Crazy results and shredded "after" pictures may get the likes, but we know the journey is the real fun. And during that journey, every little thing that helps you make a little progress takes on mythical proportions.

Maybe you'd heard of Kris Gethin or Hannah Eden before, but now they're your heroes. Sure, you'd taken protein, but now you crave it, and spend your free time searching out deals and flavors. Your fitness accessories, workout clothes, the program you follow—they all become your favorites of all time.

We get it—and we love it! It's why we created the Awards over a decade ago: to harness that enthusiasm, and also to give you the chance to get some wicked discounts on the stuff you love. And this year, you lived up to the challenge by rocking the vote!

We asked a team of experts from across the fitness industry to help narrow down the many choices for everything from our best protein, to our best podcast episodes, to our best customer transformations. Then, we put the final say in the hands of—who else?—our customers, the people who keep the lights on and live the lifestyle we all love.

Products of the Year

There's no substitute for month after month of getting your reps, getting your rest, and getting your meals right. But the right recovery-boosting, hunger-crushing, or workout-enhancing supplement (or accessory, or shirt) really does make a difference. Even if it's just the difference between "That was a pretty good workout" and "What a friggin' workout! Bring on the next one!" That's a pretty big deal.

Here are the items in our store that helped carry you through epic leg days and low-energy afternoons over the last year!

Content and Community of the Year has never been "just" a store. For as long as our beloved site has been around—we're coming up on 20 years next spring, people—we've also featured inspiring transformation stories, down-and-dirty instruction on lifting and nutrition, and insight and interviews from the biggest names in the biz.

Here's what you loved reading, watching, and putting into action from this year!

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