12-Week Transformation Supplement Review!

What is the best supplement stack for a successful transformation? Here I will outline the use and benefits of supplements that I believe are essential for 12 week transformation success.

Imagine you have spent months, maybe years to get your car in prestige condition for a "Show and Shine" competition that has been looming on the horizon for more years than Dracula has candles on his birthday cake.

Countless hours have been spent putting chrome wherever necessary and even more hard labor has been spent getting the body to look years younger than people would assume. But then one day before the show, one vital mishap occurs, you forget to purchase the polish and wax to properly display your work.

Supplements can be just as important to your preparation to turn your body into prestige condition and make you want to show off your hard works so you can reap the rewards of self-confidence, accolades from others and of course the health benefits.

Some people use supplements in their regime religiously with huge success whilst others simply dismiss them. More times than not, this is because they are uneducated towards the benefits they provide. Here I will outline the use and benefits of supplements that I believe are essential for 12 week transformation success. This is the list of supplements I believe are required on a 12 week program.

Taking a Multivitamin in the morning with breakfast can provide vitality and assist with better recovery from strenuous exercise. It will also help the battle against free radicals that are becoming more apparent within the modern era of pollution and air-conditioning, food colorings etc.

Protein supplements are extremely beneficial on this program considering you are required to consume five meals per day. Hardly any preparation is required and most brands contain the balance of ingredients of a balanced meal.

Ready to drink (RTD) are an extremely convenient way of getting in a quick meal. They come in the form of cans and soft side drink cartons making them easy to carry anywhere anytime. Protein bars can also fill the void of a meal whilst being a great alternative to a candy bar.

Try to go for the lower sugar selection of protein bars, some can be high. The other alternatives I recommend that you keep at home are meal replacement powders (MRP's). The MRP is to be used as a complete meal; protein powder is a supplement recommended added with carbohydrates.

Many of my clients like to mix in some chocolate powder with their oats in the morning to make a warm delicious chocolate breakfast or meal throughout the day.

I would add an ingredient called glutamine to the supplement stack to assist with a successful transformation. Glutamine is a form of protein (amino acid) which is released from the muscle at times of strenuous exercise. Not only is this does it protect the muscle from breaking down, but it also has enhancing properties to the immune system making it a perfect supplement for someone going through physical challenge.

These supplements will not only help the cosmetic appearance of your transformation but they also assist with energy production and overall internal health.

A fat burning product is one of the best choices for people wanting to lose a few extra pounds of fat and for those who would like to see more defined muscles and washboard abdominals. Some contain stimulants such as caffeine and guarana to give an extra boost when taken before exercise but there are also some great non stimulant products available.

How And When To Take These Products


I recommend that you take this product with your breakfast to provide the essential vitamins and minerals throughout the day. A time released formula can usually last throughout the day, others require that you take morning and night. Use as bottle recommends.

Protein Powder

For a female 25-30gms of protein is usually enough, for a male I would recommend somewhere in the vicinity of 35-40gms of protein. If you are cutting your carbohydrates out after a certain time, this can be used as a tasty meal replacement.

By mixing the powder in water and shaking several times is usually enough to dissolve into a shake consistency. If you want a powder that dissolves almost straight away, I recommend you purchase a product that states that it is hydrolyzed. If you use this product to replace a meal, please try to have a solid meal as the following.


A meal replacement is just that. It contains all the vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and fats that you would expect from a healthy nutritious meal.

I personally like to choose meal replacements that come in the form of individual packets. These are easy and convenient to carry and have anytime anywhere. Please note that these do contain carbohydrates so only use as a meal replacement at times that you are allowed carbs. If you use this product to replace a meal, please try to have a solid meal as the following.


This supplement is most beneficial taken at times when the body is at its most catabolic, such as in the morning before workout, post workout and before bed. 5gms is recommended at all of these times to prevent your body feeding off its muscle to repair the damaged and sore muscles due to strenuous exercise.

Fat Burner

Using this product before cardio and weight training exercise is usually the best times to take this product. This can help enhance the fat burning properties of exercise to slice through fat with a double edged sword. Please note that some products do improve energy levels quite substantially so try not to take this too close to bedtime.

For The Advanced User Only

The advanced athlete taking part in the 12 week challenge can go one step further in their stride to success by also adding a combination of supplements that will take training to the next level needed to have an advanced physique. Whilst maintaining the supplement menu above, add the "stack" listed below.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator to the blood vessels and can improve blood flow to the working muscles. This can enhance the "Pump" and further strengthen the "Mind Muscle" connection to focus on the worked muscle. By taking the recommended dose (which comes in tablet or powder form) prior to your workout, you will noticed an almost immediate "Pump" within the muscle.


There is one good reason why three out of four of the '96 Summer Olympic medalists used creatine: it works and it works well. This amino acid assists with enhanced speed and power of the muscle which is fitting for sports such as runners and weight trainers. It can help the muscle train harder for longer periods of time. Taking 5gms of this product pre and post workout is perfect for the serious trainer wanting serious results.

Branch Chain Amino Acids

BCAA's are essential building blocks to muscle. Theses amino acids are such that are not produced by the body but are needed especially at times of intense exercise prescribed to the more intermediate to advanced athlete. 1-1.5gms of BCAA's should be taken upon waking, prior to exercise and prior to bed.


This protein is the slowest digesting protein powder available on the market. This particular protein is perfect as a meal replacement taken prior to bed. The amino acid profile in this protein has a trickling effect into the blood stream to slow down the absorption that is needed due to the long period of time you will "fast" whilst sleeping.

This protein mixes a little thicker than normal to further slow absorption rate which is perfect when you require and anabolic effect whilst sleeping.

Supplement Plan For 12 Weeks

Follow the below supplement schedule for the entire 12 weeks to polish up your body so you can proudly display the hard work your supplements did for you. Supplements marked with (*) are for the advanced user only.

Pre-Weight Training

Post Workout
Prior To Bedtime