2 Week Training Schedule To Lose Fat And Gain Muscle, Continued!

It's time to move on to step 2 and mix things up a bit to work on creating that perfect body even more. Are you ready for continued success in your goal? Follow me to 'fat burning and gaining muscle - continued!' Training plan below to continue ...

For all of you who have followed my 2-week schedule to lose fat and gain muscle and now have seen some results, good! I am proud of you. From the messages I received, many have lost some of that fat they never seemed able to lose and noticed their body tightening up.

It's time to move on to step 2 and mix things up a bit to work on creating that perfect body even more. Are you ready for continued success in your goal? Follow me to 'fat burning and gaining muscle - continued'!

After the last training schedule to lose fat and gain muscle that you followed for 2 weeks, we are now going to change around the muscle groups you train on certain days to keep surprising your body, making sure it doesn't get accustomed to the training schedule and avoiding plateau.

I am going to divide the leg training in two days, by having you train quadriceps and hamstrings on different days. This way we can put more emphasis on training the legs.

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You will have more energy to do both the quadriceps and the hamstrings as you are not doing them both in one day anymore. I also put the bicep and tricep training at the end of the week to train them together. We will also be doing more sets while training them.

This is how your next training schedules will be:


    Directions: Choose 3 or 4 OTHER EXERCISES than you choose for the 2 week schedule that target the quads and 1 or 2 exercises for calves.






Kicking It Up A Notch:

    We are going to do one superset per muscle group you are working on. For example when you're training quadriceps, you choose two exercises and alter between them in your sets. Both exercises together is one superset.

Superset Video

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    Let's say you are doing squats and lunges in a superset. We do 3 sets of each. For the first set, you do about 25 reps of squats. When you did those you will immediately do lunges, about 15-20 steps each foot. Now you have completed one set. You will do three of those.

    Also, during the last set of the last exercise per muscle group, we are going to do drop sets. This is when, after doing the repetitions you are supposed to do with the proper weight to have difficulty doing the last few reps at the end, you lower the weight and continue.

Drop Sets Video

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    If you can't go on anymore, you lower the weight again, and continue. And so on until you lowered it 3-4 times and REALLY can't continue anymore.

    Remember This:

      You will be training with weights heavy enough to do the suggested amount of repetitions, and to have difficulty completing them. If you can do more, continue and squeeze a few more out and increase the weight next time.

      We are going to try to build up your strength so you will be able to lift heavier in time to keep shocking your body, making sure it doesn't get accustomed to the weight. You don't have to look calm and pretty while lifting weights so don't be afraid to give it all you've got and squeeze out more reps if you can.

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Don't Be Afraid To Give It All You've Got.

Adjustments To Your Cardio

You will still do your cardio sessions first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. And you can still do them on the same days in the morning if you can.

If you really can't make it to do it in the morning, do it right after your workout or later in the evening if you train in the afternoon (but not on Monday after training quads or on Friday after training hamstrings and not the day after on Tuesday and Saturday either as need your legs to rest).

You can also do your cardio sessions on the days you are off (also not on Monday afternoon/evening, Tuesday, Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday).

Here is the training schedule with your cardio sessions combined. Fat burning and muscle building continued:

Day Morning Afternoon/Evening
Monday Cardio Quads, Calves
Tuesday Back, Abs
Wednesday Cardio Training Off
Thursday Cardio Chest, Abs
Friday Cardio Delts & Hamstrings, Calves
Saturday Biceps & Triceps, Abs
Sunday Training Off

Adding Necessary Supplements

The following supplements are good for your health while dieting and training and I suggest taking them to help to achieve your goals of losing weight and gaining muscle:

Supplements full of necessary vitamins and minerals to help you lose fat all day long!

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Mercedes Khani.

Experimenting with supplements and fat loss myself, I found that the following supplements really helped me in losing fat, and gaining muscle for that toned fit body at the same time. Besides that, I feel energetic during the day. I want you to feel the same, so here it is:

  • One 1000 mg vitamin C in the morning and one after training
  • A good multi vitamin
  • One 400 mg vitamin E after training
  • 5 gram L-Glutamine after training and 5 gram before bedtime (for great recovery)
  • 5 gram BCAA before training and 5 gram after training (for energy and great recovery)
  • 2 servings of fish oil a day (to help you lose fat)
  • 2 to 3 servings of HMB a day, depending on the brand (to help you lose fat and gain muscle)
  • 2 servings CLA a day (to help you lose fat)

These are the best supplements to give you all the energy and give you all the help you need to lose body fat and gain muscle for a beautifully toned body. They aren't expensive either and they will provide you with what you need for a long time.

The best place to buy them cheaper than in the stores and have the biggest selection is from the Bodybuilding.com store. I always buy my supplements cheap here.

My favorite brands are:

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You will now be losing more fat than during the 2-week training schedule; as we've been doing this for longer and have kicked things up a notch, taking it to the next level. By now you know that you also should be following a diet to accompany the results of the training, read all about it in my previous article 'How to Lose Fat, Easy and Stress-Free'.

How To Lose Fat - Easy & Stress-Free! How To Lose Fat!
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I bet you have been getting compliments already on your looks and progressions! Good for you! It feels great to be happy with how you look and to work on improving your physique. You can follow this schedule and these guidelines for another 4 weeks. After that, mix up your exercises again.

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Follow The Guidelines For 4 Weeks
Then Mix Up Your Exercises Again.

Remember to try to increase the weight whenever you can, when you notice you are lifting that weight to complete the set too easily.

Good luck with looking awesome and HOT!!!!!!

Best wishes,

Mercedes Khani
IFBB Pro Figure, International Fitness Model and Personal Trainer

Mercedes also offers personal training sessions. To contact Mercedes, email her at mercedes@mercedes-khani.com, or visit her website www.mercedes-khani.com for details.