Negative pull-up

The negative pull-up is a multijoint bodyweight exercise that focuses on just one half of the traditional pull-up: the lowering, eccentric, or "negative" portion. Because muscles are stronger eccentrically than they are concentrically, many people can perform negatives even if they can't perform full pull-ups. For this reason, it is a popular training tool to help people earn their first pull-up rep, or as a back-off exercise after doing full pull-ups.


  1. Builds strength and muscle in the back, biceps, and core that carries over to full pull-ups
  2. Requires no equipment other than a bar
  3. Can be done instead of pull-ups or after pull-up training
  4. Many coaches feel negatives are more effective than banded pull-ups or a machine assisted pull-up at building pull-up strength

Negative pull-up Images

Negative pull-up image
Negative pull-up image


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