Bodyweight Flyes

The double-bar roll-out chest fly is a chest exercise that utilizes two rotating barbells as "handles" for a chest fly. It targets the muscles of the chest, but is also an intense core workout. It's a tough movement that is usually performed in the chest-focused portion of a workout.


  1. Serious stretch of the pec muscles
  2. Far more difficult than most fly variations
  3. Significant core challenge to stabilize during movement

Bodyweight Flyes Images


Bodyweight Flyes Instructions

Bodyweight Flyes muscle diagram
  1. Position two equally loaded EZ bars on the ground next to each other. Ensure they are able to roll.
  2. Assume a push-up position over the bars, supporting your weight on your toes and hands with your arms extended and body straight.
  3. Place your hands on the bars. This will be your starting position.
  4. Using a slow and controlled motion, move your hands away from the midline of your body, rolling the bars apart. Inhale during this portion of the motion.
  5. After moving the bars as far apart as you can, return to the starting position by pulling them back together. Exhale as you perform this movement.