Environmental Pollution In Your Body: Minimize The Destruction!

Pollution - You can't escape it. The only thing you can do is try to minimize it... I will tell you how to combat them with this step-by-step list of things you should do to protect yourself against our horrific environmental pollution. Learn more.

Roughly a hundred years ago man embarked upon something that inevitably would seal his doom. It was called the industrial revolution; when everything from oil to gas, PCB, dioxins, automobiles, synthetic fertilizers, chlorine, fluoride, the burning of fossil fuels, polluting of our water and the whole eco system, mercury pollution of the seas, and of course it goes on and on and on and on.

It is never going to get any better; it is only going to get worse because we are relatively doing nothing about it. We talk. We talk, but nothing is ever done and, of course, George Bush says there's no such thing as environmental pollution. There's no such thing as global warming. He refuses to sign the Kyoto Treaty for the rest of the world.

As an example, as I have stated in other articles, when we are finding other pollutants in the North Pole and the South Pole, in the bodies of fish and in all animals, there's really, really no such thing as a clean world anymore anywhere. Even our groundwater is totally polluted in America and across the world.

The reason our groundwater is polluted is because, first of all of our food - all commercial food is factory farmed and factory farming is no longer natural. They don't use manure and mulch. They don't rotate their crops anymore. There's hardly any worms in our soil any longer and then, of course, we use the infamous NPK potassium nitrate, a synthetic fertilizer.

Then, as you know, our soil is depleted by half the minerals in the world. So there is only 45 left out of 92 minerals that we should be ingesting. Then if you live in a suburb, Chem Lawn comes out and sprays chemicals on your lawn to kill the weeds so your grass can be nice and beautiful and where did all those toxins go? It goes right into the groundwater.

So all our well water in America and all our ground water is totally polluted. Then you start to drink the water, the chlorinated water. You take a shower in chlorinated water, and you are just poisoning your body. You've read the articles I've written about chlorine. So that is one thing that you want to try and remove from your shower water and drinking water.

Just as a personal note, one of the chemicals that I am very sensitive to is formaldehyde, and formaldehyde is in abundance in all of our plastics and all of our wood. I say that few manufacturers put formaldehyde in their products. I can't verify it, but sometimes when I'm around someone who has—women who have perfume on, I'm very sensitive to it. I start sneezing so there must be formaldehyde in it. I know that they put nitrates and sulfates in aftershave lotions and perfumes.

A little story I can relate to you is I went to an office supply store last year, and I walked in. My eyes started to swell. I started to sneeze, and they had a new rug in there. They had just laid a new rug and, of course, rugs emit formaldehyde. I walked in and walked right out because my eyes started to water, and I started to sneeze.

Our homes contain an abundance of formaldehyde in the rugs and the paints and the plastics. As the government says, our homes are more polluted on the inside than the exterior. That is one thing that you have to be aware of. I will tell you how to counteract that later in the article.

When I do my nutritional counselling I tell people to eliminate certain foods and follow nutritional protocols, and they say "Well, I understand that you shouldn't drink out of a plastic bottle." I say, "Well yes, this is true." There are a lot of products that use food grade containers and a lot of products that don't, but as I stated, you are bombarded by pollutants.

I will tell you further in the article how to rid yourself of all these environmental pollutants because you can't get away from pollution. You can't escape it. It is all around you. The only thing you can do is try to minimize it, and as the article will state, I will tell you how to combat them.

A funny note. A buddy of mine, Joey, found out they put Alar on apples. Alar is a pesticide. He said he is not going to eat apples anymore. You can't get away from it.

A lot of our food now comes from South America and Mexico. We ban chemicals in America, but we sell them to companies in South America and Mexico who use them to grow their food and then ship them back to America. You are really not going to get away from it.

I told him there are certain nutrients in an apple that will help you combat a lot of the chemicals in our foods and especially alar. But then again, you just can't. It isn't possible to eliminate everything that is an environmental pollutant.

