Getting Back In Shape

We've all been in shape at one time or another in our lives. Unfortunately most of us have also gotten out of shape, and a bit pudgy, or even a lot.

We've all been in shape at one time or another in our lives. Unfortunately most of us have also gotten out of shape, and a bit pudgy, or even a lot.

The problem that I had, and that I'm sure most of you are having, is sticking to anything long enough to get back into some semblance of my previous shape. There's just too many things that get in the way and the drive isn't there like it used to be.

The bottom line is that you might want to get in shape badly but it's just too tough sticking to it. And the months and years roll on.

What To Do?

The first step is deciding that you do really want to feel and look better. The second step is not making it almost impossible to do.

I can't help you with the first, but I can give you lots of help with the latter. That's because it's not so tough to do if you start one step at a time and get some help. That's the key for almost all of us. If we expect too much all at once we're going to suffer the consequences and railroad our efforts.

So the first thing to do is to take it easy on the road back. Doing too much at first can leave you hurting and even hurt. And you're less likely to keep it up. So start some easy exercise that's enjoyable.

What Kind Of Exercise?

Try hitting the weights for a half hour—two or three times a week. Join a gym that has some circuit equipment, fixed weights and cardio equipment and do a little bit of everything. Or just do the exercises that appeal to you.

Also take a multivitamin and Mineral supplement like MVM. A recent study has shown that there are specific health benefits to be reaped by taking a daily vitamin and mineral supplement. 1

Once you're into the exercise and you're also into your second week, start looking at your diet a little more carefully and cut out some of the carbs. After a week or so of that introduce a supplement or two to make the exercise you're doing more productive.

Once you're on your way you might want to get into a more rigorous training routine, watch you diet more carefully, and take some more supplements. But don't go too fast and hard, it'll likely be counter productive.

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Baby Steps To Getting Back Into Shape

The First Week

Short easy bouts of weight training. Half an hour—two to three times a week. Take a multivitamin and mineral supplement.

The Second Week

Cut back on your carbs, eat more frequent smaller meals.

The Third Week

Start using LipoFlush as your only supplement to help you lose weight and maintain or even build muscle mass. LipoFlush will increase your energy levels naturally and does a world of good for your overall health.

The Fourth Week

Anything you want. A stricter diet, a more rigorous training schedule, more supplements. Use fat calipers to measure your body fat progress.

Or just carry on as you're doing as long as you're seeing some progress.

Use this simple approach and before you know it you're getting back into shape and look and feel like you did in the old days. And you can look as good or even better, and the big plus is that now you're a lot smarter.


  1. Conrad Earnest C. Efficacy of a complex multivitamin supplement. Nutrition Vol: 18 Issue: 9 , September, 2002.