Dramatic Transformation Principle: Build Some Killer Legs With This Routine!

Roger Lockridge takes Kris Gethin's Dramatic Transformation Principle to the gym for a legs workout. Read on to see how he did!

I am back for another one of Kris Gethin's Dramatic Transformation Principle workouts. This time I am hitting legs. I am also going to incorporate rest pause training in this training session. This should be interesting and intense. If you are not familiar with why I am doing this, please refer to my two previous DTP articles here on Bodybuilding.com.


I had eight egg whites with a half cup of oatmeal and a protein shake just like last time. I hope I don't throw up during this workout. I understand it is a possibility with this style of training. While eating, I also took 500 mg of Vitamin C and a multivitamin. Twenty minutes before hitting the gym, I took Vitargo instead of the NO drink. I feel it is better for the leg workouts and it helps reduce the soreness later. Once I finished that, I grabbed my gym bag and a bottle of water and drove to the gym.

In The Gym

Once I get to the gym, I stretch and do the ten minutes on the treadmill. I am not going to lie, I am a little nervous about doing this. I have struggled with legs anyway and today is going to be more difficult than usual. That on top of the fact I only get 45 seconds rest is what should be a quick workout seem like an all day job.

Leg Press

The Sets

1 / Feet High and Narrow

I am doing high and narrow first to emphasize the hamstrings. I felt it would be easier to do it this way first before going wide. The first set is for 50 reps. I used 245 pounds and went for it. The set seemed like it would take forever, just like last time. Once I got done, I added 50 pounds to bump it up to 295 for set two.

2 / Set Number Two Is 295 Pounds For 40 reps

I struggle a little to get to 40, but it was no big deal. Two sets down and I haven't had to rest yet. I decided to do plate jumps instead of just adding 25's. So set three will be 385 pounds.

3 / 30 In A Row Wasn't Happening

I got to 21 and had to rest for a few seconds. After five seconds I get the final nine reps. That was quite a difference between sets two and three. I am already sweating like crazy.

4 / Another Plate On Each Side For A Total Of 475 Pounds

I am struggling to get up and down to add the weight so you can imagine how intense this is. I have to stop at 10 for a few seconds and then again at 16 to finish out the set. Wow! My hamstrings are burning like crazy. Let's go with only another 25 for this set.

5 / 525 Is My Set Of 10

I manage to get all 10 without stopping but I decide to stay where I am because I know I am about to go back down and it is going to suck! 45 seconds of rest seems like a blink of an eye. The second half of this is underway!

6 / Feet Low And Wide

I am on 525 pounds still and since there is more emphasis on quads I manage to get all 10 repetitions without stopping. Unfortunately, my legs are shaking to the point that I can't stand on my own so I don't strip any weight.

7 / By The Time I Decide To Get Up Anyway It Is Time To Go

So now I am doing 20 reps with the same weight I did 10 with. I can get 11 before resting for five seconds. I then get 7 more and rest for five more seconds before finishing out the 20 total reps. I force myself up to strip down a pair of plates. By the time I drop back in the seat it is time to go again.

8 / I Am Now At 435 Pounds And It Is For 30 Reps

With each rep I am feeling more and more of that burning sensation in my quads just like my hamstrings and my stomach starts turning. I have never thrown up in the gym, but today may be the first time. I stop at 15, 23, and 27 before finally finishing the set. Another plate comes off of each side.

9 / This Puts Me At 345 Pounds

I am contemplating stripping a little more but it is too late to decide so I go. I tell myself that I am going to get at least 25 before I have to stop. I come up one short and stop at 24. That made me mad and I decided to get the rest without stopping. That didn't happen either and after resting on rep 37, I get the rest of the 40 and prepare for my final set.

10 / I Am Back To 245 pounds where I started and dreading every single rep

I ended up taking a minute in between because it took that long for me to take the two pairs of 25's off and get back in the seat. At this point, I am breathing like I can't get oxygen and grunting like a bull. Up and down each rep goes. Someone is looking at me like I am out of my mind and I just don't care. I am almost done and I WILL FINISH! I get to 27 before stopping. After a few seconds, I continue up until rep 41. Five more seconds and I have to will myself to do those last nine. I made it through and I didn't throw up. As far as I was concerned, that was a hell of an accomplishment.


I grab my second serving of Vitargo and start sipping away. I was so focused on the second hand on the clock I never really looked to see what time it was. That workout took less than 15 minutes. I have trained legs for 90 minutes and didn't feel as sore as I did after DTP. I was thinking before I came to the gym that after I finish I would do calves. My calves were burning too and I didn't do a single calf raise. So I just called it a day and went on back to the house.


Once again. I have 1000 mg of Vitamin C and a protein drink once I get home. I just laid in my bed for over an hour until I felt it was okay to walk again. This will be a regular part of my training for a while. I think I can see big results in my future with DTP on legs. Next time I write on DTP it will be on supersets with chest and back.