Nick Collias is the Deputy Editor at He has worked as an author, editor, and researcher in print and online for over 10 years.


Nick Collias is the Deputy Editor at He previously worked as the staff writer, sports editor, news editor, and finally editor-in-chief at Boise Weekly. He has also covered Spanish-language baseball news for the site MLB Trade Rumors and a Spanish version titled Rumores de BĂ©isbol. In 2009, he was a contributing writer and researcher for the public television documentary Make No Plans: Daniel Burnham and the American City. As a freelance author and book designer, he wrote and designed the book Round About the Boise Valley: An Artist's Journey through Idaho History, and designed and edited the book Francie's Camera: The Art and Stories of Robert Auth.

Collias received his bachelor's degree from College of Idaho and his master's degree from University of Chicago. He lives in Boise.

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Danny Kavadlo's Recipe For Diamond-Cut Abs
Some will tell you that coveting a six-pack is vain, and you'll have to needlessly suffer to get it. Danny Kavadlo disagrees. Here's his plan to help you achieve the abdominal dream!
Section: Training :: Dec 05, 2014

CT Fletcher: Bigger And Badder Than The Rest Part 2
Why fight it? You know you want more CT Fletcher in your life. If you're one of his 'iron addicts' or want to challenge him to a bench battle, read our second interview with the man himself!
Section: Mind :: Nov 17, 2014

Zach Even-Esh: Evolution Of A Bodybuilder
Zach Even-Esh teaches young athletes how to use the world as their gym, while still saving time for heavy barbells. Here's his plan to help you toughen up and get comfortable being uncomfortable!
Section: Mind :: Nov 12, 2014

CT Fletcher: Bigger And Badder Than The Rest Part 1
Somewhere out there, CT Fletcher is disappointed in you for not doing more, being more, and especially lifting more. Learn the way to Mt. Bicepius from the man who made a 225-pound strict curl look easy!
Section: Contests :: Oct 24, 2014

Burn Fat And Build Shape With Strength Training!
Watch your diet to reveal your shape, and strength train to improve that shape. This is classic advice, but many of us have a hard time putting it into practice. Coach Nick Tumminello is here to help!
Section: Training :: Jul 15, 2014

A Day In Arnold's Life: The Perfect Routine To Build The Perfect Body
Predictability is underrated. Young Arnold planned out his day with military precision on the way to becoming the world's greatest bodybuilder!
Section: Mind :: Mar 19, 2014

Fit For Battle: The New Bodies Of 300: Rise Of An Empire
Trainer Mark Twight didn't blink at the task of following up the most famous movie workout regimen of all time. He turned a new crew of actors into the saviors of Western Civilization through hard work in the gym!
Section: Training :: Mar 07, 2014

Turning Back The Clock: Branch Warren Looks To Return To Form
Branch Warren has experienced some of his greatest triumphs onstage in Columbus. Can the two-time victor and six-time Most Muscular winner find the victorious formula again?
Section: Contests :: Feb 27, 2014

Down Under The Bar: The Road To The CAPO Powerlifting Nationals
Meet five of the world's top powerlifters and watch their inspiring stories as they prepare for the competition of a lifetime!
Section: Training :: Feb 10, 2014

Arnold A To Z: The Essential Arnold Schwarzenegger Library
Whether you're a man, woman, or infant, Arnold has written a book for you. Join us as we head from the gym to the library.
Section: Mind :: Jan 20, 2014

Feats Of Feet: Minimalist Shoes And Strength Training
Toe shoes were just the beginning. Shoe manufacturers are creating a wide range of new minimalist models with strength training and athletics in mind. But do they have anything to offer you in the gym?
Section: Training :: Dec 19, 2013

Meet The Minimalists: Reviews Of Minimalist Training Shoes
Even among the young category of minimalist shoes, the options can be overwhelming. We reviewed the newest crop of training-focused models so that you don't have to feel like Cinderella in the shoe store!
Section: Training :: Dec 18, 2013

Active From The Ground Up: The All-Purpose Barefoot Warm-up
You don't have to throw away your shoes to see the benefits of barefoot training. Just try this warm-up before you hit the field or the gym for better balance and muscular control!
Section: Training :: Dec 17, 2013

Be Footstrong: Your Guide To Strength Training And Minimalist Footwear
Unlace your beefy kicks and slip into something simpler, or slip out of shoes altogether for some of your training. Your reward could be greater strength, agility, and athletic performance.
Section: Training :: Dec 16, 2013

