Strength Train To Be A Brute In Bed!

What can you do if you want to leave a kick ass and not a kicked out memory in the bedroom? Well I am going to share some tantalizing tips on some great training programs to help. Check it out!

Better muscle up if you want to be a brute in bed! Caveman antics like dragging her across the bed and lifting her up to change positions is impressive, tough stuff from her point of view.

Hi-five yourself when you knock her socks off (and hopefully more!) with your effortless, he-man expertise.

The flip side of this coin is not a pretty story, not to mention an unattractive, sorry sight to experience.

If, during a steamy encounter, you are all out of shape, huffing, puffing and unable to well, perform ... just because you are not up to the physical challenge of cardiovascular or strength endurance, this can be a real letdown for both of you.

Kick-Ass Vs. Kicked-Out

What can you do if you want to leave a kick-ass, and not a kicked-out, memory in the bedroom? You don't want your sex life limited by your low physical level leaving her literally hanging by herself on the edge ... do you? How can you prevent this?

Supplementing Her Sex Life!
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Rescue your sex life and raise your sex appeal with fitness training techniques using specificity. To train for the look, effort and performance you want to achieve in the bedroom, train for strength as well as endurance alternating different levels of intensity with a full body interval strength-training program.

Full Body Interval Strength Training

A full body interval strength-training program will help make a noticeable difference. You get to build more strength and endurance, plus as a bonus you get the confidence that comes with creating a sexier, more toned physique ready to go ... and go.

This type of training program is not designed to target to build single muscle groups. If you want that type of result for any specific muscle group, you will have to go to a body part split type of program. In a full-body interval strength-training program you will hit all major muscle groups in the same set.

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An Increased Sex Drive.
What Other Reason Do You Need?

Aim for 3-5 times a week to train. Start with three and work from there. Three times per week is an acceptable amount for gains as well as maintenance. I have noticed when after starting a new program and after beginning to notice visible results, it creates extra momentum and motivation to up my training.

If you belong to a gym, ask to get involved in a circuit weight training set up. It should involve both upper and lower body exercises. Remember; do not worry about separating your body parts for this type of workout.

Circuit Training!
'Circuit training' is an excellent way to simultaneously build strength and stamina. Full workout circuit included!
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Start with 6-7 exercises. Perform each exercise with enough weight to do 10-20 reps; if you can do more than 25, add weight. If you cannot do at least 8, reduce weight. After 8-10 weeks, change your exercises. Two examples are:

Full Body Interval Program

Alternate Full Body Interval Program

Cardio Circuit Training!
The wonder of CCT is that you can perform as many exercises as you want in limitless combinations in the convenience of your own room. Now that you don't have any excuses, it's time to get some cardio in!
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    Really concentrate on full range of motion and good form. This is more important with this type of workout than the amount of weight being used.

    You should start to see and feel results after 3 weeks. This full-body interval strength-training program will cause different reactions in your muscles and you may be sore from this type of workout even though you may have been doing some of these same exercises in other types of programs.

Having Trouble Getting Started?

  1. Stop your mind when it tries to create a case inventing reasons, excuses, justifications or rationalizations on why you can't get going. Just remember that excuses will never help you get anywhere in life. If you don't want to workout, one reason is just as good as another.

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    There are tons of good reasons to use to prevent you from following through. Some are even great ones! It doesn't matter how good your reasoning is if it stops you from doing what you are supposed to do to reach a specific level you want to achieve.

  1. Hold yourself responsible for a standard much higher then what everyone else expects. Each workout, each meal choice, each day is just a small price you pay for greatness - and it is your responsibility.

  2. If you are finding you just don't have time to workout you will need to make this a priority in your life if you're going to reach your fitness goals. Fitness goals need planning just like you would plan for success in your career.

  3. Don't allow yourself to sit around and say you have no time. You can always get up an hour early or go to bed an hour later.

Unfamiliar With The Gym Equipment?

  1. Many gyms have onsite employees to show you around and how each machine works. When you first sign up they should take you around and brief you on each piece of equipment.

  2. Hire a personal trainer to teach you how to properly use each piece of equipment and take you through your workout.

How To Choose A Personal Trainer.
The type of trainer you want to hire is a trainer who is committed to be involved in guiding you to a better self. What is a good trainer?
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  1. Ask for help from other members. Most are willing to help, share advice and it is a great way to make fit, positive friends.

  2. Visit the Training section on to read articles on every known way to correctly use the equipment you see at your gym with proper form.

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Ask For Help From Other Members.

What If Your Gym Isn't Located Near By?

  1. Cancel your membership and look for a closer and more convenient gym. Location is everything in our busy lifestyle. Many people belong to gyms just because they are the closest one to their home or work.

  2. Invest in home fitness equipment to use when you don't have time to drive to your gym.

  3. Fit it in your daily schedule to allow time to go. Plan when you will be going at the beginning of the week and stick to it.

    If at the end of the week, you have had trouble getting there during the times you had wanted, you might have to review your schedule and switch times until you find what works for you. Keep trying!

  4. Go on your way to or from work to avoid having to make a separate trip. A lot of people have a hard time getting back out of the house once home or trouble leaving work during lunch once there. Check this by working out before you take that last drive back home, or just get it done at the beginning of your day so you don't have to worry about fitting it in later.

  5. Car pool with your training partners. If you are picking your training partner up or they are coming to get you, you will be more apt to be more dedicated to show up since someone else is relying on you. The buddy system is still a great procrastination fix.

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Full-body Interval Strength-Training Works!


A consistent full body interval strength-training program will really sex up your style for those personal hi-five moments. Being stronger and lasting longer will be the first obvious benefit. Less sweating and puffing will also put you in a better light. The best feeling is when you know you look great naked!

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This newer, leaner, harder you can be a huge confidence booster turning up the sizzle factor in your sex life. Let's face it, when you feel hot, you radiate a higher level of sex appeal. Decide to get your schedule together and start training to fine-tune your sexual stamina with a full body interval strength-training program. Today.

Go for Glory. You deserve it.

Brenda Kelly