The Cholesterol Controversy - The Biggest Lie Ever Perpetrated On The American Public!

Let's dispel some myths right now. Cholesterol is not poison and is absolutely necessary for our body. Keep an open mind as you read and learn more about eggs, history of research, drug company priorities, how carbs are involved, and much more...

Let's begin with how important cholesterol is to the human body. Cholesterol belongs to a group of fats referred to as Sterols. Chemically it is not a fat, although Sterols are found in all fats and oils especially animal fat.

The chief sources are eggs, egg yolk, liver, kidney, brain, fish oil and oysters. It is also found in a lesser degree in meat, whole milk, cream cheese and butter. Cholesterol is commonly thought of as a poison and something to be avoided at all cost. Nonsense! This is a mistruth. Let me explain.

  • Did you know that the majority of the dry weight of the brain is comprised of cholesterol?
  • Did you have any idea that the sheath nerve endings from the top of your head to the bottom of your spine are wrapped in cholesterol?
  • Did you know that cholesterol serves as a conductor for the transmission of all nerve ending throughout the body?
  • Did you know that if you received even the slightest 1/4 inch cut, you would bleed to death if not for cholesterol?

Johns Hopkins University studied children that were fed low cholesterol diets from birth. The study concluded and confirmed that this was the reason they all suffered stunted brain growth.

Cholesterol manufactures every hormone in the human body, every one of them: progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, T1, T3 by the thyroid, etc. It's a natural function of your body. Your liver manufactures cholesterol all day long. You couldn't have sex without cholesterol.

It is the very important part of fluid in the body. If you eat an egg or butter, your liver ceases to produce the same substance, cholesterol. When you don't eat eggs, butter, or cheese, your liver starts to manufacture cholesterol. If you eat vegetables, it will start to manufacture cholesterol.

So you see that your body has a check and balance, it's a very wonderful thing. The medical profession doesn't know much about it because it's nutritionally based information and medical doctors are only given 30 hours of nutritional guidance during their entire medical education.

In fact, most Americans are even unaware that medical doctors know nothing about nutrition. Fortunately some are now beginning to look at nutrition as more and more patients with chronic illnesses show no improvement under the care of pharmaceutical drugs. Very few average Americans even know that most medical schools were created and are subsidized by large pharmaceutical companies.

In the late 1800's drug companies literally bought out medical colleges, universities and hospitals. They moved in and put an end to homeopathic and herbal medicine and created a massive drug empire. Prior to that most colleges were homeopathic and herbal, that's how we practiced natural medicine then. Harper Grace Hospital and U of M were homeopathic hospitals in the late 1800's. Sadly, this information has been kept from us.

Statin Drugs

In my opinion, there are only two reasons that man as a species lies:

  1. Personal Gain.
  2. To make money.

Drug companies desire to scare Americans using this controversial cholesterol hysteria because they want to sell you cholesterol-lowering drugs. They are referred to as Statin Drugs.

It is documented that the use of Statin drugs lower the brain's ability to function, hence lowering intellect levels. Statin drugs destroy Vitamin E and prevent COQ10 from being absorbed by the body. COQ10 and Vitamin E are essential for good and correct heart function.

The Shute Clinic, located in Canada, proved that point 70 years ago however, we dismissed this by commenting,

"Those Canadians are crazy."

So the madness spirals when the heart starts to fail. Then you go to a heart doctor and he'll put you on more medication. The fact is that Statin drugs made 14 billion dollars in this country last year.

You wonder why the company you work for will no longer pay for your health insurance benefits. Benefit premiums are on the rise, primarily due to the cost of an ever-increasing population and an ever-increasing amount of prescriptions. Someone has to pay for the increase in prescription drug use, so once again you see, you pay!

Another part of the problem today is that medical doctors are not reading their own medical journals. Go to the public library and look up the medical book "Tabers 16th edition" page 1909. This states that the true cause of arterial sclerosis and heart attacks is the ingestion of an excess amount of carbohydrates, which go into the liver.

The carbohydrates that we eat are no good for the liver, including cookies, donuts, pop, pretzels and candy bars. When these types of foods go into the liver the liver then properly tries to convert them to good cholesterol, as that is its function. The liver converts them to the only thing they can be converted to which are Triglycerides and Diglycerides. These are poison!

Triglycerides and Diglycerides are an unnatural sticky form of fat that the liver then pushes into the arteries. What happens when they go into the arteries? You get a rise in the bad cholesterol. When you get the bad cholesterol too high you then have a heart attack.

