Superset Your Home Workouts!

Stay tight and keep your hard earned physique pulled together using my at home Super Set workout.

Stay tight and keep your hard earned physique pulled together using my at home Super Set workout. When pressed for time, I power through these Super Sets 2-3 X a week. The secret is adding some key body weight resistance to target my large muscle groups with a pump.

I have had to develop an at home workout to fit into my super busy lifestyle that delivers. All the traveling I do for modeling, acting, representing and fitness products across the nation creates a tight schedule for me. I have to portray a fit lifestyle on demand. We live in a time challenged age and driving to the gym is not always the best use of time or even possible sometimes for days on end.

I highly recommend using these types of Super Sets to stay in shape in between your regular program.

Hundreds Of Workouts - Design Your Own!
With so many different workout combinations, it's tough to know what workout is best for you! We've found that there are a number of workout philosophies that merit a presence here.
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At first glance, this may seem too easy. It is harder to do and more effective than it looks. Remember, adding anything new to your workout is a good way to receive gains. I have been using this method for years with surprising positive results. Your muscles may even be a little sore!

The best part of this workout is it is on your own personal timetable. No getting dressed, no fuss, no muss!

  1. Put on some supportive footwear to avoid sloppy execution. Form is still important while working out at home.

  2. I like to have music playing and although this is not necessary, it motivates me.

  3. Get a portable mat or towel to sit and lay on.

  4. Find 20 minutes and� GO!

Take 5 minutes to bend, swing, stretch and move all body parts to get your blood flowing and warm up your core body temperature. Use as full of a range of motion as comfortable. Do not force. Simple and easy is the key here. When in doubt about injuries or limitations, ask your doctor or a trusted sports medicine trainer.

The effective aspect of a Super Set is the no rest factor from the first exercise to the next. The rest period comes after exercises are performed back to back. Try to get 3-4 sets total from each of your Super Sets. Mix and match up some of your favorite exercises to make up your very own Super Sets. You can even add in a third exercise to put into your program rotations for more variety.

* Go at your own speed. As you get more comfortable and stronger, pick up the intensity.

What Is A Super Set?

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Superset Guidelines:

This is a good way to train if time is limited. Supersetting involves doing two exercises with no rest in between. There are a number of different types of supersets.

Same Part Supersetting

This is the most common type. Do two different exercises that work the same bodypart, e.g. incline curls then barbell curls.

Isolation/Compound Supersetting

This is essentially pre-exhaust supersetting. Do a set of an isolation exercise then a set of a compound exercise, e.g. dumbbell flyes then bench press.

Antagonistic Supersetting

Do a set of an exercise for one bodypart then immediately do a set of an exercise for the antagonistic bodypart, e.g. barbell curls then tricep pushdowns.

  • Antagonist supersetting can help each muscle group recover while working the other muscle.
  • It also makes you stronger in both.
  • For the arms, it has the advantage of keeping the blood localized in the upper arm area.
  • Back and chest or quads and hamstrings are other examples of antagonistic muscles.

Upper Body/Lower Body Supersetting Do an upper body exercise then a lower body exercise, or vice versa, e.g. chest then calves or calves then chest.

In-Set Superset Do two different exercises within a rep.

  • You must be able to make a smooth transition between the exercises in order for this to be effective.
  • An example of this is doing a dumbbell bench press on the positive then a dumbbell flye on the negative on every rep.
  • The Zottman curl, where you use a regular grip on the way up and a reverse grip on the way down is another good example of this.
  • Others include regular deadlifts (up) and stiff-legged deadlifts (down), or close grip bench press (up) and lying barbell extensions (down).

Do not superset muscles that assist with the other exercise unless you do them second, e.g. do not do pushdowns then bench press - tricep fatigue will limit your bench press work. You can, however, do the bench press first then do pushdowns.

An exception to this is if you are doing it to push your triceps further with the assistance of the pecs and shoulders. Then do triceps first. This would be a type of pre-exhaust superset.

Super Set A

Squats - 15-25

      Start with feet shoulder width apart, toes straight ahead, knees over and behind toes, most weight is on heels, drop hips back like sitting on an invisible chair. Exhale on the down. Stand all the way up with straight back in between squats.

Video Guides: Windows Media - Real Player

* To add intensity - add upper body/arm chest and back contractions (same tempo) light hand weights work well

* Add leg lifts on the way up (front and side) Start with bent knee ups and work towards straight leg raises)

Gluteus, quads, hamstrings, flexors, (upper body if added).

Sit-Ups - 15 - 50

      Lie on your back, bend knees, lower back stays on the ground - no arching, hands behind head - do not pull, chin up, exhale at the top.

* Add rhythm changes

Abdominals, back.

Super Set B

Walking Lunges - 10 -20 (20-40 steps)

      Take BIG steps forward, back straight - do not lean forward, front knee over and behind front toe, back knee does not have to touch the ground - lower to your own level. Take the next big step using other leg. 10 lunges are 20 steps total.

Video Guides: Windows Media - Real Player

* Add back leg lift to squeeze gluteus - no leaning forward.

* Hold onto light hand weights.

Gluteus, quads, hamstrings.

Push Ups - 8 - 25

      Start on hands and knees, lower to floor or as far as possible, hands shoulder width apart, back straight, neck in alignment with your spine, abs in, press up, do not snap elbows. Exhale at the top.

For wrist troubles, try holding onto the sides of a chair to keep wrists straight or do your push ups at the wall with spine straight.

* Add intensity by doing push ups on your toes to failure. Finish off on knees. The closer your feet are to each other, the harder it is!

Chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, abdominals.

Sample Super Set Workout:

5 minute full body stretch and warm up.
If you have a piece of cardio equipment in your home this works also.

Super Set A:

  • 20 Squats
  • 25 Crunches
  • Rest 1 minute (stretch, deep breathe, get up, move around a bit)

    Repeat Super Set A:
    • 20 Squats with alt.side leg raises
    • 25 Lower abdominal knee raises
    • Rest

      Repeat Super Set A:

    • 20 Squats with back and chest stretch/squeeze
    • 25 Crunches
    • Rest

      Repeat Super Set A:

    • 20 Squats
    • 40 alt. Oblique abdominal crunches
    • Rest

Move on to Super Set B program. (View Program)


All finished! Enjoy your day!

There are many people who use this type of workout for resistance training all of the time. Try adding cardiovascular sessions at 35-45 minutes 3-5 X a week and you'll have a great program for getting and staying in shape all year.

Super Sets are invigorating and you will be glad all day you were able to find some time for you and just you.

After all, a happier, healthier you is better for us all!