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Building A Bodybuilding Foundation - Training Routine & Workout Nutrition.

Below is a four day split for people starting bodybuilding for the first time. This training routine also includes some examples of workout nutrition and supplementation. Try them out and see how they work! Good Luck.


When first getting into bodybuilding, people will often copy the workouts done by pro bodybuilders or do set after set of isolation exercises. In the quest to gain quality muscle, I feel there is a much more efficient way to build your bodybuilding foundation.

Below is a 4-day split, and a variation to its setup, that I feel anyone would benefit from, but especially beginner bodybuilders. Alternate each exercise after each set with a rest of 60-90 seconds in between.

dot Setup #1: dot

    The reasoning behind this program is simple; we are sticking to the main compound lifts. The main goals are to increase strength and muscle mass. The routine is separated into "heavy" and "light" days with Monday and Friday being "heavy" and Tuesday and Friday being "light."

    This setup allows you to have more time between your heavy workouts, allowing for better recovery. Alternating between sets, not supersetting, but rather resting between alternating exercises allows each muscle to recover more between sets without wasting time.

Derek Derek
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Derek "Beast" Charlebois.

dot Setup #2: dot

    The difference between setup #1 and #2 is both squats and deadlifts are done in the 4-6 rep range. Because both squats and deadlifts are such great mass builders, one would benefit from training heavy on both exercises.

Workout Nutrition

Dextrose, dextrose, DEXTROSE! NO!!! I do not recommend dextrose to bodybuilders (except for some ectomorphs, aka hardgainers). The reasoning behind this is the large, rapid spike in insulin can lead to fat gain. As bodybuilders, we want to add muscle and lose fat. I do not think one should gain a large amount of fat for the sake of gaining muscle.

Derek Charlebois Derek Charlebois
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Derek "Beast" Charlebois.

dot Pre-Workout: dot

    Instead, I recommend getting a solid food meal 60-90 minutes pre-workout, consisting of a low-glycemic carb source such as oatmeal and whey protein.

    My Current Pre-workout Meal Is:

    I mix all of this together in a bowl (the oatmeal is uncooked) then eat it. It tastes similar to those no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies, obviously not as sweet though.

dot Workout Nutrition: dot

    Next comes what I call "workout nutrition" aka pre/during/post-workout nutrition. Here, again, no dextrose and actually no carbs. The carbs from your last meal with be enough to provide the needed muscle and blood glucose for your workout. Here we opt for whey protein and free-form BCAA.

    There are a number of BCAA supplements on the market, but I use SciVation Xtend. For my whey protein I use SciVation Whey.

    I recommend 0.5 Scoops Whey per 75 pounds and 1 scoop of Xtend per 20 pounds bodyweight. In order to save money, you can only use Xtend during your workouts and none on off days.


dot Post-Workout: dot

    Finally we have post-workout nutrition. I recommend waiting 30 minutes after your workout and eating another solid food meal. Finish up whatever Xtend (if any) you have left over. If your main goal is to add mass, this meal should contain protein, carbs, and fat.

    An Example Meal Would Be:


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Wrapping Things Up

There you have it, a solid routine to get your started and a workout nutrition setup that will enhance recovery and growth. If you have any questions, email me using the e-mail address below.