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Our podcast is the perfect way to inject fitness inspiration and information into your commute, cardio time, or whenever you need a boost. Here are the year's standout conversations!

Podcast Episode of the Year: Doug Kalman: How to Eat for Strength Without Budging the Scale

"Weight gain" and "weight loss" tend to dominate fitness and nutrition conversations. But what if you want—or your sport demands—that the number on the scale doesn't change all that much? Doug Kalman, Ph.D., RD, a researcher and dietician who has also competed in boxing, talks with Nick and gives him a no-BS lesson about how to eat for maximum strength gains and body re-composition. Listen up if you participate in a weight-classed sport, or just want to change your body without having to buy a whole new wardrobe!

How to Eat for Strength Without Budging the Scale
How to Eat for Strength Without Budging the Scale
Doug Kalman is a well-known nutritionist and the co-founder of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. He's also one of the two stars of's excellent Foundations of Fitness Nutrition series and, in his free time, he does a lot of consultant work for elite athletes and I wanted to pick Doug's brain about how to achieve maximum body recomposition, really focusing on strength and recovery while keeping weight about the same. I wanted him to give me the same kind of initial consult that he'd do for someone more talented than me, so that we can all take in some lessons from it.


Pauline Nordin: Lessons from 20 Years of Hard Training

Pauline Nordin: Lessons From 20 Years Of Hard Training

Pauline Nordin, fitness icon and creator of the Fighter Diet, tells the story of her fitness journey.

Fergus Crawley: Squatting 132 pounds 7,600 times in 24 hours

Fergus Crawley On Squatting 132 Pounds 7,600 Times In 24 Hours

What does it take to squat 132 pounds, 7,600 times, in 24 hours? And why in the world would you want to? Fergus Crawley reflects on lifting and depression in men.

Alyssa Ritchey: From the Farm to Weightlifting on the World Stage

Alyssa Ritchey: From The Farm To Weightlifting On The World Stage

Team athlete Alyssa Ritchey went from farm girl to skateboarding to Olympic weightlifting (with a few more stops in between). This is her story, in her own words.

Finance to Fitness: How Brian DeCosta Made Incremental Changes to Yield Big Results

Finance To Fitness: How Brian DeCosta Made Incremental Changes To Yield Big Results

Brian DeCosta left his finance career behind and chose fitness instead, but he found financial wisdom to be applicable in the gym, too.

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