For instance, you are driving along in your car, and even if you don't smoke, did you ever wonder why there's a film on your car window? It's simply because when the sun shines it hits all of the plastic parts. It emits poly vinyl-chloride and it is a gas. That's why it is a good idea to crack a window when you're driving in your car to sort of circulate the air.

I really don't think there's one city anywhere in America that is pollution free. I really doubt that. As a matter of fact, in other articles I talked about Dr. Otto Warburg who won a Nobel Peace Prize who proved 400 years ago, a cubic foot of air contained 40% of oxygen. Well, now it's down to 20% in clean air.

It's about 18% in Los Angeles and 17% in Mexico City and probably Beijing, China. Those are the most polluted cities in the world along with Los Angeles. The city of Detroit is 19% because of pollution.

Just to give you a little bit of insight on how your body fights pollution... in a simple way it is called water.

Let's say, for instance... did you ever get a sliver? The sliver is a toxin to your body, and immediately what the body does to try to contain it or minimize it is it circulates it with water. It surrounds it with water. So the water in your body will act is an anti-toxin, not letting the toxin circulate in your bloodstream and go to other parts of the body.

It is just like your colon, the body tries to trap pollutants in the colon and intestinal tracks, and when you have a high degree of toxins in the colon, the body will rush water to it and try to encircle it; try to minimize it.

So the body has mechanisms that will combat pollution. We have already talked about chlorinated water and how bad it is to drink and then you take a shower in it. So most people today, if you look around you, are buying bottled water.

There are no regulations on bottled water. As a matter of fact, Time Magazine—a couple years ago—had an article on bottled water, and it flatly stated that 85% of all the bottled waters out there aren't very good.

Time Magazine Had An Article On Bottled Water, And It Flatly Stated That 85% Of All The Bottled Waters Out There Aren't Very Good.
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Time Magazine Had An Article On Bottled Water, And It Flatly
Stated That 85% Of All The Bottled Waters Out There Aren't Very Good.

I have a little tester—a positive negative ion tester—in my office, and when people bring in their water I test it for them. I show them the difference between their water and Detroit water.

For instance, a customer brought in a bottle of Ice Mountain. I know that is a popular brand. I tested it compared to the water system that I use in my office and my home. It's a de-ionizer, and this tester has two bottles.

I put the de-ionized water in one of the jars and Detroit water in the other jar and then you plug it in for 15 minutes. You have a positive/negative charge running through it, and it coagulates the pollutants. Well, Detroit water is horrible. It is just plain horrible. You can almost see the fecal matter floating around in it, and the de-ionized water is clear because there are no pollutants in it. So I did that with his water.

I took the Ice Mountain. I put it in one jar, and I took my de-ionized water and put it in the other jar. I plugged it in and tested it. He almost had a fit. The Ice Mountain was half as bad as Detroit City water which is really bad. He thought it was pure, and it wasn't. It was bad, bad water. It tested very poorly. So you have to be careful of that.

I have a lot of people who come to my office with whom I do nutritional consultations with. There was an instance two or three months ago when a young couple came in from a town north of Detroit called Port Huron. In Michigan there's more farm land the further north you go.

Well, they told me that they eat organic food, and they have a farmer who grows everything organic, which is nice, but I told them that it's only half organic. They said, "No. No. He uses all-natural manure and mulch, and he's certified organic."

I said, "It's still only half organic."They said "Why do you keep saying that?" I said, "Because it still rains pollution." They said, "Oh, my god. We never thought of that."

So there's another thing that we have to face even if we eat organic foods. Of course you know it's better, 100% better to eat organic foods than food grown in petrochemical soils.

Years ago Mitch Jurando told me a test that was done at one of the colleges in the United States. I assume it was in California, and he was going to get me a copy it. Unfortunately he was ill for a while, and then he passed away. I never got the copy, but verbally he told me about it.

