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The Biggest Bodybuilding Secrets Revealed!

Do you want to know how to gain fat free mass fast? Check out this article.

Do you want to know how to gain fat free mass fast?
Gain 30 pounds to your bench? Get massive arms?
How about those rock hard abs?

I can tell you... with hard work and serious goal setting.

These are not really big secrets but these will bring everything you want into view. I have had people come up and ask me about some kind of special routine or supplement they can use to overcome their plateau or because they are getting weaker and losing size. When just a few minutes earlier they were bragging about how long they were out drinking the night before. Obviously you can make the connection.

The point is are you doing everything you can to achieve your goals. I am not talking about using steroids or anything like that. I am talking about the basics: nutrition, sleeping and training.


Question: Are you just going through motions? Are you skipping body parts because you think they are okay?

Answer: You should always have a set plan of attack before going to the gym. Maybe some new program you would like to supplement with your own training, something you have not tried in a long time. A good place to look is this web site. It is always full of new routines and train info.

Change you rest time between sets, your rep scheme, your routine, equipment, order and anything else to spice up your boredom.

-Extra activity/outside the gym
The same theories apply for your extra activities for example pick-up basketball or football, any extra calories burned adds up. It can go both ways, if you are doing too many activities that take away from you. What energy is left at the end of the day for lifting? It can go the other way as well. So eating a bag full of candy can add up and take away from your goals as well. Also not eating enough protein, smoking and negative influences as well. That is why you have to be true to yourself.

-Expense; supplements, nutrition.
A lot of people complain about the expense of supplement prices and eating. The truth is most people have bigger bar tabs than what could be spent on supplements per month. I tell people everyday to try something new every month, first because most supplements average about $30 for a month supply, which comes to about a dollar a day. Then if it works keep it, if it didn't do what was expected, now you know. Also sound nutrition costs about half if not less than eating out. It is cheaper and you will never go wrong with good nutrition.

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A person needs 8 hours of sleep. To recuperate from lifts, strength and growth come from sleep. Also when dieting you will never get those razor sharp cuts or that fullness on 4 hours of sleep, you will be flat and over trained.

This is the biggest way to ever achieve your goal, whether gaining or losing weight. This is what makes or breaks any athlete. I cannot stress how important eating right is. To a bodybuilder it makes up over 75% of everything, body composition, energy, recuperation, and strength. You need to fuel your body with the right nutrients to grow and to help utilize fat. I tell my women clients day after day that they do not have to fear getting as massive as men when they train like them with little change in their diet. But if they ate like men typically do they would look like them. The same goes for bodybuilders. You must eat like one. Nutrition is personal and individualized. You can always follow the latest fad diet or what the pro's use, it will always change but you won't. By all means experiment with food and different combinations, but see this is where a trainer is worth their weight in gold.

My advice is simple; be a kid again.
Eat a lot, sleep a lot and play hard.