Workout Music Playlists


For many of us, music is the motivator behind that last rep, that new 1RM, or that faster run. It's the one thing we can always count on to get us in the right mood and set the tone for a great workout.

If you're looking for a new crop of gym jams to infuse your playlist, look no further.


  • 14 EDM Workout Songs

  • 13 Metal Songs To Get You Pumped

  • 15 EDM Workout Songs

  • 22 EDM Workout Songs

    You're never too swole to enjoy a dance party, even if it's in the gym. Check out our list of 22 awesome EDM workout beats!

  • 18 Heavy Metal Workout Songs

    What do you get when you cross face-melting heavy metal tracks with an insane workout? This list of 18 PR-smashing songs!

  • Workout Music Vol. 2: Brian Stann's Fight-Training Tunes

    Load up on new training tunes with this playlist from retired UFC fighter Brian Stann. Log into Spotify and hear the songs he listens to as he lifts!

  • 18 Swedish Death Metal Workout Songs

    Swedish death metal. Have three words ever been so perfectly strung together? We think not. After all, what's cooler than slasher-film intensity, powerful drumming, and deep growling vocals?

  • 16 Heavy Metal Workout Songs From The '80s

    If you've never trained to the insane guitar solos of '80s metal bands, then you've been missing out. Let us fill the void. Here are 16 of the era's best songs!

  • 23 Cardio Workout Songs

    Improve your cardio workouts with great beats and fun lyrics. Here's the ultimate playlist for your next sweat session!

  • 23 Classic Hip-Hop Workout Songs

    We're taking you back to the golden era of hip hop. Bounce to the gym, plug in your buds, and let these club-worthy beats help you strive towards your next PR. Push those weights up—push 'em real good.

  • The Best Workout Songs Of 2014

    We mined all the songs released in 2014 to find the ones that will help you smash your workouts and make your way to gainsville! Here are the 21 tracks that made the list.

  • 13 Hip-Hop Songs To Help You Crush The Weights

  • 22 Hip-Hop Workout Songs

    You may have a lot of enemies, but this playlist isn't one of them. Fresh tracks from Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and T-Wayne help guide this mix. Meet some new beats and crush your goals.

  • Workout Music Vol. 7: Amanda Latona's High-Energy Playlist

    Whether she's busting her ass with weights or sweating it out during cardio, IFBB Bikini Pro Amanda Latona needs music as a constant companion. Download her fun playlist for a boost of musical energy!

  • Workout Music: 20 Early '90s Rock Songs

    Grab your Cobain sweater and put on your Chuck Taylors. This week, we're hitting dumbbells and barbells to the sounds of '90s rock!

  • Workout Music Main Page

    For many of us, music is the motivator behind that last rep, that new 1RM, or that faster run. We can always count on it to set the tone for a great workout.

  • Workout Music Vol. 5: Noah Siegel's Hard Rock Playlist

    It's hard to hit a deadlift PR if you have EDM blaring in your headphones. Log into Spotify and download Noah Siegel's hard rock workout music. Play it loud!

  • 26 Nu Metal Workout Songs

    And you thought your Linkin Park days were over...

  • MusclePharm Workout Music: Flo Rida And Cory Gregory

    Load up on new training tunes with this playlist from MusclePharm athletes Flo Rida and Cory Gregory. Log into Spotify and listen up!

  • 10 Gym Tracks Every Playlist Needs!

    Our founder and CEO Ryan DeLuca has excellent musical taste! So, we think every workout playlist needs these 10 staple songs.

  • Workout Music Vol. 9: Jen Jewell's Barbell Beats Playlist

    Sometimes all you need for a training session is great music. If your gym playlist isn't set up yet, borrow Jen Jewell's. It's perfect for every workout!

  • Workout Music Vol. 3: Lawrence Ballenger's Big Weights Playlist

    Need some new gym music? Here's Lawrence Ballenger's excellent playlist. Log into Spotify and download some new tunes!

