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Free Training Program To Get Big, Buff & Ripped All Year Long.

You want a program for all seasons? Look no farther. These training programs have proven themselves in the gym, time and time again. These programs are simple to follow, and yet they will give the results that you want.

Article Summary:
  • Develop the pure fast-twitch muscle fibers with the post-exhaust routine.
  • The 3-5 power periodization program is best for power and strength.
  • Vince Gironda's 8x8 is good for fat loss and conditioning.
  • Let's cut through the BS, shall we? You want a program for all seasons? You want to be big, buffed AND ripped? You want to be as strong as an ox? You want your cake AND eat it too?

    Look no farther, because this article is for you my friend. I'm going to reveal to you a program for all seasons: mass, muscularity, fat loss, strength and tone. These training programs have proven themselves in the gym, time and time again. These programs are simple to follow, and yet they will give the results that you want.

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    Mass & Muscularity
    The Post-Exhaust Routine

    You've no doubt heard of the pre-exhaust technique. The post-exhaust compound set is the exact opposite. The post-exhaust technique requires that you perform a heavy multi-joint movement for a body part followed by a lighter single-joint movement for that same body part. An example of this would be a bench press followed immediately by dumbbell flyes. The beauty of this technique is three-fold:

    1. You develop the pure fast-twitch muscle fibers with a heavy compound movement and then hit the intermediate fat-twitch muscle fibers with the lighter movement.
    2. The post-exhaust technique allows you to extend the volume of a set, without compromising intensity.
    3. This technique also allows you to hit the body part from different angles with more than one exercise, without overextending the length of your workout. This way you can work on both bulk and symmetry.

    Here's a sample post-exhaust routine. Remember to use as much weight as you can on the first exercise of the compound set and move the weight as quickly as possible. This will activate the pure fast-twitch muscle fibers, which have the most growth potential. On the second exercise, use lighter weight with a more controlled tempo. Emphasize constant tension on this second exercise.

    Fiber Type Training: What Type Of Muscle Fiber Are You?
    [ Click here to learn more. ]
    Fiber Type Training: What Type Of Muscle Fiber Are You?
    If you know what type of muscle fiber you have then training programs can be better designed.
    Dr. David Ryan

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    Size & Strength
    3-5 Power Periodization Program

    The 5x5 Method is a great program for size and strength. It is simple, easy to use and you will develop a myogenic tone from the heavy lifting.

    What Does Myogenic Mean?
    Myogenic contraction refers to a myocyte contraction that originates from a property of the myocyte itself. i.e. the contraction is initiated by the cell itself, not an outside occurrence or stimulus such as nerve innervation.

    If you're interested solely in power and strength, then here's a simple way to incorporate the 5x5 Method into a power periodization program, called the 3-5 Method.

    Power And Strength
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    The 3-5 Method Will Build Power And Strength.

    Here's how it works:

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    Fat Loss & Muscle Tone
    Vince Gironda's 8x8


    This is the classic "honest workout" by Vince Gironda. Although it was designed to be a muscle-building program, I found it to be a far better fat loss and conditioning program.

    The premise of 8x8 is simple, although the execution of the program is brutally hard. You simply perform 8 sets of 8 reps of one exercise with only 10-15 second rests. Perform 8 exercises to cover all 8 major muscle groups of the body, and you've got a complete fat loss/strength training program.

    Vince Gironda
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    Over The Years Vince Created Many Brilliant Courses.

    Now most people will not be able to perform 8 sets of 8 reps and will fall short of the 64 total reps. Most people cannot handle the 10 second rests at first. When you start out on this program, start with 1-minute rests and knock the rest periods down week by week: 45 seconds, 30 seconds, 20 seconds, 15 seconds and finally 10 seconds. Change the exercises from week to week as well.

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    There you have it: simple programs for every bodybuilding season. Now quit searching for that perfect program. Hit the gym with programs and get the perfect physique.

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