Brenda Kelly has been in dozens of magazines, commercials, TV shows, and she is a world reknown fitness expert!


Brenda works out of L.A. acting, modeling, writing and traveling to health and fitness contest and trade shows. Along with Pinnacle and IDS, Brenda also works with, Chapman Media Group, Xyience, Gamma-O, Egg Whites Int'l, Natural Muscle Mag., American Curves, Pharmagenex, Lindsay Productions, Fame, Ironman Mag., Joe Wheatley Productions, and Heavener Entertainment.

Brenda is a Hot Hardbody Hollywood Producer! I have my own production company. Brenda Kelly Productions. She has produced a kick ass commercial for "Sharp Dressed Man" Starring Bob Cicherillo.


Fitness Director 17 years
Polynesian Dancer/teacher
Brenda Kelly Productions - CEO
Hawaii Workout Video release - 2004

Fitness Model:

International Fitness Magazine Cover Model
Features: Lingerie, Swimsuit, Hot Body

Published Writer:
Monthly Column: Natural Muscle Magazine


Fitness/Figure - Stage Polish
Iron Man Fit Expo

  1. Women's Training from Beginning to Pro
  2. Fitness Marketing and Modeling
  3. Fitness Over 40

NIKE Body Elite team

  1. Competition How to Guide
  2. Body Sculpting
  3. Hi/Lo Intensity Aerobics


SAG eligible
Dodgeball - 2004 release
Close Encounters of the 4 kind - filming summer 2004
Soulrippers - filming summer 2004
The Surplus Male - 2003

Event Hosting: Super Party
Orange Co. Classic
Tournament of Champions
Body Rock
Muscle Beach Classic

Hobbies: Travel, dance, shopping

Brenda stays fit with 4-5 cardio sessions a week and works out using weights 3-4 times a week.

Motto: Stay Healthy and Fit. It's worth it!

For more info on me, go to!

She can be contacted at

Vital Stats

Born: Honolulu, Hawaii
Birth date: January 13 (Capricorn)
Raised: Seattle/ Northwest area
Resides: Los Angeles, CA
Status: Single! (No Bob. Good for every man in the universe!)


Contest Background
Brenda Holds 5 titles:

2000 International Fitness Pro
2000 ESPN2 Series (swimsuit round 1st)
1998 NPC Northwest Women's Fitness
National Aerobic Championships (solo and mixed pairs)

Articles :: Sorted By Date


The Money Maker: How To Get The V-Shaped Cut In Your Lower Abs!
Your money maker is the v-shaped cut in the lower abdominal region that goes from both sides of the oblique and funnels at angles that sort of point into the groin. Do you have a money maker?
Section: Training :: Aug 20, 2014

Newbie Survival Guide: How To Eat And Train Before You Sign A Membership
Don’t just walk into a gym without doing some prep. Ensure your gym success by doing some at-home training and clean eating. You’ll be well on your way to hitting your goals!
Section: Training :: Dec 27, 2012

Supermodel Expo Cheat Sheet
Heading out to a Fitness Expo? Pack like a Supermodel and make a lasting impression!
Section: Contests :: Sep 20, 2011

Be A Fitness Icon: 33 Essential Do's And Don'ts Of Fitness Modeling
Read them and you'll soon step ahead of the competition for good!
Section: Contests :: Jun 21, 2011

Secret Benefits Of Goji Berries Gaining Popularity!
They are higher in antioxidants than any other known food. Antioxidants help you maintain healthy vision... Learn more.
Section: Nutrition :: Apr 21, 2010

2009 Muscle Beach Labor Day Review!
It was another fabulous show held on Labor Day at Muscle Beach in Venice, CA. Here's a look at how it went and some great pics along the way. Check it out!
Section: Contests :: Sep 16, 2009

Brenda Kelly Shares Her 2009 Iron Man Pro And Fit Expo Experience!
The 2009 Fit Expo and Iron Man Pro was a spectacular success this year with energy and enthusiasm at every turn in the LA convention center.
Section: Contests :: Jan 28, 2009

Kelly Ryan Update, October 2007: Straight From Clark County Detention Center.
Kelly Ryan & Craig Titus continue to wait in the Clark County Detention Center for whatever fate awaits them. Brenda shares another interview along with positive and extremely negative emails from friends and strangers alike. Learn more below.
Section: Contests :: Dec 03, 2007

Tips To Promote Yourself - Spokesmodel Representation Guide.
Follow this simple guideline and make it easier to get and keep jobs in your favorite Bodybuilding, Fitness and Health industry companies! Learn more from the following tips to raise your chances of getting noticed!
Section: Contests :: Oct 05, 2007