  • 20 Of The Best Metallica Workout Songs

    Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme 20 of the best Metallica songs to crush my next PR!

  • 12 Metal Songs To Skyrocket Your Workout Motivation

  • 22 Hair Metal Workout Songs

    Bust out your Aquanet and eyeliner! These 22 hair metal songs are just what you need for a perfect workout.

  • 23 Great Cover Songs For Your Workouts

    You'll have so much fun listening to these 23 cover songs that you'll forget you're working out!

  • 4th of July Workout Playlist

    Fuel your Fourth of July workout with this diverse collection of rock, guaranteed to help you break records and set new maxes!

  • 26 EDM Workout Songs

    You don't have to be at an all-night, underground rave to enjoy this popular genre that brings the world together. Grab your glow stick, pop some creatine, and bring the party to the gym with these sweet beats. Just remember to wait for that bass to drop.

  • Workout Music Vol. 10: CT Fletcher's Training Tunes

    CT Fletcher is one of the biggest, baddest trainers in America. We caught up with this beast to hear the sweet sounds he listens to when he lifts.

  • 21 Classic Rock Workout Songs

    From memorable vocals to guitar riffs that amp you up, classic rock is all about celebrating the familiar. Just be sure to smash your workout as you sing along.

  • Workout Music: 21 Early 2000s Workout Songs

    The gym is for lifting iron and rocking out. Check out our list of 21 awesome songs guaranteed to give you a heart-pumping trip down memory lane.

  • The Most Hardcore Workout Playlist Ever!

  • 16 EDM Songs That Will Help You Crush Your Workout

  • 15 Hip-Hop Workout Songs

  • 12 Alternative Workout Songs That Are Motivating As Hell

    Rock out to the punchy beats and empowering messages of these head-banging tunes as you crush the weights and dominate in the gym.

  • Workout Music, Vol. 4: Stephanie Toomey's Muscle-Up Music

    If your normal gym playlist has grown stale, download Stephanie Toomey's. It's perfect for even the most hard-core training session.

  • 11 Hip-Hop Workout Songs

  • 24 Of The Top Eminem Workout Songs

    Bask in the glory of this music playlist that covers all that Eminem, Marshall Mathers, and Slim Shady have to offer. This week, we're hitting the weights to the sound of this great rapper!

  • 30 Punk Workout Songs

    Punk rock might be the music of rebellious youth. But it also makes for some damn good workout tunes!

  • 22 Pop Workout Songs

    From early classics about moving your feet and throwing pagers out the window to current hits about tik toks on clocks, we've got the pulse on pop. Work hard and bring all the boys to your yard with these upbeat hits.

  • 10 Workout Songs From '80s Movies

    Is the monotony of your contemporary life bleeding into your workouts? It's time to add some bitchin' 80s tunes to your training music. Here are 10 classic songs!

  • 14 Hip-Hop Classics To Get You Pumped AF

    Put a little bounce—or hop—in your step as you make your way to the weight room and crush your workout to these classic hits.

  • 23 '80s Workout Songs

    Whether they were busting out power ballads about whipping it good, finding their rhythm, or proclaiming their love with extended cardio—500 miles to be exact—one thing's for sure: music from the '80s was awesome!

  • 24 Trap Workout Songs

    With its base in dubstep and its lyrical bravery beating down the doors of hip-hop, trap music can carry any lifter through a workout! Check out this slick mix and let us know if you dig it, or want it scrapped.

  • 21 Metalcore Workout Songs

    These 21 metalcore tracks will provide all the screaming rage you'll need to demolish your workout. Download the playlist and start smashing weights.

  • Workout Music Vol. 6: Fred ''Biggie'' Smalls' Training Tunes

    Fred Smalls lifts heavy weight, but that doesn't stop him from listening to some dance-friendly music. Download his playlist and get your lift and your groove on!

  • 17 EDM Songs To Fire Up Your Workout