Total Misinformation Concerning Liver And It's Iron Content!

A story circulating through some bodybuilding publications and medical experts is that the bodybuilders of the 1950's-70's now have serious health problems because they took liver tablets - opinion or fact? Read on.

A story circulating through some bodybuilding publications and medical factor experts (I use this terminology loosely, as Vince would) is that the general public and the bodybuilders of the 50's, 60's and 70's that consumed liver tablets are now suffering heart problems because liver has generous amounts of iron.

These experts have documented proof of this assumption! As Vince Gironda would say, "the ignorance and stupidity of these experts is monumental!"

History Of The Food Industry

When the idiots in our food industry began to process, refine and denude our food supply for the purpose of shelf life, this processing resulted in the removal and destruction of the "B" complex minerals, and iron which is a naturally occurring nutrient in many foods, including liver.

However, these idiots assured us that this was perfectly acceptable as they returned all in supplement form. Sounded quite reasonable didn't it. Well, this is not at all correct. The "B" vitamins were synthetics produced in a laboratory and the iron was equipment of iron oxide, which is rust and a substance that is nearly impossible to be absorbed and utilized by the human body.

May I remind them that naturally occurring iron in natural foods has no problems whatsoever of being digested and absorbed. Iron is the substance that draws oxygen into the blood stream, and then passes it to vitamin E that carries oxygen to the extremities.

Therefore, when iron oxide isn't digested and absorbed properly it moves around in your blood stream and settles in places where it should not - the heart! Once this happens, the damage is done.

In the holistic field, this is referred to as [a problem in the gut]. I personally have taken 12 to 25 liver tablets per day for 35 years and so have thousands of my customers since 1974! If we discuss the old-time bodybuilders of the past let me assure you that many of them (as I have personally observed) were in no way purists as far as eating all natural foods!

Too Much Of Anything

Cookies, pies, donuts, and fast food were also consumed, and again the iron content was rust! Keep in mind that when the experts always tell you not to consume too much of anything, when you question them as to what is too much, they have no reasonable answer.

As we have discussed in previous articles, America stands far above every country in the world in excess, as it is truly our national pastime! The obvious approach to quantity in all aspects of life is to intelligently ask yourself, would you:

  1. Consume 50 eggs per day?
  2. Consume 3 gallons of water per day?
  3. Consume 300 grams of protein per day?
  4. Sleep 15 hours per day?
  5. Consume 15 bananas per day?
  6. Consume 100,000 mg of vitamin C per day?

The answer is no. The body would be severely damaged by this excess. My grandma and grandpa would insist that you eat liver on a regular basis, as they inherently knew how good liver was for you.

Obviously, neither one had a doctor or nutritional degree, but what they possessed was common sense and trust in Mother Nature and the natural way!


As I've always stated: a doctor's office contains at least 10 degrees on the wall, but the two that are missing is a degree in nutrition and common sense! I hope I've made some reasonable sense!