Band-assisted pull-up

The band-assisted pull-up is a variation of the pull-up exercise in which the reps are performed with an elastic band looped around the feet or knees. This reduces weight and resistance at the bottom of the rep, while increasing it toward the top. Like other pull-up variations, it builds strength and muscle in the upper back, biceps, and core, and is often used as a way to help people boost their pull-up numbers or perform their first rep.


  1. Strengthens the muscles of the lats (latissimus dorsi), biceps, upper back, core, and grip
  2. Requires no equipment other than a bar and a band
  3. Can help you perform pull-ups in higher rep ranges, such as 8-15 reps per set or more
  4. Can help someone build up to their first pull-up, particularly if programmed alongside negative pull-up
  5. Simple alternative to lat pull-downs if a machine isn't available

Band-assisted pull-up Images

Band-assisted pull-up image
Band-assisted pull-up image


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