Cholesterol: Good Or Bad? Cholesterol: Good Or Bad?
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For eighty years now we've been on oleomargarine, which is a form of polymer plastics and high in trans fatty acids, which are poison to our body. In fact heating up margarine and bad oils is how BIC makes their pens. The body just does not have the ability to process and use oils and margarines that are heated.

Once every sixty seconds someone in America has a heart attack and we wonder what is the reason for this? It is due to the ingestion of bad fats and carbohydrates.

A Nation Of Mis-Truths

Where did this theory that Cholesterol is a poison and causes heart disease start? Bear with me a moment. John Wayne told the American public in his westerns that the Indians were savages that scalped people. Wounded Knee told us that the U.S. Government created scalping because they offered buffalo hunters 10 dollars a piece for Indian scalps. Columbus claims that he discovered America.

This is just an impossibility because Erik the Red sailed up the Hudson River 400 years earlier, and came in contact with an indigenous people who had populated the land for the previous 1400 years. Not to mention that Columbus, who we celebrate yearly, enslaved the Native Americans to mine for gold and then lopped off their hands if he thought they were stealing it.

Of course genocide followed soon after. The white man's desire to run and own everything was the Native Americans ultimate demise and the demise of our entire health care system also. It's all about capital. Our nation was founded on mistruths! I welcome you to investigate any of this information.

I challenge you to research for yourself and find your own truths. Do not rely on anyone's opinion find out for yourselves. Its sad that lies have become truths and truths have become lies in our history and in our lives.

Good Or Bad Cholesterol

In the late 1800's a Russian researcher wanted to prove that Cholesterol was no good for you.

He promptly set out to prove it and did. He took a group of rabbits and fed them what would be an equivalent of what a human would eat in a quart of butter or animal fat a day. The experiment went on for 3 months and at that time he destroyed the animals and opened them up. When he opened them up he found that the arteries were corroded. There were lesions, arterial sclerosis, and the findings brought out the determination that cholesterol was not good for you.

Then societies viewpoint changed. Cholesterol lowering drugs were invented, low-fat cheese, low-fat milk, and the thought evolved to throw the egg yolk away. If God intended a yolkless egg he would have made one. An egg white cannot be properly digested if not consumed without the egg yolk. It becomes a sugar and not healthy for the body either.

If you look at any animal, in nature, you will find 4 to 5 % butter fat content in their milk. This is also true of mother's milk. This is one of thee great benefits of breast-feeding. Meanwhile, all the data was accepted as fact and truth.

Another researcher came along years later, and said this data is a lie! "You cannot take animal fats and protein and feed it to a herbivore." Rats, pigs, monkeys and humans are omnivores. They can eat anything; they can survive on anything and are completely capable of eating animal fats.

This researcher created his own test. He fed rats the same amount of lard and butter as the previous test and did his test for a three-month period. Then he opened up their arteries and do you know what he found? Close your eyes, what do you see? Exactly, nothing! Because we as humans are perfectly capable of ingesting fats, metabolizing fats, and utilizing fats.

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Fats yield twice as much energy than carbohydrates do. If you eat a high fat diet in the morning it will sustain your energy straight through to lunch. When this researcher took his new research to the powers that be, he was stunned. Too much money is made off of the production of low fat products and cholesterol lowering drugs.

Lard Sandwiches:

    As a side note, when my grandfather would go out to plow all day long, my grandmother would pack him lard sandwiches on whole wheat bread. He wasn't a nutritionist, so didn't know that what he was doing was a good thing. However, he did live to be 98 years old and was slender and muscular his entire life.

    What Is Lard?
    The white solid or semisolid rendered fat of a hog.

My Diet:

    Today if you tell someone that you eat eggs they think you are going to die. When I was weight training I ate between 4 and 5 eggs a day and all the men I worked with at General Motors felt sorry for me. They were sure: I would die of a heart attack, while they consumed bagels, donuts, crackers, etc.

    I am sorry to report that the majority of those men are no longer with us as they died form heart attacks. FACT: When I was bodybuilding with the great Vince Gironda, I was on a six-week bulk-training course, where I was trying to gain size. I was eating up to 35 eggs a day. At the end of the 6 weeks I had my cholesterol levels checked and they had actually gone down 5 points.

    I still eat 3 to 5 eggs every morning. I've done so for the last 30 years of my life. I have an omelette with raw milk, cheese, mushrooms and onions. Hippocrates states that the word protein means "most important." The three finest proteins for the human body are eggs, raw milk and liver.

