How To Transform Your Body In 12 Weeks!

How To Transform Your Body In 12 Weeks!

Will you actually stick to your fitness goals this year? Why not make those failed New Year's resolutions a thing of the past? Full guides!

So, did you transform your body in 2008? Or did you swap your bag of motivation for a bag of chips? Don't beat yourself up if you did the latter. It's not time to get mad, its time to get even.

Many of us have the intentions to begin a transformation program, only to let the terror of excuses fill our heads with more convenient answers - the wrong ones. Before you know it, 2009 is here and tapping you on the shoulder asking if you plan on being in the passenger once again, or the driver of your destiny. So, we created the 2009 Transformation Guide for you to answer that question with ease, and with the decisiveness that is fighting for your new health, fitness and appearance goals.

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Kris Gethin Made An Amazing Transformation.
Learn How He Did It Here!

We have a vast amount of information to help you meet those goals and it comes straight from the professionals! Our information comes from doctors, trainers, nutritionists, scientists, and especially from people like you. Check it out! You can't go wrong.

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Tiffany Forni Went From 235 lbs To A Healthy 142 lbs.
Find Out How She Did It Here!

Our archive contains many different subject areas as well as methods of self-improvement; you are guaranteed to find what you'll need to get yourself the results you are looking for. There is a reason that is the most popular bodybuilding and fitness site in the world!

The keys to bodybuilding and fitness success are:

1. Information:

    You need to know what to eat, what workouts to follow, what supplements to take, and more so you don't waste your time and effort with misinformation. Information can come from experts (doctors, trainers, or pros) or social networks (friends, people that have had success, online community members, or people with your same goal).

2. Motivation:

    You need to be able to get motivated enough to start your program and then stick to it for the rest of your life. Fitness is not a "12 week plan". It is a lifestyle. Motivation is the most important part of any program. It's 90% mental and 10% physical. Your body doesn't decide to get off the couch and do your cardio, your brain does.

3. Supplementation:

    Supplements are an important part simply because they can help you get faster results from your diet and workout program. They are not magic, but they can help you reach your goals quicker, which will help keep you motivated. The right supplements will not only help you gain muscle and lose fat, but they will help you feel better, and stay healthy.

BodySpace BodySpace!
Create your profile, start a BodyBlog, meet others with similar goals, upload photos, and share effective workout diet and supplement programs with others - quickly and easily!
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" was the key to my transformation success! The free guides, forum member feedback and supplements helped me reach my goals in record time. I've told all of my friends. Thank YOU!" - Jason R., California

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If our superfeature appears overwhelming, no fear, your 12 Week Daily Video Trainer is here. No more reading, no more back buttons, just click and play, and let Kris Gethin be your very own personal trainer, for 12 weeks... for free!

As Kris teaches you how to build muscle and burn fat, the only muscle you have to work is your finger as you press the play button. Sit back and return everyday for your next personal training session and be amazed as you learn everything you need to know to be another one of Kris Gethin's success stories.

Training: Quick & Simple
Nutrition: Quick & Simple
Bare Minimum Training! The Workout Database!
Looking for a workout that is customized to exactly what you want? Get started here!
Food Nutrient Database Food Nutrient Database.
Find out how many grams of protein, carbs and fat are in the foods you eat.
Supplementation: Quick & Simple
Motivation: Quick & Simple
Our Top 50 Sellers! Our Top 50 Sellers!
Why do we show you the top 50 products that we sell? To help you make a smart decision!
BodySpace Start Your Free Account.
Get the motivation and support that you need and get on your way to achieving your goals!


If you have no idea on what foods to shop for, how to motivate yourself, how to train or what supplements to take, no fear, our full transformation guides are here.

New Years
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Our Full Transformation Guides Are Here To Help.
Read Jamie Eason's Articles Here.

Our guides act like a support friend and personal trainer to ensure maximum results in the shortest timeframe. The beginners to advanced guides provide a major breakthrough for those of you wanting your physique in only 12 weeks. Get ready to be amazed.

Top Transformation Articles

Featured Transformation Guides
Featured Transformation Guides
12-Week Video Guide! 12-Week Video Guide!
Follow this 12-week video guide with trainer Bob Cicherillo. Weeks 11-12 Added!
12-Week Video Guide 12-Week Video Guide.
Follow this 12-week video guide with trainer Kris Gethin for your own transformation!
BodySpace User Stories

DawnMelanie DawnMelanie
Blog: Auld Lang Syne - WTF?
Be productive, stay positive and disown "those" acquaintances

KatNap KatNap
Blog: Say No To BS.
It's almost the new year... Say no to BS.