Legendary Female Physique Photographer Bill Dobbins Booked As Hollywood Singing Act.
I have known the name and fame of Bill Dobbins ever since I got involved in the Bodybuilding/Fitness industry in 1998... Learn more about this popular artist and a side that many might not know about. Read on!
Section: Contests :: Sep 13, 2007

Labor Day 2007: Muscle Beach Championships & Bodybuilding Walk Of Fame.
The newly remodeled outdoor stage held a record number of 60 international competitors who displayed their hard bodies... Learn more about what fans were greeted to and who was inducted into the Walk Of Fame and more!
Section: Contests :: Sep 07, 2007

Muscle Beach 4th Of July At The Booth!
Joe Wheatley Productions presents the competition and fitness expo that has been building tremendous momentum... Learn who was inducted into the hall of fame, how many competitors there were and more!
Section: Contests :: Jul 10, 2007

Muscle Beach 2007 International Classic - Memorial Day.
At 12:00 noon on Memorial Day the event opened with a spectacular Flyover from an awesome C-17 Globe master from March Air Force Base... Admission is free at this event and this year was better than ever. Learn more about it right here!
Section: Contests :: Jun 05, 2007

Experience The 2007 Boise Fitness Expo Weekend!
I arrived at beautiful Boise Idaho, home of on Thursday. Downtown would be the setting for another outstanding weekend packed with events of fitness fun. Here is my review of an exciting weekend!
Section: Contests :: Apr 24, 2007

Kelly Ryan Update - Time In Jail & Responses!
Kelly is spending her time in the Clark County Detention Center along with husband, Craig Titus on charges of murder... I've put together this update about how Kelly is doing and some responses from the last interview. Read on for the update.
Section: Contests :: Oct 13, 2006

2006 Olympia Weekend Expo From The Bodybuilding.Com Booth.
Right at the top of the Olympia weekend 'Must-Do' list is attending the 2-day Olympia Expo. Get an inside view on what happened, who was there, and what had to offer. It was a great weekend...
Section: Contests :: Oct 12, 2006

An Interview With IFBB Fitness Pro, Julie Shipley-Childs!
Julie won her first IFBB Pro Show at the NY Pro Fitness Classic this year! She will be competing in the 2006 Olympia as a fitness competitor. See how she is getting ready for the show right here!
Section: Contests :: Sep 26, 2006

An Up Close Look At Monica Brant's F.E.M. Camp 2006!
The F.E.M. Camp was designed to target all levels of fitness for ladies. Learn more about who was there, what they did, and testimonials of those who attended!
Section: Contests :: Sep 26, 2006

An Interview With 2005 IFBB Fitness Olympia Champion, Jen Hendershott!
We are all excited to see what Jen has in store for the Olympia fitness fans this year! Jen is a true champion in every sense of the word. Check out this interview with Jenny, just days before she defends her title at the 2006 Olympia! Read on...
Section: Contests :: Sep 22, 2006

An Interview With Jessica Paxson, IFBB 2006 Olympia Figure Competitor.
Check out this great interview I had with IFBB Figure Pro Jessica Paxson as she prepares for the 2006 Olympia Competition!
Section: Contests :: Sep 21, 2006 & NV Visit The Stars At The 2006 Emmy Gifting Mansion - View The Pictures Now! has moved into Hollywood as a sponsor to high profile major special events. The most recent event was set at a luxurious mansion atop the beautiful Hollywood Hills. See Jose Conseco, Bill Maher, Jeremy Piven & more...
Section: Nutrition :: Sep 12, 2006

Kelly Ryan - Exclusive Interview From Jail!
Brenda Kelly visits her close friend Kelly Ryan at the Clark County Detention Center. Months away from her and Craig Titus' January trial for the murder of Melissa James, see how Kelly is coping with life in prison.
Section: Contests :: Aug 08, 2006

2006 Body Rock Review By Brenda Kelly.
The road to the 2006 BSN and GNC Body Rock Expo, Bodybuilding, Figure and Monica Brant Fitness Classic started months and even years before my Friday July 7 flight to Dulles from LAX @8 AM. Here is some of my feedback of an awesome show...
Section: Contests :: Jul 12, 2006

Workout 4 Sheet-Ripping Sex!
Workout just to improve your sex life! When in the groove of a good workout program, you feel sexier than when not. I've put together some great training and nutrition tips to improve that most important activity! Read on...
Section: Training :: Jun 15, 2006