    I supplement with liver tablets from Argentina, every day along with the five eggs a day that I eat. Mother Nature gives you about 200 to 250 edible foods in nature that we are capable of consuming. When I was a child and grew up on a farm in Illinois, they lived predominantly on a high fat diet including sausage, fish, bacon, eggs, turkey, cheese, milk, cottage cheese and butter.

    They put butter on everything. My grandfather lived to be 98 and my grandmother 101. Indian Joe was a man that lived with my Grandparents and worked for food and shelter. He consumed only meat products, never any fruits or vegetables and he lived to be 115.

A Vicious Circle:

    When somebody tells you that cholesterol is bad for you, they tell you that so that they can make money. Then they can sell you prescription drugs, while you support companies like Coca-Cola that sell you pop, cookies, and donuts that increase your cholesterol.

    It's a big vicious circle and it is all to make the almighty buck. We put our children on Ritalin and people take Prozac or Statin drugs. Of course it all makes money and it is all affecting your health, negatively. Some wise man once said about 2000 years ago, "The love of money is the root of all evil." Medical doctors and drug companies wouldn't lie to you, would they?

    Let's remember that doctors only receive about 30 hours of nutritional education during their entire tenure as a medical student. You do not need to be anti-government to realize that doctors prescribe you drugs because they mean to help, but instead because they are encouraged to by a drugs rep.

    A drug rep comes to a doctors office, buys the office staff lunch, courts the doctor and then encourages the doctor to hand out free samples of the latest and greatest drug. Then eventually write prescriptions of the drug. I'm sure you've seen these people while waiting in a doctor's office.

    They come in toting large cases on rolling wheels and wait patiently in the waiting room for their opportunity to have a quick three-minute conversation with the doctor between appointments. Let's take Synthroid for example, commonly prescribed to those who have thyroid issues or have had their thyroid radiated or removed, this drug has never even been approved by the FDA!

    How does this happen you ask? This is the reality of pharmaceutical drugs. There is a natural cure or supplement for everything that ails you, you just need to find the courage to open your mind and seek out alternative health care and nutrition options.

    Always seek an alternative health professional or homeopathic doctor by referral of someone you trust and have experienced positive results.

World Cultures

Now let's discuss five cultures of the world.

The Primitive Eskimo:

    There was a Scandinavian man named Steffason in the mid 1800's who decided to live with these Eskimos for 20 years and he wrote a book called "Not by bread alone." He was a scientist that for 20 years that ate fat, blubber, intestines, and liver the same diet as the Eskimos. He came back at the age of 80 to the Presbyterian Medical Center in New York and was in perfect health.

The Rocky Mountain Men:

    Ate what they killed, meat.

The American Plains Indian:

    Lived off of the Buffalo. The Indian was threatened with starvation as the white man killed off the buffalo because they were mainly meat eaters and buffalo was their primary food source.

The Maisi In Africa:

    Meat eaters.

The Balari In South America:

    Meat eaters.

    All of these people have no history of heart disease, arthritis and no diabetes. These people did not eat processed and refined foods. We ought to hear the other side of the story because we've only heard one side of the story.


    There was a man in Nazi Germany, his name was Joseph Goebbels, and he was a minister of propaganda. He knew that if you control what people see, television, and movies, what they hear on the radio, and what they read in magazines and newspapers, that you can control people.

    The churches in the middle Ages called it propagate, and that is where the word propaganda derived from. The Oriental culture refers to it as brainwashing. What do we call it today? We refer to it as marketing, TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines. All of these sources say that cholesterol is evil and everyone believes it and we never hear the other side of the story, but again it makes trillions of dollars.

    The five cultures in the world that are meat eaters are slim muscular people. If you look at carbohydrate eaters, they will be fat fleshy people, like Americans.

The Processed American Diet

Americans subsist on more carbohydrates than any other country in the world.

We've been advocated to eat polyunsaturated oils. Polyunsaturated oils are of an incomplete chemical structure so they combine with other chemicals around them, including cancer cells. The saturated fat molecule is already complete and thereby less susceptible to combinations with other compounds. It had been demonstrated that heating of polyunsaturated oil, increased it's toxicity by causing it to form polymers, these chemical compounds then are used to produce varnish, shellac and plastics, including the BIC pen your holding right now.

The processed food industry has made trillions of dollars for the last 80 years, selling us low fat food. What are low fat foods high in? Carbohydrates. It all comes back to excess sugars and starches. As Hippocrates said,

"Protein is most important,
carbohydrates are secondary."