HauteMama_ToTwo HauteMama_ToTwo
Blog: A New Year... Almost.
I'm totally excited about competing in '09.
BodySpace User Stories

Sharlott Dvsness
Blog: New Year, New Goal.
This is the beginning of a whole new chapter!

Todd_A Todd_A
Blog: Early Start To A New Year.
This time I plan to take the cut slower.

ArmySoldier1 ArmySoldier1
Blog: Season Of Thanks.
Nothing but the best for you and your families!

Transformation Contest!
The Site Guide!
Discover the 3 keys to bodybuilding and
fitness success along with descriptions
of the six main areas of our site!


Too often it can be hard to find the keys to unlock the door that hold back our motivation. With this in mind, some of the world's foremost motivation speakers and experts have leant their hands to guide you in the direction of determination and success.

New Years
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Start Moving In The Direction Of Determination And Success.

Our motivational articles and podcasts will have you committed and disciplined to see throughout 2009 with a winner in mind.

Short Term & Long Term Motivation.
Short Term & Long Term Motivation.
Find Your Motivation From Within!
Learn the basics about what motivation actually is and how it affects you.

Most Popular Transformations

Top Male Transformations
Top Female Transformations
Article Christopher Olivo.
Read on to learn how Christopher took control of his life and dropped 75 pounds!
Tiffany Forni Tiffany Forni.
Tiffany was able to drop 93 pounds and begin competing! Read on to learn how.
Top Teen Transformations
Top Over 40 Transformations
Randyel Luis. Randyel Luis.
Randyel dropped 95 pounds and began turning heads at school!
Charles Hill. Charles Hill.
Charles has been working hard to drop the fat. Read on to learn how he lost 105 pounds!
BodySpace User Stories

DawnMelanie MuscleTech® $50K
Blog: Official Winners
Results for the MuscleTech $50,000 Transformation Contest.

sbh2082 Sbh2082
BodySpace: Nothing feels better after a long or stressful day then going to the gym!

Clem08 Clem08
BodySpace: This site really helps me to track my progress as well as get ideas for working out.
BodySpace User Stories

Sharlott Thenaturalone
Blog: The Key To Weight Loss
Be strong, stay disciplined and the rewards will be great!

RuggerLifter RuggerLifter
BodySpace: I succumb to the music in my head and see nothing else but the challenge!

grace91181 Grace91181
BodySpace: Knowing that I'm keeping myself healthy is all the motivation I need.

View All Transformations Here.
You Could Be Our Next Transformation Of The Week!

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Featured Mind Articles
Featured Mind Articles
Missy Elliott Transformation! Missy Elliott Fat Loss!
Find our how celebrity trainer Mark Jenkins completely transformed Missy Elliott's body.
Skip LaCour Podcast La Cour's Motivation!
Goals & motivation for a new you. Starting right here you can hear these great tips and ideas.
BodySpace User Stories

Stormiorsini Stormiorsini
Blog: Inspiring Others...
I cant wait... motivation mojo is back!!

JPhillips17 JPhillips17
Blog: Inspiration.
Inspiration can come from many people, places or things.

clcassani Clcassani
Blog: Upleveled Myself Today!
It's a personal best and I'll take it!
BodySpace User Stories

Olympic Dreamer Olympic Dreamer
Blog: My Beliefs On Motivation.
There are several factors that motivate me to stay in shape.

XNick EdgeX XNick EdgeX
Blog: The Mind And It's Effect.
The mind and body are two of the most amazing things in this world.

DemetriaF DemetriaF
Blog: What's New & Different?
I've crossed over the hump from the skinny/hardgainer!

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Our Motivational Articles And Podcasts
Will Have You Committed And Disciplined.


If you want to look and feel like a winner when you cross over your transformation finish line, then you need to have the tools of nutrition necessary to pack the knockout punch.

New Years
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When You Have The Tools Of Nutrition
You'll Feel Like A Winner.

The fuel you put into your body will determine its performance and appearance, so by feeding it with our high-grade tasty recommendations and formula's, you are sure to have a custom body that everyone will crave.