Pavel Tsatsouline: Return Of The Kettlebell Master
The kettlebell isn't just for fat-burning. It's a strength-builder that some of the world's mightiest lifters swear by. Hear the case for it from the man who brought it over from Russia!
Section: Training :: Dec 03, 2013

Supertrainer: Man Of Steel Trainer Mark Twight
Mark Twight's grueling workouts for casts of movies like 300 are the stuff of legend. Here's how he conquered the challenge of building the stars of Man of Steel from the ground up.
Section: Training :: Jun 25, 2013

Celebrity Fitness Profile: Indianapolis 500 Champion Tony Kanaan
Years of intense training and strict nutrition helped Tony Kanaan finally drink the milk at Indy. Here's how this top racer trains to outlast the competition.
Section: Training :: Jun 21, 2013

Celebrity Fitness Profile: Actor Joseph Gatt, The Body Behind 'God Of War'
Actor Joseph Gatt brings inhuman intensity to his workouts. It's just part of the job description when you portray the gods!
Section: Training :: Jun 04, 2013

Strong Words, Vol. 2: 6 Paleo Titles You Need To Know
Are you considering or already following some form of primitive diet? Get to know the authors who are carrying the debate into the future. Give yourself a paleo education here!
Section: Nutrition :: Jun 03, 2013

No Weights, No Limits: An Interview With Paul Wade
My, what a big program you have. Author Paul Wade isn't impressed. You're spending countless gym hours to look like the Spartans from 300, but the real warriors did it with just what the gods gave them!
Section: Training :: May 13, 2013

Celebrity Fitness Profile: Actor Dillon Casey Builds Characters, And His Body
Dillon Casey has one foot in action, one in comedy, and both planted firmly on the floor of the weight room.
Section: Training :: Mar 21, 2013

Super Seed! The Case For Chia
The chia seed isn't much to look at, but it packs an incredible amount of nutrition into a tiny package. Here's why it deserves a place in your shake.
Section: Supplements :: Mar 07, 2013

Strong Words, Vol. 1: New Titles In Health And Fitness
In this new feature, we run down the latest releases by industry experts who deserve a space on your shelf.
Section: Mind :: Feb 27, 2013

Do Your Chores: Let Fitness Out Of The Gym And Into Your Life
Struggling to live up to one important challenge? Master it by making it part of your daily routine and getting to know it intimately.
Section: Mind :: Jan 02, 2013

Strength Training For Runners: How To Do It Right
The time has come for runners to embrace strength training. Running form specialist Jay Dicharry tells us why.
Section: Training :: Dec 18, 2012

The Sword Master: The Hobbit Fight Choreographer Steven McMichael
Meet the mind behind The Hobbit's amazing battle sequences. Steven McMichael directed the combat and crafted grueling workouts to ensure every dwarf and orc were up to task.
Section: Training :: Dec 13, 2012

The James Bond Builder: Skyfall Trainer Simon Waterson
Action stars aren't assembly line creations. They're crafted from the ground up by devoted trainers like Simon Waterson.
Section: Training :: Nov 16, 2012

To The Extreme: The 10 Most Extreme Athletic Feats
Who needs gear? Just lift an airplane, climb a building, or run around the block 5,649 times. It's time for you to transcend.
Section: Training :: Nov 07, 2012

Man Behind The Masks: Skyfall Stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton
Behind every action hero is a world-class stuntman. Bobby Holland Hanton made the leap from gymnastics and trick-diving to movies, and now he does whatever the stars can't.
Section: Training :: Nov 05, 2012

NFL Game Day 2012: Get Off Your Tailgate
Watch NFL games during the week; play on the weekends. Leave the stadium seats and hit the field with NFL-caliber workouts, nutrition, and recovery techniques.
Section: Sports :: Oct 17, 2012

NFL Game Day 2012: High-Tech Training Recovery
From hyperbaric chambers, to infrared saunas, to vibrating foam rollers, meet the latest and greatest recovery tools in NFL players’ arsenals.
Section: Sports :: Oct 04, 2012

Arnold A To Z: An Excerpt From Arnold: The Education Of A Bodybuilder
In anticipation of Arnold's new autobiography, we take a look back at his first: the classic Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder.
Section: Training :: Sep 12, 2012

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