Legendary Female Physique Photographer Bill Dobbins Booked As Hollywood Singing Act.

I have known the name and fame of Bill Dobbins ever since I got involved in the Bodybuilding/Fitness industry in 1998... Learn more about this popular artist and a side that many might not know about. Read on!

Truth or Myth?

Is Bill Dobbins really playing his guitar and singing in a one-man show in Hollywood?


I have known the name and fame of Bill Dobbins ever since I got involved in the Bodybuilding/Fitness industry in 1998 (there wasn't any Figure category yet!). I met Bill back stage at the 1998 NPC Nationals and recognized his name as a top industry photographer and writer.

I remember I had been training really hard and had a case of laryngitis so it was difficult for us to talk to each other. He told me I looked like a JonBenet Ramsey grown up into a fitness competitor. I wasn't sure this was a complement or not however, as this was our first conversation.

I realized right away this man thought out side of the box. We all know the best artists are rather... let's say unconventional. I told him I was going back and forth from the Seattle area to LA and he invited me to contact him for a shoot.

I was thrilled and the next trip I took to LA we had our first physique shoot. The pictures he took of me not only blew me away, I found I really enjoyed Bill's company and advice he most freely gave me as a new competitor/model.

We have since done many more series of set ups ranging from a desert shoot on the way to the 2002 NPC USA's in Las Vegas (we drove from LA together and stopped to shoot along the way) to twosome shoots with my friends and even promo shots for my modeling career. You can view Bill's photography at www.BillDobbins.com and www.BillDobbins.net.

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Bill Dobbins

I remember my LA roommate IFBB Fitness Pro Nicole Rollolazo coming home from a photo shoot with Bill Dobbins with just one sentence: "Does he sing to you when you shoot together too?"

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Nicole Rollolazo.

Nicole and I lived together for a time as we were both new to the LA fitness scene, both came from the Northwest where we competed together locally, saw each other at nationals around the country more than once where we met each other's families, had the same costume designer and as we both have Asian descent, it was natural we became fast fitness sisters.

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Brenda & Nicole.

I had gotten used to Bill serenading me during a set up or change of set ups in between his shooting, so I was not surprised when I started hearing some of his models talking about his songs. This ranged all the way from confusion to pleasure.

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Dina Al Sabah & Gina Lara.

When you are shooting physique shots, you are dieted down, dehydrated and can be semi comatose. All of a sudden in the middle of an important shoot... Bill straps on his guitar and starts to sing! I have asked some of his models just out of curiosity whether or not this happened to them as well.

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Brenda Kelly.

I didn't want to base any hearsay on just Nicole and I. Some would look at me like I was crazy and say absolutely no. Bill apparently didn't play and sing for everyone. I for one found it calmed me and I really enjoyed this other side of Bill.

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Melissa Deal & Milamar Sarcev.

I could tell it gave him a sense of centering as well and our photography sessions were all the better for this musical interlude. Many of us who have had the luck to be serenaded during our photo shoots would not even blink a false eyelash at the fact that Bill Dobbins had his first Hollywood engagement.

We all know the amazing artist he is with his camera and his words. Of course an artist is an artist and it is not at all uncommon to be great at many different areas of art if you think about it. Anyone who is extremely artistic as Bill is in one craft is not surprisingly just as artistic in another artistic talent.

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Sherry Goggins & Viviana Soldano.

It is like the sports hero you know who had the pick of different scholarships as a football star or baseball star, or the pop princess who also gets a top modeling campaign. Bill Dobbins is not only a top female physique photographer; he is also a stunning musical performer and songwriter!

Bill writes most of his own songs and in the future hopes to get a publishing contract for his writings. This is when you sell your songs to other artists, they play them and you receive a percentage of the royalties. It happens all of the time.

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Amanda Dunbar & Amber Deluca.

Many artists make just as much income or even more money selling the royalties of their songs than the income generated from writing and recording their own songs and releasing them.

Bill was booked at THE GIG in HOLLYWOOD at 7302 MELROSE AVE. I showed up with some friends to support him and to enjoy a musical evening. Bill played for an hour straight and it was clear he was no amateur at this.

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The Gig.
Photo By: John Balik Publisher Iron Man Magazine

About "The Gig"

His voice, songs and stage presence was exceptionally entertaining and it was clear everyone was having a great time listening to Bill's original lyrics. His style is slightly Folk/Bob Dylanesk since his songs tell interesting stories while he strums his guitar effortlessly.

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Bill Dobbins.
Photo By: Jo