Sample Diets/Meal Plans

Featured Diet Articles
Featured Diet Reviews
12 Week Fat Loss Diet. 12 Week Fat Loss Diet.
To those of us trying to gain muscle mass choosing the right mix of foods can be critical.
8 Holiday Recipes 8 Holiday Recipes.
Enjoy this collection of recipe ideas, complete with detailed directions.
BodySpace User Stories

deserusan Deserusan
Blog: My New Diet.
Inside the Mind of Deserusan.

scouter99 Scouter99
Blog: My Nutrition Plan.
So far I am right on track!

Adina Adina
Blog: Food Is Fuel!
Food is fuel. Nothing more and nothing less.
BodySpace User Stories

shannan Shannan
Blog: Yummy Healthy Food.
Healthy Chicken Marsala, Zucchini Pasta and Grilled Fish.

helium_teapot SecondFocus
Blog: A Donut And A Girl.
Do you dream of running off with a hot girl and a donut?

chicana_peach Chicana_peach
Blog: Hungry! Will I Make It?
Great success comes from HARD WORK!

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The Fuel You Put Into Your Body
Will Determine Its Performance And Appearance.

Top Recipe Articles

Featured Recipe Articles
Featured Bodybuilding Recipes
Healthy, Tasty Recipes! Healthy, Tasty Recipes!
Here are some great recipes that will tickle your taste buds. Check them out...
Ginger's Recipes Ginger's Recipes.
Top NPC competitor Ginger Redeker's recipes for the health-conscious consumer!
BodySpace User Stories

WaynesWorld WaynesWorld
Blog: Healthy Lifestyle Blog.
Stir-Fried Chicken with Gingered Vegetables.

redbackspider Redbackspider
Blog: Carb Depleting Hamburger.
I am trying to cut and get my abs to show themselves.

AvaCowan AvaCowan
Blog: Protein Pancakes!
Here is my NEWER version of protein pancakes.
BodySpace User Stories

JitWit JitWit
Blog: Banana Ice Cream Pie.
It's an appropriate "real" food, post-workout recovery snack.

helium_teapot Helium_teapot
Blog: Power Pumpkin Pie.
A belated thanksgiving recipe from the far side of the pond.

ShanBL ShanBL
Blog: Man Eggs (Say What?)
"Put WHAT in it?"

Basics Of Nutrition

Beginner Nutrition Articles
Nutrition Mistakes/Myths Articles
Beginner Nutrition! Beginner Nutrition!
Learn how to begin the new year thr right way by learning how to design an effective diet.
7 Diet Mistakes. 7 Diet Mistakes.
There may be small errors that are preventing you from losing weight. Here are 7 mistakes...
BodySpace User Stories

Steve0178 Steve0178
Blog: My Awesome BodyBlog.
My home-made weight gainer shake recipe.

swtpsblty Swtpsblty
Blog: Pimpin' My Protein.
Thou shalt not leave out the seasoning.

bondgirl_1245 Bondgirl_1245
Blog: My Clean Saturday.
You put what in your mouth?!
BodySpace User Stories

shannan Shannan
Blog: Holidays & Yummy Stuff
Pumpkin Nut Trifle:
Serves 10.

Blog: My Cut Diet.
I wanted to post my cut diet for all to see.

DawnMelanie DawnMelanie
Blog: 1 Potato, 2 Potatoes...
I salute carbs, the body's primary source of fuel.

Nutrient Database
#1 Food Nutrient Database!
Find out how many grams of protein, carbs and fat are in the foods you eat, along with the full vitamin and mineral profile.


If you want nice rounded shoulders, washboard abs and shirt splitting biceps like the Pro's, then you got to train them like the Pro's.

New Years
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Get The Tools That The Pros Use To Reach Your Own Goals.

We have created the best training programs exclusively for you. Our secrets of the Pro's are revealed and ready to be applied by you. We have programs to suit young, old, female, male, beginner and advanced, all waiting to transform your muscles in only 12 weeks!

Mass Building!
Table Of Contents

Top Training Articles

Top Training Articles
Top Training Articles
Training For Lean Mass. Training For Lean Mass.
The following is a 10x3 training program built to increase lean mass and strength.
Get Big, Buff & Ripped. Get Big, Buff & Ripped.
You want a program for all seasons? Look no further. Get the results that you want.
BodySpace User Stories

1jz300 1jz300
Blog: Abdominal Routine...
I have been asked time and time again about my ab routine.

packetman Packetman
Workout Tracker: 163 Workouts.
Goal: "I would like to lose 5 pounds of fat."

kendafriend Kendafriend
Workout Tracker: 9 Workouts.
Goal: "Be The Best Natural Bodybuilder & Power Lifter I Can!"
BodySpace User Stories

cball30 cball30
Blog: New Workout Routine
I have been writing out a routine that will help me put on size.

hiltonl Hiltonl
Workout Tracker: 13 Workouts.
Goal: "To be passionately strong."

latvia1230 Latvia1230
Workout Tracker: 48 Workouts.
Goal: "Gain 6-7kg by February '09."

