Behind-the-head push-press

The behind-the-head push-press is an overhead press variation in which the barbell starts in the back rack position and is pushed overhead with assistance from the lower body. It is most often seen in training for Olympic weightlifting. It can be part of a barbell complex or performed for low reps focusing on power and movement quality.


  1. Builds full-body power, strength, and coordination
  2. Excellent carryover to the snatch or clean and jerk
  3. Encourages good overhead mobility and shoulder stability
  4. Especially targets rear delts and upper back muscles

Behind-the-head push-press Images


Behind-the-head push-press Instructions

Behind-the-head push-press muscle diagram
  1. Standing with the weight racked on the back of the shoulders, begin with the dip. With your feet directly under your hips, flex the knees without moving the hips backward. Go down only slightly, and reverse direction as powerfully as possible. Drive through the heels create as much speed and force as possible, moving the bar in a vertical path.
  2. Using the momentum generated, finish pressing the weight overhead be extending through the arms.
  3. Return to the starting position, using your legs to absorb the impact.