you've had enough, stop eating. What could be more natural? Rule: The more you eat, the less you digest. The less you eat, the more you digest. Americans don't do that.

When you repeatedly abuse your stomach it eventually gets bigger to accommodate the extra food. We are encouraged by fast food chains like McDonald's, all restaurants, and the snack food makers, to overeat by "super-sizing" our meals and thus causing us to gain a lot of weight.


Do Not Drink Excess Fluids With Your Meal

Drinking excess water, coffee, tea, pop, juice or beer with your meal will dilute your hydrochloric acid, which is the substance that Mother Nature blesses you with to fight anything bad or toxic that goes into your stomach, and which also digests your food.

There's no yeast, no parasite, no mutation, no bacteria, no virus that can get through a highly acidic stomach. You want to make sure that your stomach is acidic and do not believe those idiots who say that your stomach should be alkaline!

There are no pathogens that can live in an acid environment and the only thing in your body that should be alkaline is your blood. If you drink excessive fluids with your meal, most assuredly, you will not digest your protein because the bile will swim on top of the diluted hydrochloric acid in your stomach, rendering it ineffective.

The protolytic enzymes, pepsin and bile, can't do their job because you've watered down your hydrochloric acid, and the result is that you belch and burp, you let off gas, and get a feeling of nauseousness and fullness because you over-drank with your meals.

You should drink fluids ½ hour before your meal or ½ hour after, with the exception of drinking 5 to 6 ounces of good wine with a meal because wine aids in digestion. 4 to 5 ounces of water is permissible if taking supplements or if eating dry food such as tuna.

You can also take Apple Cider Vinegar, 4-6 ounces. If you suffer from poor digestion, as I do, you take a full spectrum digestive enzyme. My mentor, Vince Gironda, always stressed digestion. Consider a complete body detox.


Chew Your Food

Did you ever notice that most people in this country are in such a hurry that they hardly chew their food? Or often they chew their food only a few times then swallow the rest down with a soft drink. I'm sure that most of you will recall that when you were children, your parents or grandparents would remind you to chew your food well. I know I was told to chew my food 32 times!

Now, I tell people to chew their food until it's like applesauce, and then swallow it. Man, as a species, is a grinder. He has to grind his food up, mix it with saliva and partially digest it so that when it goes into his stomach, his stomach attacks the partially digested food in order to fully digest it. So, again, chew your food because if you don't, you will have digestive and health problems.


Make Sure To Take A Daily Natural Intestinal Bacteria

These would include a probiotic or lactobacillus, or any of the natural intestinal bacteria most always referred to as acidophilus. The good bacteria also help digest food, and fight yeast and parasites as well fighting foreign matter and debris in your colon.

It takes care of the things it should take care of. But you must be very careful because those little bugs, which are good bugs, are very vulnerable to chlorinated and fluorinated water that many people use for drinking and bathing.

Also, the phosphoric acid in many soda drinks, along with carbonic acid and inorganic substances that is put in our food, destroy intestinal bacteria. Excessive use of alcohol and the ingestion of pharmaceutical drugs also destroy the beneficial bugs.

Basically, only natural things preserve it. It is essential that you have a lot of good bacteria in your intestines to fight the bad bacteria, because in each and every one of us there are good guys and bad guys. Each and every one of us has mutations and parasites and yeast, but it is the good bacteria and the hydrochloric acid that takes care of the bad guys, so to speak.


I hope that I have given you a simplistic view of the extremely esential seven and I hope that you will take and apply everything that I've talked about so that you can see the benefits of better health which include a smaller stomach, less sickness, and a general overall well-being; all accomplished by just digesting your food and eliminating your waste!

And remember, everything in this country is done for profit. Doctors and drug companies want you to get sick to make a profit off of giving you drugs and treating the symptoms that will never make you well.

Food companies want you to eat until you are blue in the face, until you're stuffed, pop companies want you drink pop with your meals, and sugar companies want you to eat all the sweets that you can because everything that is done in this country is done for profit.

Do any of these companies in our country care about you? H*ll, no! There is no doubt that most of the multinational corporations want you to be addicted to something, they want you to crave something, they want you to be fat, and they want you to be sick, so they can make a big profit.

Turn the tables on these people by applying what you've learned in this article. Don't give them a chance to do those things to you and your children!

Download a copy of Ron Kosloff's Food Mixing Chart PDF (2.88 mb)