There was a college that wanted to see whether nutrition in concentrated amounts would help starve off and fight environmental pollution.

So they took two groups of rats, and they fed one group the average American diet of the white sugar and white flour and the white rice, etc., etc. They took the next group and they fed them, as I stated, all natural foods.

What they did was add more antioxidants,Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and your essential fatty acids. In other words, they made sure that their diet was as supreme as they could get, along with the drinking water without chlorine, pure drinking water.

They put them in an environment of 18% oxygen, and the rest; of course, they put them in an environment of polluted air. So I'm assuming it was Los Angeles, California.

They let the rats survive for one month, and they extracted some very, very startling results of the rats that ate the processed and refined food. Their body was just loaded with toxins in the liver and the gallbladder and the lungs. They had tumors starting, possible cancerous, but the group that ate the natural food along with supplements had a phenomenally cleaner body than the rats that ate the processed refined food with no supplementation.

So I think this is the point that I'm trying to make, that I'm going to make in the second part of this article.

How Do You Fight Environmental Pollution?

And it's very, very simple, although simplicity is often ignored in America by the medical profession and drug companies ignoring nutrition on a grand scale to push their drugs. Everything that is simple and works is ignored for something that makes a lot of money.

So when I explain everything to you, I'll give you all of the reasons that there is a way that you can help your body detoxify from environmental pollutants, and the simple word and the greater majority is nutrition, along with removing the chlorine in your drinking water and increasing the oxygen levels in your body. You can do it but, of course, they don't want you to know that because, as we've discussed before, being sick in America is very profitable.

I am going to list step-by-step things you should do to protect yourself against our horrific environmental pollution.

Here is the step-by-step program, and it is not necessarily in any order. It will just be a complete package of what you can do to protect yourself.

Number 1. Protein

We stated, you have to get the processed and refined food out of your diet. The white sugar, the white flour, the white rice, the hydrogenated oils, chlorine in your water, the MSG, the high fructose corn syrup. These have to go.

The foods that you eat, protein wise: you've got to get the antibiotics and steroids out of all the meats that you eat, the chicken, the pork chops and the ribs, steaks. You've got to eat food that doesn't have antibiotics and steroids in it. That is number one, again, along with drinking clean water.

Number 2. Argentine Liver Tablets

Make Argentine liver tablets a part of your diet. If you read the information and article that I wrote about Argentine beef liver, it was first tested by a doctor P.H. Piersoff at the University of Michigan in the early 1950's. They discovered how phenomenal it was.

Remember, liver regenerates your liver. It's the best blood builder known to man. It contains Cytochrome C, which is an iron bonding amino acid that draws blood into your body, the wonderful oxygen.

It's a storehouse of great, great protein. I mean a phenomenally excellent protein, and I always tell people the finest protein for the human body are milk, eggs, liver and glands, bar none. And then comes the secondary: chicken, fish and turkey. But your glands, along with milk and eggs, are the best.

Dr. Earsaw isolated a red pigment protein called P 450 which is the most phenomenal and fantastic detoxifier and antioxidant known to man, and what do they do with it? What does the medical profession do with it? They put it on the bottom of the shelf never to be revealed to the public on a national level.

Of course when people interested in nutrition go underground to find out all the benefits of liver and P450, then it's revealed, but commercially they just don't want you to know about it. It's as simple as that. That is another reason why I am suspect of the medical profession and drug companies because they withhold anything that is nutritious for you and anything that cures diseases naturally.

So you would be far better off having Argentine liver every day, and Argentine liver, because the P450, releases many, many toxins. It detoxifies your body and drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol and tobacco. I mean it is just the most phenomenal food that you can eat.

So just consider that. I take 20 or 25 a day personally, and I do that for my health. Liver is this staple of bodybuilding. I also take it for my health. You will benefit greatly. Believe me.