Muscle Beach Venice Memorial Day 2006!
Since the beginning, the events at Muscle Beach have always been open to the public at no charge. This practice continues... Get the latest review and history right here for Muscle Beach on Memorial Day, 2006, held in Venice, California!
Section: Contests :: Jun 13, 2006

2006 Emerald Cup Review.
The Emerald Cup was not only spectacular; it is dear to my heart... Get my latest review on one of the most prestigious NPC shows in the country. Find out who was there and more...
Section: Contests :: May 02, 2006

How To Dazzle Them On Stage!
The stage criteria for the many organizations may have anyone confused and flustered. Find what you need right here to prepare for a women's bodybuilding, fitness, figure, or bikini competition. Read on for more.
Section: Contests :: Apr 10, 2006

2006 Arnold Classic Expo Review!
Here is another great review of the 2006 Arnold Classic Expo. Brenda Kelly shares her thoughts on the whole weekend and does not lack in the department of enthusiasm. Check it out!
Section: Contests :: Mar 14, 2006

Manners - Increase Your Dating Demand!
Rudeness and bad manners seem to be at an all time high these days with people too busy to pay time and attention... Get the basics right here and impress your date!
Section: Mind :: Jan 30, 2006

Change Your World In 2006 - Go For Greatness And Glory!
Be ruthless in the way you challenge and accept change. Remember this especially when you are striving to better yourself. Now read on and get motivated!
Section: Nutrition :: Dec 30, 2005

Daydream To Live Your Dreams!
Daydreams can be your secret weapons if you can learn to access them with success. Learn more here about the power of daydreaming!
Section: Mind :: Dec 07, 2005

Strength Train To Be A Brute In Bed!
What can you do if you want to leave a kick ass and not a kicked out memory in the bedroom? Well I am going to share some tantalizing tips on some great training programs to help. Check it out!
Section: Training :: Nov 02, 2005

Brenda Kelly's 2005 Olympia Expo Review!
This year's show was full of excitement with some new twists which include the booth and their live broadcast. This show drew a lot attention. Get my scoop right here...
Section: Contests :: Oct 25, 2005

Youth Quest Maintenance 101!
As we age, our bodies seem to decrease in stamina and appearance. Everyone is trying to find the secret to youth and vitality. Here are a few of the natural chemicals that we believe can help us in our quest.
Section: Mind :: Oct 06, 2005

Fitness Model Secrets To Look Hot In A Hurry!
Need some tips on getting ready for a show or cover magazine shoot? Here are some great tips and secrets my friends and I want to share with you as you prepare to apply tanners, make-up, etc.
Section: Contests :: Sep 29, 2005

How To Make Your Kitchen Low Fat!
Turn your own kitchen into your bodies' best friend for your healthy, low fat diet program. You don't have to be a master chef or even very good with your oven or stove. All you need is a good list of what is easiest.
Section: Nutrition :: Aug 12, 2005

Sex And The Juiced Chick!
This detailed article about side effects and sex with a juiced-up chick may not be for everyone. For those with a strong stomach... read on.
Section: Supplements :: Jul 26, 2005

The Hot Hook-Up!
Fine-tuning your life to get the most out of what you do will naturally give you a win win situation. Learn more by reading my thoughts and perspectives on finding and keeping a 'Hot Hook-Up'.
Section: Mind :: May 06, 2005

Brenda Kelly Reviews The 2005 Arnold Classic.
Brenda tells about her experience at the 2005 Arnold Classic Expo. Find out what she did, who she met, and more...
Section: Contests :: Mar 15, 2005

Learn How To Become An Original Figure Diva On Stage.
Brenda gives tips on how to be your best on the figure stage.
Section: Contests :: Feb 22, 2005

Clean Up Your Act In 2005!
Jump start 2005 with a new energy cycle by cleaning up your act and feel the switch flip to the on position in your world...
Section: Mind :: Jan 03, 2005

How To Overcome Sh*t.
We all know by now that sh*t happens. Sh*t does not discriminate. Sh*t can be fate driven or self-inflicted. Many people experience the same sh*t over and over. Is this really necessary? I say no. Learn why...
Section: Mind :: Dec 09, 2004

Superset Your Home Workouts!
Stay tight and keep your hard earned physique pulled together using my at home Super Set workout.
Section: Training :: Oct 05, 2004

How To Choose A Personal Trainer.
The type of trainer you want to hire is a trainer who is committed to be involved in guiding you to a better self. What is a good trainer?
Section: Training :: Aug 31, 2004

Brenda Kelly's Diet & Lifestyle Tips!
Here are some diet and lifestyle questions and my answers and tips for an upcoming interview in Oxygen Magazine. Pick up a copy for the in depth version and more recipes!
Section: Training :: Jul 24, 2004