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Our Secrets Of The Pro's Are Revealed
And Ready To Be Applied By You.

Sample Workout Programs

Top Training Programs
Top Training Programs
Mommy & Me Workout. Mommy & Me Workout.
Here are some guidelines and a sample workout, to help you spend time with your children.
3 Styles Of Training. 3 Styles Of Training.
Endless are the number of workouts available. How can we select the correct one?
BodySpace User Stories

tiger04 Tiger04
Blog: Chest Routine!
I had to wait for a bench. In doing so, this is what I did.

knackbobbes Knackbobbes
Workout Tracker: 230 Workouts.
Goal: "I want to become the best body possible within my abilities."

tatenda Tatenda
Workout Tracker: 39 Workouts.
Goal: "I want to lose 35 kgs and increase my lean muscle."
BodySpace User Stories

unogirl83 Unogirl83
Blog: New Workout Routine.
Ok, so I am kind of tired of my old routine in the gym.

mwr885 Mwr885
Workout Tracker: 94 Workouts.
Goal: "I want to finish the Okinawa Marathon."

phoenixza Phoenixza
Workout Tracker: 9 Workouts.
Goal: "Want to gain muscle and look and feel the best I can."

Top Cardiovascular Articles

Top Cardio Articles
Top Cardio Articles
Cardio For Bodybuilders. Cardio 4 Bodybuilders.
Here are some sample routines to make sure you get adequate cardio.
Cardio Super Feature. Cardio Super Feature.
Here you will have easy access to the best cardio methods for fat loss, general health & more.
BodySpace User Stories

amysuds Amysuds
Blog: Gotta Love Cardio!
I am so happy that my endurance is FINALLY increasing again.

01012007 01012007
Blog: Morning Cardio!
I purchased a bike so I could do cardio.

grgoyl1 grgoyl1
Blog: Cardio, Cardio, Cardio!
I thought the three miles was enough. I was wrong.
BodySpace User Stories

Ryan__k Ryan__k
Blog: Running In The Rain.
How much more simple can I state that.

wallyj Wallyj
Blog: BUCKLE Cardio Today.
I changed up my cardio a little today.

grobles Grobles
Blog: Cardio Only Day!
I took the cardio outside today... back to the stairs.

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We Have Created The Best Training Programs Exclusively For You.

600 Exercises
600 Exercises:
How Many Calories Are You Burning?

How many calories are you burning? Use our calculators to find out for over 600 exercises and activities!


A properly designed supplement program can be the difference between meeting your weekly goals to looking at your after pictures knowing you could have done much more.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Whatever Your Goal, We Have The Right Combinations For You.

Our supplement reviews, stacks and recommendations will ensure optimal fuel, recovery, convenience, which in turn will result in fast progression. Whatever your goal - fat burning, muscle gaining or energizing (to name a few) - we have prepared them all in the right combinations to ensure maximum results in a minimal time.

Supplement Review!
Supplement Review!
The Best Supplement Stack For A Successful Transformation.
Outlined here are the uses and benefits of supplements essential for a transformation.
Top Transformation Supplements

Most Popular Supplement Articles

Top Supplement Articles
Top Supplement Articles
A Leaner Sexier You. A Leaner Sexier You.
What supplements should be used for your quest to get a sexier body in 12 short weeks?
Supplement User's Guide Supplement Guide.
The ultimate guide about effective ingredients, proven fat burners, and more!
BodySpace User Stories

Fitnesskid44 Fitnesskid44
Supps: BSN NO-Xplode
Reason: Intensity man. It's sweet.

SuperMaine SuperMaine
Supps: Assault
Reason: Part of team MUSCLEPHARM!

Xercisegrl Xercisegrl
Supps: Hydroxycut Hardcore
Reason: Gives me the boost of energy I need.
BodySpace User Stories

unogirl83 Kayy
Supps: Lean Dessert Protein.
Reason: Best protein ever!

daisy5762 Daisy5762
Supps: Curvelle
Reason: ENERGY!

