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Cardio Super Feature: What Is Cardio, How To Make It Fun & More.

Welcome to the cardio super feature. Here you will have easy access to the best cardio methods for fat loss, general health, endurance and more. Get the latest cardio workouts for your ipod here.

Welcome to the Cardio Super Feature!

Here you will have easy access to the best cardio methods for fat loss, general health, endurance and how to make this seemingly boring activity fun and exciting!

We have put together this feature so that you may reach all of your health and fat loss goals and it comes straight from the professionals. Our information comes from doctors, trainers, nutritionists, scientists, and especially from people like you. Check it out! You can't go wrong.

1. What Is Cardio?

5 Great Benefits Of Cardiovascular Exercise! Top Cardiovascular Methods:

  • Running.
  • Cycling.
  • Rowing.
  • Swimming.
  • Circuit Training.
  • HIIT.
  • Cardiovascular Basics. Cardiovascular Basics.
    In order for cardio exercise to be effective, it needs to be done within in the fat burning zone!
    Get The Most From Cardio! Get The Most From Cardio!
    So what type of cardio program should you follow to get the most from the time and energy you put into it?

    2. Using Cardio For Fat Loss

    If there is anything cardio is universally known for it's fat loss. But is it really as simple as pedalling away on the bike for fifteen minutes? Are there any ways to increase fat loss through cardio?

    Which Cardio Methods Melt Fat The Fastest? Calories Burned In 30 Minutes:

  • Running (5 mph) - 381
  • Running (10 mph) - 762
  • Bicycling (100 watts) - 262
  • Bicycling (250 watts) - 595
  • Calisthenics - 381
  • Circuit Training - 381
  • More Exercises...

  • Cardio For The New Year! Cardio For The New Year!
    The New Year is a great time to make changes to your training routine for maximum results!
    Fat Loss Circuit Method. Fat Loss Circuit Method.
    Circuit training is an extremely effective method for speeding up the process of losing fat.

    3. Cardio For General Health

    Maybe you're not after a professional bodybuilder's physique. Maybe you're just interested in living a long and healthy life. In that case, the benefits from cardio cannot be ignored.

    Cardiovascular Training Tips Related Articles:

  • How Can One Create A Walking Workout?
  • Cardiovascular Exercise Basics.
  • Training The Energy Systems!
  • MAXIMum Cardio!< MAXIMum Cardio!
    There are many methods for training which all have advantages. You should learn what works for you.
    Aerobic Response Facts. Aerobic Response Facts.
    Learn why doing cardio twice a day may be more beneficial in burning fat and not muscle.

    4. Cardio For Endurance

    A marathon runner can keep a steady pace for hours when most of us quake at the idea of twenty minutes. Do you have what it takes to boost your endurance?

    Clean Cardio! Top Endurance Articles:

  • Athletes, Increase Muscular Endurance!
  • Improving Aerobic/Anaerobic Endurance?
  • The Body Blaster For Endurance!
  • A New Method For Endurance Athletes!
  • Interval Training 101.
  • Strength-Endurance: Be Stronger, Longer.
  • Make Your Cardio Fun! Make Your Cardio Fun!
    Cardio is not just about running and machines. It is about participating in ideas that get your heart rate up.
    Take It To The Next Level. Take It To The Next Level.
    With the winter months behind us, get ready to take your training up a notch with this summer workout.

    5. Different Methods For Cardio

    It isn't just running you know. Find a way to get the heart rate up and you're on your way to new method for cardio.

    Get Creative With Your Cardio! 7 Fun Cardiovascular Exercises:

  • Rowing.
  • Heavy Bag Work.
  • Sledgehammer Work.
  • Swimming.
  • Kettlebell/DB Work.
  • Sandbag Lifting.
  • Barbell Complexes.
  • Get The Most From Cardio! Get The Most From Cardio!
    So what type of cardio program should you follow to get the most from the time and energy you put into it?
    Think You're Tuff? Think You're Tuff?
    Do you think you are tuff? I can guarantee, this circuit training routine will give you a run for your money.

    6. Making Cardio Fun

    Cardio doesn't have to be the torture everyone claims it to be. Cardio can actually be, dare we say it, Fun!

    The End Of Painfully Boring Cardio Workouts. Top 8 Hill Sprint Rules:

  • Safety.
  • Technique.
  • Efficiency.
  • Optimization Of The Force-Velocity Curve.
  • Vanity.
  • Self-Discipline.
  • Endorphin Rush.
  • Functionality.
  • Dance Dance Revolution. Dance Dance Revolution.
    Can playing videogames actually mean fat loss? Yes, with a game called Dance Dance Revolution!
    How Can You Make Cardio Fun? Make Cardio Fun!
    Everyone hates the torture of cardio. Whether it's on a bike or running up stairs, cardio sucks!

    7. More Cardio Help

    Cardio Videos:

    High Octane Cardio (HOC) Training.
    Click The Play Button To Start The Video.

    Also, Download These To Your iPod:

    Video Cardio Workout Abs Video: Cardio Workout.
    Trainer Mike Causadias' "What I Want Fitnesscast." This video focuses on cardio ab exercises.
    Cardio Series: Swimming Cardio Video Series: Swimming.
    Since I'm a swimmer, I'm writing a series of articles on swimming for cardio and the different strokes.

    Find More Videos Series .

    Cardio Podcasts:

    Bob Quast and Summit Trainer Bob Quast & Summit Trainers.
    Find out how Life Fitness's new Summit Trainer cardio machine works!
    Jump Start 2007 - Transformation Guide Podcast 2007 Transformation Guide Podcast.
    Three areas to address for a fat-loss body transformation are motivation, nutrition, & cardio training.

    Download More Podcasts Here.

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