Of course fruits, vegetables, and grains are wonderful for you, but you've got to have protein first.

Most people who are Christian have no idea what the bible says. In Deuteronomy it states,

"You cannot live by bread alone."

In Acts 10: 13 it says,

"Peter kill and eat."

He talked about the land of milk and honey, that we may eat birds of the sky, reptiles of the earth and creepy crawly things. The best guidelines come from the bible. I suggest you educate yourself on this also. The bible says many other things, Ezekiel 47:12 says,

"Use the fruit for food and the leaf for medicine."

Controlling Cholesterol:

    The proper approach to controlling one's cholesterol is to stay away from all processed and refined foods. Pancakes, cookies, pies, cakes, candies, pretzels, donuts, pizza, pop tarts, slurpees, sugar frosted flakes, bagels, pasta, spaghetti, beer, and fast food.

    Increase your antioxidants, Vitamin E and Magnesium, which prevents the formation of arterial sites of cholesterol build up and lesions in the arteries. (Make sure to get high quality Vitamin E from a health food store. Make sure the label reads d-tocopherol. Most E is actually the synthetic version (dl-tocopherol) which the body cannot use, so it is useless to take.)

    Get plenty of good minerals in your body and Vitamin B complex. Exercise to some degree, but the most important thing is diet, it is what you eat that counts.

    Even the average bodybuilder has to know something about nutrition. I am not referring to people who take steroids though. Bodybuilding is 85%-95% nutrition and if a bodybuilder doesn't accept that fact they will fail, so they have to know nutrition.

Leading Causes Of Death:

    Years ago I was training a young teenage boy. I had this young man on liver tablets, milk and egg protein, meat, and cheese etc. His mother found out about it and she called me up and was outraged that I would feed her son such fat. I tried to explain to her about good fats and bad fats and she would not hear me. She had spoke with her family doctor, and he informed her that eating all that fat would cause her son to have a heart attack.

    Then I found out that her son was on Ritalin. Ritalin is a Class II addictive drug that cannot be distinguished by chemists from cocaine, Prozac, and Zoloft. Channel 2 reported in November 2001, that Ritalin could cause permanent brain damage. The young man also had asthma and was on Prednisone.

    If you look at the PDR (Physician's Desk Reference) it states that Prednisone can cause diabetes and heart failure. I was being accused of giving the boy things that could kill him; all the while the medical doctor had him on drugs that could cause brain damage, diabetes, and congestive heart failure.

    I spoke to the mother and made the statement, "That drugs in America kill 350,000 to 400,000 people every year." She got very angry with me and wanted to know where I got my tremendously outrageous data. I said, "If you pull out the Journal of the American Medical Association, April 15, 1998, medical doctors admitted that prescription drugs of all kinds are the fourth leading cause of death in America. Right behind Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart attacks." She didn't have much to say to me after that.

Protein Digestion:

    All the protein companies that sell protein drinks say mix your protein powder with juice, zero fat milk, or water. The simple fact is that you cannot digest protein without fat. If you get rid of the yolk of an egg and, swallow only the white, the body cannot utilize it as protein; it is converted into sugar and stored in the liver as glycogen.

    Even the so-called experts do not investigate this, so they wouldn't know. The reason the egg yolk is so good for you is because the yolk is the nucleus of all cells, and all life as we know it. Without RNA/DNA and protein amino acids we couldn't have life. You also should not mix your protein with fruit juices of any kind as the enzymes necessary to digest protein will dominate and while the protein is being digested the fruit ferments. This is not good for digestion and is the cause of gas.

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    Because we process and refine food we destroy the B complex. Homocystine is a good amino acid, but without the B complex it becomes deadly to our body.

    Dr. Harry Eidiner Jr. is the foremost nutritional biochemist in America. He has eight degrees and is a brilliant person. He has written medical journals and he has confirmed that you cannot digest protein without fat.

    Always try to buy scratch eggs (from the health food store) or Amish eggs. Commercial eggs, as you probably know, are just like all other food in our country they are injected with hormones and antibiotics, and we all know that's not good for us.


I hope this article has helped you. I hope you have a better understanding of why things are done in this country. Why lies are told. I hope that you go back to eating your eggs; they are the most phenomenal food that you can eat. They are only second to Mother's milk in the quality of nutrition.

If you have any questions, or if you would like more information on this subject, please feel free to contact me at (313) 372-1807.