Is Breast Implant Surgery For You?

Is breast augmentation for you? Here are my top 12 considerations and tips on having a successful breast augmentation experience.

Here are my top 12 considerations and tips on having a successful breast augmentation experience. There may be more for you to research that I did not have to go through. Consult about any other issues you may have with your doctor.

After my breast implant surgery, my doctor had me on his hospital referral call list. My phone number was available for personal calls for women wanting to speak directly to a former patient. I received several calls from complete strangers with whom I spoke freely about whatever concerns they may have had.

I do this because like myself, there are always those who would rather be told as much as possible to prepare themselves before going into anything this life changing and let's face it, serious. Always remember, this is major surgery.

I chose round implants to go under muscle with small incisions under the breast fold. I started with saline and switched to silicone gel 3 years later for better feel and visual appeal. I am a "C" cup.

My recovery time was; 18 days until I was able to teach a low intensity step aerobic class. I was able to lightly train my chest with weights after 3 weeks. I was a fitness athlete at the time and did not train air to floor moves for 6 weeks. I was able to perform my fitness routine all out after 10 weeks.

Top 12 Tips For A Successful Experience


How Big Will You Want To End Up?

Re-build your image in your mind to what you want to change your look to resemble. Tear out photos from magazines and such to show to your doctor for a guideline.

Your natural frame may dictate some limitations on creating an exact look. Use your doctor to help direct you towards a size your frame will do well with from a healthy standpoint.


Choose Your Doctor Wisely

I have found it is smartest to go with tried and proven. I asked women whose looks I most admired who their doctors were and if they recommended them. I then contacted the doctor(s) and visited the office(s).

The doctor I ended up using was an outpatient set up attached directly to the city hospital. I felt safer having the hospital right there. My doctor charged a $50 dollar consultation fee, which was deducted from the cost.


Where Will The Incision Site / Scar Be?

The Top 4 Choices Are:

  1. Around The Areola
  2. Under The Breast Fold
  3. Through The Underarm
  4. Through The Belly Button

One of the main factors on this decision is if you are going to go under or over your muscle. The under the muscle procedure requires more extensive surgery, which I had opted for. More surgery consists of cutting through chest muscle tissue.

My doctor told me being "closer to the site" would bring the best results and suggested an under the breast fold method. I chose this and am very happy with the results.

The scars have faded and consist of lines under 2mm each right under the natural fold underneath my breasts. The pencil thin scar line is slightly off pigmented. Nothing noticeable - although for tiny bikini shoots, I wear a skin tone base touch up.


What Will The Implant Sacks Be Filled With?

Both saline and soy have low risk factor complications with direct tissue contact. Their consistency is water like. Silicone gel is more controversial but has a more natural friendly feel and look. Gel is squishy instead of sloshy or hard and bouncy instead of stationary.

Something to consider is body fat percentage. The lower body fat the woman is in her chest area, the more chance of being able to see the liquid slosh back and fourth under the skin, which may be accompanied with a rippling of the edges of the implant bag every time the implant hangs in certain positions.

It is also much more safe to have already had implants to do a switch to gel. Room for the new implant has been established by healing into a "pocket" from the first surgery. Usually, introducing a different bag at this point is not nearly as much trauma as the initial surgery.


Will You Go Under The Muscle Or Over?

I chose to go under the muscle for health reasons. It was explained to me it was easier to give a more accurate mammogram reading if you put the implants under the muscle. When you put the implant over the muscle, it can affect the accuracy of any mammogram or manual diagnoses since it lies over the top of your real breast tissue.

I also like the way my breast implants blend more naturally into my shape since it is farther under my own tissue by going under muscle, all of "me" is on the top. This is a personal preference. Many women love their breast implants high and "out there". I chose to go with the more natural look.


What Shape Will You Get?

There are round to oblong/teardrop shaped implant bags to choose from. Your true physical build may in part dictate this choice.

Ask your doctor to recommend the form that best suits your body type. I have round and am very happy with my shape.


Will You Need Nipple Relocation?

Yikes! This sounds worse than it is. I did not have to do this. My advice is to go for it if your doctor recommends it.


Will You Be Out Or In-Patient?

I went out patient. Remember to be safely health conscious above all else. Ask any questions about your safety concerns.


What Is Your Payment Method?

Have a financial plan. I did a half cash, half Visa.


When Did You Tell Everyone?

Although they were extremely supportive, it did feel weird telling my parents about my boob job. I also had to tell people in 4 health clubs where I was the fitness director and taught a variety of exercise classes.

The body conscious industry I worked in was not going to let me ease into anything slowly. All eyes and questions came immediately. Reactions were highly favorable as a definite improvement.


Plan For Recovery & Down Time

You will need to fill and take prescriptions before and after surgery. I liked my holistic bruising medication options. I was handed a list of dos and don'ts to start 4 weeks before the date.

Have someone stay with you for the first three days. If you have had your muscles cut from the under muscle procedure, it is more painful and recovery takes longer than over muscle.

There are things that will have to wait until you are healed. Like vacuuming or any push/pull motion. Driving may be out for a while. I didn't drive for a week.

Sleep half propped up. It is extremely difficult to get up by yourself from a flat laying down position. Remember, you can't use your pectoral muscles. The pain is like a torn pectoral or cracked rib if you have ever had such a thing. It hurts to yell, laugh, cough or sneeze until healed.


Wardrobe Update

Your old clothes may no longer fit or they may just suddenly look like a million bucks! Try everything on to see what you may need to alter.

You will need new bras. Just buy one or two at first to get you buy. Wait for at least 6 months to go full shopping assault. At first because of swelling, your breasts will sit much higher and be more full than they will end up. All swelling goes down 6 months up to a year after surgery.

Remember, stand tall no slouching. Be proud and confident. You'll look great! Congratulations on your new and improved figure.