Dramatic Transformation Principle: Get Ready To Build Massive Arms!

Roger Lockridge takes Kris Gethin's Dramatic Transformation Principle to the gym for an arms workout. Read how he did!

In my previous article regarding Kris Gethin's Dramatic Transformation Principle, I covered what it was and how you performed it in the gym. I decided to try this system out for myself and report my findings in an article for Bodybuilding.com so you guys can see what it is like before trying it out for yourselves. Without further ado, let's get into my first DTP experience.


Lately I have been training in the mornings so I had breakfast about an hour before going to train. I had eight egg whites with a half cup of oatmeal and a protein shake. While eating, I also took 500 mg of Vitamin C and a multivitamin. Twenty minutes before hitting the gym, I took a pre-workout NO drink. Once I finished that, I grabbed my gym bag and a couple bottles of water and drove to the gym.

In The Gym

Once I arrived at my gym, I warmed up with ten minutes on the treadmill to get the blood flowing. I spent about five minutes stretching out after that. I really had to work on getting my left arm warmed up because I have been dealing with a nagging forearm injury and I really don't want to spend more time on the injured list. After warming up, I decided to play it safe and do these exercises in regular fashion instead of supersetting biceps and triceps. I grab my first bottle of water and head to where the EZ curl bars are.

EZ-Bar Curl

The Sets

1 / The first set is for 50 reps

I used 45 pounds and went for it. The set seemed like it would take forever, but I got to 50 and felt okay. There was no pain in my arm either. I added ten pounds and waited 45 seconds to rest before proceeding.

2 / Set number two is 55 pounds for 40 reps

I struggle a little to get to 40, but it was no big deal. Let's add ten more pounds and go for the next set.

3 / Sixty-Five pounds is the weight and 30 reps is the goal

I am struggling by rep 20 but I do get all 30 in succession. I have to grab some water. I should have done that for the first two sets. I am only going to add five pounds this time because I want all 20 reps without having to stop.

4 / I am feeling it in my biceps as soon as I pick up the weight

This is 70 pounds and normally it doesn't feel this heavy. I take a deep breath and start. By rep 12, I am ready to put this bar down. I take an extra second in between each of the final reps and get to 20. I have to shake my hands to get the feeling back in them. This is early in the workout and I feel like I should be done. I am not though and add five more pounds, take another sip of water and ... 45 seconds already passed?!

5 / Seventy-Five pounds for 10 reps

This shouldn't be too bad, right? Wrong! I am wanting to cheat by rep four. The fact that I am taking such brief rest periods makes it feel like I am doing cardio. This set was a mental test for me but I got all ten and didn't have to cheat either. Awesome! I take a seat on an empty bench and just focus on catching my breath. It seems like I just sat down and I had to get back up. It was time to go again.

6 / Now we are going the other way

I start with the 75 pounds this time and repeat the ten reps. I think the fact that I was going back down gave me a mental boost because this set was a little easier. I strip the 2 ½'s off and I am back to 70 pounds for the 20 reps again. Water, breathe, shake the arms and let's go.

7 / The set of 20 this time was a little easier than the first time

Again, the fact I was close to the end and now that it is lighter weight was a plus for me. I struggled for reps 16 through 20, but I got them.

8 / Back to 65 pounds and I am back up to 30 reps

This is where DTP gets the most intense for me. My arms are on fire and my hands are going numb. This combined with the deep breathing I am doing from the short rest periods make this set tough. I am determined not to let this get the best of me and even though the final five reps take a little longer than the others, I got them.

9 / I am kind of relieved that I can drop ten pounds and go back to 55 pounds

It didn't matter because it still hurt. I could have done ten pounds and it would've kicked my butt. This was for 40 reps and I am sore. I start to speed the rep count up but I realize I am cheating myself so, as bad as I hated to, I slowed the reps back down. I managed 38 before I have to take a second to do the last two.

10 / I am back to 45 pounds and going for 50 reps

I am still kind of shocked I am this pumped and this sore. All of this is from one exercise and less than 15 minutes. I tell myself that I am going to get all 50 of these and not stop until it is done. I suck up the pain and go. Someone had to count the reps for me because I zoned out and just lifted until I heard "50!" I drop the bar because my hands give out. Thank goodness I didn't do the supersets. I may not have finished. As I celebrate this feat I realize I am only half done and I still have triceps.

Lying Triceps Press

The Sets

1 / I have to take a couple of minutes because I had to wait on an empty bench

This was good because my elbow was sore anyway. I decide to use the same weights in the same order I did for the curls so it was 45 pounds for 50 reps. This set was no problem.

2 / Fifty-Five pounds for 40 reps

I get through it with only a little struggle. At this point I am feeling the cardiovascular benefit from this system again. I up the weight, drink more water and go.

3 / Sixty-Five pounds felt like 165 by rep 30

The last ten were hard, but I got them on my own. I get a spotter because I may need help for the rest of them.

4 / I manage 20 reps with 70 pounds

My arms look like they grew an inch. I haven't felt a pump like this in my arms in a good long time. Seeing the pump motivates me and I am ready for set five.

5 / It turns out I wasn't as ready as I thought

I was determined to do them on my own and I managed to do it. I open my second bottle of water and pray and stretch my arms out for the brief rest period I have. Now it is time to go for the finish line.

6 / Seventy-five pounds for ten again

I struggled but barely finished it. I am breathing heavier than I would after an hour on an elliptical.

7 / I get myself psyched up and lift like my life depends on it

Seventy pounds and 20 reps later I drop the bar behind me. This is the first time with triceps I just let the bar go instead of setting it down. My hands are hurting and I can't even flex anymore. Knowing I am almost done I shut out the pain and go again for set eight.

8 / Sixty-five pounds, That is all I can think

I grab it and again it feels like much more than that. I just start and again someone is counting for me because I zone out to shut out the pain. This straight up hurts. I get 25 and doubt I can do the last five. After a couple of seconds, I do squeeze out the final reps before the bar goes crashing on the floor behind me.

9 / I now feel like there are weights hanging off my arms

I am also breathing heavy, but if this was easy everyone would do it so I go again. Ten pounds off (thank goodness) and it is 40 reps. The fact that I am close to done is pushing me to finish these reps out. 37, 38, 39 and I have to stop. I want to put the bar down but I am not going to fail when I am one rep short. Forty gets done and I drop the bar again.

10 / One more set and I am done

I can taste the Vitargo already. I spend my 45-second rest period shaking my arms off as I am walking to grab the shaker cup. I am going to down this drink as soon as I finish. People are looking at me funny because of my breathing but I can care less. Time to lift.

I am only thinking about finishing out as I go. Someone is counting to me in fives so I will push harder. 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and I realize I am down to ten to go. I just zone out and push. Once I finish I make it a point to set the bar down instead of dropping it. I am done. DTP Arms is complete.


I grab the Vitargo and it feels like I just picked up the bar again. I start drinking it immediately and sip on it while I lay on the floor catching my breath. I feel like I have been in the gym for two hours and it was less than 35 minutes. That was an incredible workout.


I have 1000 mg of Vitamin C and a protein drink once I get home. I was breathing heavy up to 15 minutes after I finished that workout. Give it a try next time you are in the gym. Next time I attempt DTP it will be on legs. Check it out soon. To find out more about DTP read my first article on DTP on Bodybuilding.com.