Dramatic Transformation Principle: Shoulders, Priority, And Drop Sets!

Roger Lockridge takes Kris Gethin's Dramatic Transformation Principle to the gym for some shoulder dropsets. Read on to see how he did!

We have come to the final installment of my experiment with Kris Gethin's Dramatic Transformation Principle training system. I have used DTP on every major muscle group except shoulders and that is what I am doing today. I am using both drop sets and the priority principle with this workout and after reading this section I hope you consider this one for yourselves. I am going to prioritize my side deltoids today since I feel they need improvement and I am also going to use drop sets when necessary to really blast my shoulders good.


I actually had a late start today so I am hitting the gym after lunch which consisted of a tuna salad and brown rice. As I have before, I took my NO drink about 30 minutes before leaving my home and took 500 mg of Vitamin C.

In The Gym

As soon as I get to the gym I find a treadmill and walk for about ten minutes to get the blood going. Afterward I stretch out and make sure I am loose before I start training. Since I am focusing on my side delts, I grab a light pair of dumbbells and I am going to do seated side raises. I decide to do them seated so I am less likely to use momentum to swing the weights up.

Seated Side Lateral Raise

The Sets

1 / I start with 10's and get going

I am focusing strictly on form here so I am going slowly with each rep. I am surprised that I am able to get all 50 reps without having to drop the weight. I want to do some drops so I skip the 12's and 15's and go to the 20's.

2 / Forty five seconds of rest and I am on set number two

I get to 30 reps before I drop to the 15's and get the final 10 reps. During my rest, I decide to go for the 25's and see how far I can go before I have to drop. My delts are feeling pretty good today. I am looking forward to my next set.

3 / After sipping some water, I start my set of 30 reps

I get to 17 reps with the 25's before having to drop. The 20's are gone so I have to use the 15's to finish. I may not have got to the end if I used the 20's like I wanted to. Nonetheless, I take my short break and grab the 30's. I also keep the 25's so when I need to drop they are right there for me.

4 / Set number four is when I feel the difference

10 reps into the set, I have to drop. Since the 25's were so close, I had only a couple of seconds before I keep going. I manage six reps before having to drop to the 20's which are now available so I can finish. I re-rack the dumbbells and sip on my water before I get ready for my first 10-rep set.

5 / I grab the 35's and really set my mind to doing all 10 reps on this set

I never have done 10 with the 35's before and really want to do it today. I manage eight and if I wanted to use some body english I could have got the last two, but I decide against it and grab the 30's for the last two.

6 / Forty five seconds isn't long and it seems to be even faster when you are doing DTP

I grab the 35's and they feel like 50's. I manage five before grabbing the 30's. I get three more, but when I went to drop again, the 25's and 20's are gone. I just rest for a few seconds and get the last two before placing them down.

7 / This is my second set of 20 reps and I am now dreading it

My delts and arms are burning. I grab the 30's and get eight before dropping down. I have to use the 20's and get 8 more before finishing with the 15's. The 25's are returned right before my rest period is up so I start with those for my next set.

8 / One last sip of water out of my now empty bottle and I am going

The 25's get me 14 reps before I have to drop to the 20's. Six more for 20 total at this point and I am down to the 15's. Eight after that and then I get the last two with the 12's. That was a tough set for me and now it feels like my arms are going to fall off. I am breathing heavy at this point too. I like the fact that DTP has a cardio like effect as well as the muscle stimulating benefits.

9 / I walk to the water fountain and back before starting on set number nine

I look at the clock and about 20 minutes have passed since I started. I start with the 20's and get 22 reps. The 15's are now gone so I grab the 12's. I actually manage the last 18 reps which surprises me. I am really hoping the 15's are available for my last set because I don't want to start with the 12's. They don't and I choose to start with the 20's again. Go heavy or go home! That sounded hardcore to me until I realized I was referring to 20-pound dumbbells.

10 / I am off and running for my last set of 50 reps

The 20's are good for 17 reps. Now the 15's are back and I grab them immediately. I didn't have them for long though because I only get 7 more. I take the 12's and keep going. Nine more reps there get me up to 33 total. I am hoping I can get the 10's for 17 reps, but it isn't looking good. Keep in mind each rep is slow so this is going to be difficult. I get to 45 total and just will myself to overcome the burning sensation in my delts and numbness in my hands to get those last 5 for 50 total. I just drop the weights and fall back on the bench.


I couldn't start drinking that Vitargo quick enough. I needed it and was glad to have it once I was done. As I am sitting there trying to catch my breath, a gentleman approaches me and asks about what I just did. I explained DTP to him and cover the workout I just did. He says I am insane but he can tell I had a passion for training because he thought I trained harder than anyone else he has seen. That was a nice way to end my day in the gym.


As always I have 1000 mg of Vitamin C and a protein drink once I get home. My delts stayed sore for the rest of that day and the next day. In my opinion whether you are a beginner or an advanced trainer, everyone can benefit from DTP and should incorporate it into their program immediately. You will be glad you did. Props to Kris Gethin for developing this system and for helping all the people he has helped to get into the best shape of their lives, including myself. He does not get all the credit he deserves for what he has done for the sport.

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