Number 3. Pure Water

The next one, of course, is pure water. You want to put pure water into your body. There are three ways that are best to purify water. Number one is ozonation. Number two is deionization, and number three is reverse osmosis. Then maybe a couple of times a month, or maybe for two or three days in a row, drink distilled water.

I never recommend drinking distilled water on a regular basis because distilled water is cooked water. It's depolarized. It acts as a vacuum when you drink it. It pulls minerals out of the body, but it pulls pollutants out of the body. So if you do use it, remember keep taking your Celtic sea salt. I do not recommend drinking distilled water at any level for lengthy periods of time.

Number 4: Detoxification

The next step is to clean your colon, your liver and your gall bladder a couple of times a year, along with your kidneys and your lymph nodes. Detoxify these glands a couple of times a year: colon, liver, gall bladder, kidneys and lymph nodes.

If you want to do your arteries, that option is up to you. But Americans have horrific colons, just horrific. And then when you do detoxify your colon, liver and gall bladder, you do release some toxins and pollutants from your body.

Number 5. Hydrogen Peroxide

Next is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide fights a multitude of toxins and pathogens and yeast and parasites, and when it fights the pathogens, it's converted to oxygen so you can have higher oxygen levels.

Oxygen is something, as I said, we're running out of. It is something that most people are low on. You should remember all pathogens flourish in the low oxygen blood levels, and they do not flourish in high oxygen levels. As a matter of fact one of the things that they are using in Europe is hyperbaric chambers and hydrogen peroxide food grade to keep your oxygen levels high.

Remember, cancer cannot survive in a high oxygen environment. Cancer cells are anaerobic. They can live without oxygen, and when you hit them with oxygen, what happens? They die. Of course, the great medical professional copies don't want you to know that again.

Number 6. Oxygen

The thing that I have in my home, in my office and in my car is what? Activated oxygen ozonators. You plug them into your cigarette lighter to clean the interior of your car. You either have a portable unit in your house or your office or one that is connected to your furnace and your air conditioner. Again, activated oxygen is phenomenal.

We have very low oxygen levels, and oxygen destroys all pollutants and funguses. It destroys pathogens, all viruses, bacteria. This is what oxygen does and, of course, the powers that are don't want you to know about activated oxygen. They don't want you to know about ozonators. Construction companies, chemical companies, duct cleaning companies, they just don't want you to know.

In some parts of Europe they are curing, and you're not supposed to say cure in America. They will put you in jail, but they are curing people of AIDS with oxygen.

Remember, viruses cannot live in high oxygen content and, of course, drug companies are coming up with these concoctions for AIDS, and all these chemical concoctions when it's pretty simple what oxygen can do. Of course, they suppress it.

I think I related in one article that a wife of a friend of mine was a two-to-three-pack-a-day smoker. She was right on the verge of lung destruction and cancer. Right on the verge. Her lungs were horrible. So they asked me what I can do. I recommended an ozonator.

Number 7. Homeopathy

And last but not least, homeopathy. During the late 1800's and early 1900's Homeopathy had a place in medicine in this country. Of course, drug companies discriminated against them and destroyed one of the health-giving professions in America, and it is just a tragedy to see.

One way of describing homeopathy is "Like treats Like". I, for instance, take a cap full a day of some substance called Environmental Detox. In homeopathy, products are positive and negative charges.

You see, all pollutants in your body are positive, and when they give you the homeopathy liquid it pulls pollutants out of your body because of the negative and positive ions (as it passes as it through your body it has been charged positive and negative).

Then it is suppressed like anything else. Nutritionally it is suppressed. Anything in this country that is good for you and that cures diseases [is hidden to protect] drug companies and medical doctors.

So here are the things that you can do. They are all very, very simple and, of course, it's being disciplined and it's invoking discipline which the average America doesn't have. We've become fat. We've become lazy. We don't want to do anything. It takes such an effort anymore, but these are the things you can do.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to call. Thanks.