Is Breast Implant Surgery For You?
Here are my top 12 considerations and tips on having a successful breast augmentation experience. There may be more for you to research that I did not have to go through.
Section: Contests :: May 14, 2004

Internet Fitness: The Boards!
Fitness lives on a whole new level out there in cyber world. Internet fitness was meant be used as a cyber tool to enrich your daily fitness routine combined with practical application and common sense. What are the best?
Section: Contests :: Apr 13, 2004

Bob Chic Update: What Happened At The San Fran Pro?
To all who have sent their prayers and support to Bob and I these last days after the San Fran Pro Grand Prix, both of us thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Section: Contests :: Mar 18, 2004

Do I Have To Wear High Heels In Figure Competitions?
Do you need to wear high heels in order to compete and win in figure contest? Find out the truth from Brenda Kelly!
Section: Contests :: Mar 07, 2004

Ephedra Update For Dummies!
Learn why all the fuss about ephedra and why it is being banned. Find out how to be safe when taking thermogenics! BONUS: IFBB Pro Bob Cicherillo shows us how to reach our optimal fat burning stage without Ephedra.
Section: Supplements :: Jan 22, 2004

Assessing Your Physique!
Find out what you need to know about assessing your physique and how to take constructive criticism...
Section: Contests :: Dec 31, 2003

Up The Ranks: Now? Later? Never? When?
Are you a fitness or figure competitor that does not know if you want to go to the next level? Find out what Brenda Kelly's suggests you do to take it to the next level!
Section: Contests :: Dec 23, 2003

How Do I Get Six-Pack Abs?
Are you trying to loose that extra layer of fat to get those rock solid abs? Find out what you need to do to get supermodel abs!
Section: Training :: Sep 29, 2003

Should I Get On The Fitness Stage?
So many people have the desire to compete, but have a fear of losing or not looking their best. If you want to compete, you should! I encourage participation in competition when the desire is there. Here is some help to getting your thoughts clear.
Section: Contests :: Jun 16, 2003

An Interview With Brenda Kelly!
Learn how Brenda Kelly got started in the fitness industry, what she thinks about it, and the current state that it is in now. Also, find out what she is up to next!
Section: Contests :: Apr 30, 2003

Brenda Kelly's Tools & Rules: Part 3
Find out why it is so difficult to get the mainstream media to change the image of the healthy, fit woman of today. Also, learn all about Brenda's new movie 'Surplus Male' starring some of the biggest names in the industry!
Section: Mind :: Apr 18, 2003

Brenda Kelly's Stretching And Flexibility Tips
Benefits from stretching include longer, leaner lines, injury prevention, reaching flexibility goals and of course being flexible helps our joints and tendons remain pliable for everyday activities and sports.
Section: Training :: Apr 03, 2003

How To Get Exposure In The Magazines!
Trying to get recognized in the fitness industry is one of the hardest things to do. Learn what to do to get exposure in the major magazines with my helpful tips!
Section: Mind :: Feb 26, 2003

Brenda Kelly's Tools & Rules: Part 2
How do the fitness models I see keep their arms small and lean? I notice some models and competitors have drastically different arm sizes in different pictures. How do they do this?
Section: Mind :: Jan 16, 2003

Brenda Kelly's Tools & Rules
The question I've been asked the most often over the years are: What is your diet program? What exactly do you eat? How often, how much, how come? Learn what I eat and how I keep in shape!
Section: Training :: Dec 05, 2002

Fitness Modeling: To Be Nude Or Not To Be Nude?
Have you been wondering how to get started in the fitness world? Brenda Kelly has put together this for you! Find out how to get where you want to be. Learn the secrets of what it is really like!
Section: Mind :: Oct 26, 2002

Brenda Kelly's Emergency Diet
Do you have a photoshoot or something that is important that you need to get in shape quick? Learn the secrets that Brenda uses to get into shape quick!
Section: Nutrition :: Oct 14, 2002

How To Get Started In The Fitness World!
Have you been wondering how to get started in the fitness world? Do you have no where to start or no resources! Brenda Kelly has put together this for you! Find out how to get where you want to be.
Section: Contests :: Sep 26, 2002

How The Pros Keep In Shape On The Road
Learn how the pros keep in such great shape on the road with practically nothing!
Section: Training :: Sep 12, 2002

How To Paint Yourself
Learn how to create a more perfect skin tone for contests, photo shoots and fitness events.
Section: Contests :: Sep 04, 2002

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