Dramatic Transformation Principle: Changing People's Bodies And Lives!

If you're looking to make big changes in your health, then let Kris Gethin take you through his Dramatic Transformation Principle and show you how to kickstart your own transformation!

Are you someone who is looking to finally take those steps to losing weight, get stronger, and feel better both physically and mentally? Perhaps you were in great shape back in your younger days and look to recapture your past youth? It may seem impossible in your eyes, but not in the eyes of Kris Gethin.

Kris has not only proven this for himself. He has shown and helped people all around the world that what may seem impossible now is only 12 weeks away if you want it bad enough. People from L.A. to Sydney, Australia and all points in between have benefited from Kris' Dramatic Transformation Principle (DTP) system. Now you can too.

About DTP

DTP is the training system that has transformed the physiques of many people and can do the same for you as well. DTP targets both the fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers in order to both enhance and define your muscle. It provides an overflow of nutrient rich blood to the muscle group you are training to provide a fuller appearance and more separation to the physique, at the same time increasing the heart rate and the intensity to burn fat and build muscle as well. You complete a total of ten sets with a rep range of 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 for the first five. Once you complete the set of 10, you complete a second set of 10 and then do 20, 30, 40, and then 50 again at the end. You rest about forty-five seconds in between each set.

DTP is an intense training system so you can implement it one of two ways. You can either use it on the entire body for three consecutive weeks followed by taking two weeks off or you can use it on one or two muscle groups per week for as long as you choose to.

There are many benefits to using DTP for yourself:

  • You can count the warm-up set as a work set also due to the high rep range.
  • Since the program is so intense, you also can burn fat while you are training.
  • The workout doesn't take long so you can train even on a limited schedule.
  • The fact that you use the high range reps before the low range reps lowers stress on your joints and tendons. Therefore the chance of injury is much lower than a regular heavy training program.

Various Forms Of DTP

DTP also will never be boring. You can accomplish the workout in a variety of ways. Doing this keeps the body from adapting to one program so your body can keep benefitting from it. They include the following:

DTP Supersets

You can do opposing muscle groups in the same day to either really kick up the intensity or if you can't get in the gym one day this is a great way to make up for it. Let's take biceps and triceps for an example. You can do barbell curls and superset skullcrushers with them.

DTP Drop Sets

If either you want to go a little heavier or can't accomplish the number of reps you need to do on that set, you can drop the weight once you hit failure and then resume where you left off until you finish the set. This is great when you use machines and you can change the pin on the stack quickly.

DTP Partials

Partials are awesome for adding extra intensity to a set. Adding 10-15 partials to the end of a set really both increases blood flow to the muscle and keeps a set going so you know you hit it as hard as you can. DTP Priority—If you choose to do only two muscle groups a week, then make your two weakest muscles your priority and implement DTP for those two only.

DTP Rest Pause

Again, if you can't complete the set with the desired weight, there is a way to help you finish. Once you hit failure, rest for five seconds and then keep going where you left off. Do this until you get the target rep range. If it takes more than a couple of rests, you probably had too much weight and should decrease it.

A Word On Nutrition and Supplementation

Now as we all know (or should know), transforming isn't about training alone. If you aren't eating properly and taking the proper supplements, then you aren't going to reach your goals. Make sure you check out many of the awesome diet and supplement articles here on Bodybuilding.com to learn more on how you should eat and what you should take.


Next time I am going to try the DTP system for myself and document my results for you. I am looking forward to the challenge and anticipate both intense training and awesome results. To find out more about Kris Gethin and DTP, go check him out on BodySpace under Kaged Muscle.

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