Train With Vince Gironda As Your Instructor!

Vince was a brilliant and simple man, not a rich promoter with lots of money and BS. That's what made him a legend. Below are the descriptions of all of Vince's courses. Check them out!

Since starting to write articles for I've been flooded with e-mail and calls about Vince Gironda's courses. Over the years Vince wrote many brilliant courses that have revolutionized bodybuilding. I am the only person in the world authorized to sell these fine courses.

People have suggested to me that I update all of Vince's courses in order to make them more modern. They want me to add shiny pages, pictures, colors... you name it. This I will never do. Should a Mona Lisa or a DaVinci be done the same... Absolutely not! Vince's courses are classics.

Vince was a brilliant and simple man, not a rich promoter with lots of money and BS. That's what made him a legend. Below are the descriptions of all of Vince's courses.

Vince's Courses

The Wild Physique

I remember Vince calling it his candy bar publication. What do you expect from a man who has an I.Q. of genius? I say it's just great! 28 separate sections of topics of bodybuilding for men and women. It touches on every aspect of interest of our sport from steroids, intensity, nutrition, posing, and lots of great pictures of the stars, many many exercises and much more.

1st Workout Bulletin

Through studying and implementing the science of kinesiology Vince created the best exercises and movements for each of the major body parts. Every top champion uses them in their training as he said these are the finest and all others are just variations to implement muscle confusion.

2nd Workout Bulletin

This one is called the 10-8-6-15 routine for breaking a stubborn rut that all bodybuilders encounter sooner or later. The ultimate rut breaker. This is one of the best muscle confusion program as it not only changes the reps but the weight. Great for those with limited training time. A Vince first.

3rd Workout Bulletin

Abdominal training truth and myths that shocked the bodybuilding world. Abs improperly done can and will stop all muscular gains. His critics scoffed at this one but they soon discovered Vince was right again. Sit-ups and Leg raises of any kind do not reduce your waist size. It's all nutrition and endocrine function.

Blueprint For The Bodybuilder

This Vince gem is worth a million dollars as it contains the maximum information and knowledge of this fantastic and revolutionary principle that are priceless. As he said,

"Nutrition is 85% of bodybuilding
and if you don't accept this fact you will fail."

Here is everything you need to succeed to become a winner.

Secret Of Definition

Step by step secrets of how Vince built and defined not only himself, but hundreds of stars from around the world that made the trek to his gym in North Hollywood. Using all the exercises specially designed to shape your muscle and then adding the fabulous nutrition and supplement regimen. You will look the best you can for either contest shape or just looking great. All this is done the natural way.

Three Sets Of Maximum Effort Or The Sissy Squat

Vince named this movement as he said it would make sissies out of squatters who think their strong. Created by the great Monty Woolford, Vince took it and refined it to the nth degree. Your legs will look not only massive but with the greatest shape you'll ever see. It is a difficult movement and it only takes 3 sets but will give you the ultimate pump.

Vince's Corner

Personally selected up-to-date information on all phases of muscle building, diet, concentration, the 21 day training and 7 day rest, random thoughts by Vince and much much more.

The Vince Gironda File #1

Collectors item of all the training and diet secrets Vince has learned in 35 years as a top physique star and trainer. It includes scientific information and data never known to the average person or bodybuilder. Without a doubt the most complete manual ever written on the subject of bodybuilding. A must.

How I Train De Movie Stars

Vince's gym was just a short drive down Ventura boulevard home of Universal movie studios. So when a star was in need of improved physical condition he or she was sent directly to Vince. They knew well that the iron guru could shape them up in no time. All the exercises and diet programs.

The Vince Gironda #2

This is an extension of file #1. Filled with a multitude of fantastic bodybuilding facts and data from the master.

Vince's 6 Week Bulk Course

You'll never regret doing this bulk-up routine as it flat out works! You will be amazed at how you will look in this short amount of time. You will eat, think and sleep bodybuilding. You will transform yourself into a larger and more defined physique. A true Vince masterpiece.

Balanced Arm

Larger and great shaped guns can be yours with this specialized arm course. It is the best course you will ever use as I followed it myself. I have implemented it when I personally train my students. It never fails.

A Muscle Has Four Sides

This is a program that has you working twice a day. It is concentrating on the four sides of muscle. The course has some specially designed exercises for the four heads of a muscle. It is implemented until the desired results are achieved. Extremely effective if you find the time to do it.

Why Champs Muscle Look Different

Vince was the first trainer to XXX the value and importance of the mental state and how the mind controls the body. Supreme concentration can be the difference between a great physique and a mediocre one. This was the secret that I was never aware of until Vince taught me of its value. You will see the difference.

The Master Series

This series was designed by Vince to lead a novice bodybuilder through a one year program (January to December). Everything is designed for you as far as progressive routine and nutrition. The detail is fantastic and shows and proves how brilliant Vince was.

The Pro Series

As it states this series is designed for a bodybuilder that wants to reach his highest level of potential naturally. I hope someday that there will be a truly natural contest.


I hope you have enjoyed these descriptions of Vince's courses and I challenge you to try them for yourself and reap the benefits. These are excellent courses and are available for purchase. Call me at 1-313-372-1807.


Ron Kosloff n/c