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Brand of the Year

Optimum Nutrition

Optimum has a ton of products that have been used for years with great results. You can trust them to keep coming out with reliable products for years!

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Breakout Supplement of the Year

Cellucor: COR-Performance Whey

Amazing Flavors! Fast Acting Protein Isolates!
25G Of Protein To Satisfy Protein Needs Any Time Of The Day!

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Best Packaging of the Year


MusclePharm is dedicated to bringing its customers the most advanced supplement line ever developed.

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Breakout Brand of the Year


Beast's high-quality, multi-purpose supplements enable athletes to achieve their fitness goals more economically.

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Best Overall Protein Powder & Supplement of the Year

Optimum: Gold Standard Whey

With Fast-Acting Whey Protein Isolates!*
25G Of Protein To Satisfy Protein Needs Any Time Of The Day!

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Pre-Workout Supplement of the Year

Cellucor: C4 Extreme

Pre-Workout With NO3!
Explosive Workouts!

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Recovery Supplement of the Year &
Amino Supplement of the Year

MusclePharm: AMINO1

The Athletes' Cocktail!
Revolutionary Sports Performance Muscle Recovery & Hydration Drink!*

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Creatine Supplement of the Year

BSN: CellMass 2.0

Advanced Strength!
Concentrated Post-Workout Recovery!*

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During-Workout Supplement of the Year

Gaspari Nutrition: SizeON Maximum Performance

With Outlast Carbohydrate Matrix!
Hybrid Intra-Workout Whey Hydrolysate Creatine Formula!

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Energy & Endurance Supplement of the Year

BSN: Nitrix 2.0

Promote Nitrix Oxide Production!*
Help Improve Muscle Fullness, Vascularity and Pumps!*

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Multi-Vitamin Supplement of the Year

Optimum: Opti-Men

More Than A Multi!
Multi-Vitamin and Mineral for Men!

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Fat Loss Supplement of the Year

MuscleTech: Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Supports Weight Loss & Extreme Energy!*

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Women's Product of the Year

Optimum: Opti-Women

More Than A Multi!
Women's Formula For Optimum Health!*

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Isolate Protein of the Year

Dymatize: ISO-100

100% Whey Isolate!
High Quality & Amazing Taste!

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Protein Bar of the Year

MET: Rx: Big 100 Colossal Bars

Meal Replacement Bar!
Crunchy And Nutty Bar For Adding Extra Fuel To Growing Muscles!*

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Casein Supplement of the Year

Optimum: Gold Standard 100% Casein

Slow Protein Digestion!
Low Carb Slow Digesting, Anti Catabolic Miceller Protein With Glutamine!*

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Weight Gainer Supplement of the Year

Optimum: Serious Mass

Weight Gainer!
50 Grams Of Protein With Glutamine And Creatine Plus 1,250 Calories!

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Glutamine Supplement of the Year

MusclePharm: Glutamine

Provides Optimal Muscle-Tissue Saturation!*
Supports Rebuilding and Recovery From The Toughest Workouts!*

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Joint Health of the Year

Universal Nutrition: Animal Flex

The Complete Joint Support Stack!*
Rock Solid!

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Clothing Brand of the Year

MusclePharm Sportswear

MusclePharm Sportswear's quality fabrics and fresh styles outperform the competition - in and out of the gym.

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Accessory Brand of the Year

Blender Bottle

Blender Bottle is a convenient way to mix, pour and store in one container.

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Tanning Product of the Year

Dream Tan: Dream Tan

For Instant Skin Color!
For Instant Skin Color!

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