JobForACowboy JobForACowboy
Supps: Muscle Juice 2544
Goal: On the way to a lean 250.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Our Supplement Recommendation Will Result In Fast Progression.

Largest Source Of Supplement Reviews Online!

Top Fat Loss Articles

Featured Fat Loss Articles
Featured Fat Loss Articles
Stubborn Fat Stack. Stubborn Fat Stack.
In this article we will briefly look at some of the physiological factors controlling fat loss...
Fat Loss Guide. Fat Loss Guide.
I'm going to give you the 'skinny' on what fat loss supplements are...
BodySpace User Stories

Amanda76 Amanda76
Supps: Glutamine Select
Reason: I like to sip Glutamine mixed in a bottle of water.

Le Derek Le Derek
Supps: Animal Cuts
Goal: Cut down to 10% bf or less.

TanaGabrielle TanaGabrielle
Supps: Lean Out
Goal: Always looking to achieve my best shape ever.
BodySpace User Stories

Jeanie_N Jeanie_N
Supps: Opti-Women.
Goal: Get down to 18% body fat.

GyMgrrrL GyMgrrrL
Supps: Tight! Hardcore
Reason: It was great stuff, aided greatly in burning fat!

Sillytweet Sillytweet
Supps: Energy Reserve
Goal: I wanna look like Jamie Eason.

Top Muscle Building Articles

Top Muscle Building Articles
Top Muscle Building Articles
Muscle Building Supps. Muscle Building Supps.
This super feature will feature protein, weight gainers, creatine, stacks, and more.
Best Supplements. Best Supplements.
What are the best supplements for muscle building? Find out what our forum members think...
BodySpace User Stories

liGymRatt LiGymRatt
Supps: Carbo Gain
Reason: Great after a workout and cheap!

stevep78 Stevep78
Supps: True-Mass
Reason: The most legit Lean Mass building supplement.

Chizzad Chizzad
Supps: Heavyweight Gainer 900
Goal: Gain 20 lbs.
BodySpace User Stories

Hola Bola Hola Bola
Supps: Storm.
Reason: PWO Drink

Musclez99 Musclez99
Supps: Aplodan
Reason: I want to increase my weight about 30-40lbs.

Gettin_big Gettin_big
Supps: 100% Whey Protein
Reason: During workouts, and whenever I don't have time.

2008 Supplement Award Winners

View All 2008 Winners - 2007 Winners - 2006 Winners - 2005 Winners

Supplement Of The Year
Brand Of The Year
Optimum 100% Whey Optimum 100% Whey.
ON 100% Whey won the supplement of the year for the 3rd year in a row! Find out why.

» View The Store.

BSN Article BSN.
BSN has a ton of products that have been used for years with great results.

» View All Brands.

Muscle Builder Of The Year
Fat Loss Product Of The Year
BSN NO-Xplode BSN NO-Xplode.
NO-Xplode is a pre-workout supplement that produces immediate results.

» View All Muscle Builders.

BSN Nutrex Lipo 6 Nutrex Lipo 6.
Winner for the 4th year in a row. Lose fat quickly, effectively and safely!

» View All Fat Loss Products.

Protein Of The Year
Creatine Of The Year
Optimum 100% Whey Optimum 100% Whey.
Protein is essential when trying to build muscle. Learn why ON 100% works.

» View All Whey Proteins.

BSN BSN CellMass BSN CellMass.
A new breed of Esterified Creatine has arrived. Winner for 4th year in a row!

» View All Creatine Products.

Find out why over 4 million customers can't be wrong with a selection of over 10,000 products.
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Top Selling Products

Top 10 Selling Products


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Making the wrong or right decisions can change your life forever! This is all too true.
12-Week Video Guide 12-Week Video Guide.
Follow this 12-week video guide with trainer Kris Gethin for your own transformation!

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Goals & motivation for a new you. Starting right here you can hear these great tips and ideas.

BodySpace BodySpace!
Create your profile, start a BodyBlog, meet others with similar goals, upload photos, and share effective workout diet and supplement programs with others - quickly and easily!
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Workout Super Feature Workout Super Feature.
Why not follow our workout super feature, build a hard, chiseled, toned physique and win on all fronts? You will find a new respect for yourself and reap the rewards.

Supp Guide For Dummies Super Feature Supp Guide For Dummies Super Feature.
We feel it is important for you to understand what, how and why you take your supplements. That's why we have laid out all the A, B and C's to supplement success.

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