For Results Lift Heavy And Keep It Short!

Just like my articles I like to keep my workouts 'short and sweet'. Personally I feel there is absolutely NO other way! The way I see it is that...

Just like my articles I like to keep my workouts 'short and sweet'. Personally I feel there is absolutely NO other way! The way I see it is that all workouts must strive to acheive the highest intensity possible.

Therefore keeping it short and sweet. I mean let's face it bodybuilders are no endurance athletes but we can keep our workouts intense! The way we do this is by keeping our weights workouts no longer than 1 hours. In the gym you are there to make the maximum gains. This is where the 'sweet' part comes in. As i've said a thousand times already we are aiming to do our workouts at high intensity! If you haven't got it in yet i'll repeat it once more, bodybuilders want to workout at a high intensity! I hope you've all got that by now :) "INTENSITY" - the word for the day.

The way in which we acheive this intensity is by the title of this article, 'short and sweet'. We keep the workouts short and in between sets we aim to decrease the rest time everytime we step into the gym. For example, you may start off resting for 90 seconds in between every set, you would want to decrease that by 5 seconds every other time you got into the gym. You also want to lift heavier and heavier in the gym everytime you step into the gym. Just remember, INTENSITY by keeping it 'short and sweet'.

Happy Intensity :)

Lift Heavy for the best results
I'd only be stating the obvious if i said that the main aim for bodybuilders is to "get huge". And how else would we "get huge" without lifting heavy? Let's say we lifted a really light weight for 10 sets of 100 reps, how much do you think we would grow as a result of that? The answer is, we may grow but any growth would be very minimal. What I have just described could probably be called endurance work but you would never see any sane person including 10 sets of 100 reps into a workout.

Lifting heavy is the answer, not lifting high rep amounts. I would suggest if you were doing arms for example i would use a very heavy weight where i could lift about 3-4 sets decreasing each set like this rep combo: 6,5,4. Not only should you be lifting as heavy as you can but as i mentioned in my previous article about intensity, called 'Short and Sweet' you must be aiming to increase your weights each time you go into the gym.

The reason for this is that if you aren't increasing your weights on a regular basis then after a while you are doing nothing but maintaining your muscle mass, NOT increasing it.


Results don't come easy
Too many times I see people quitting after only a small period of time because the results haven't come so fast and so easily as they would have liked and as they visioned prior to starting a program that they would get these great results in such as short period of time.

You don't lose 10% body fat in a week!

Even though you would like to get the results you want quite easily you can't! That's why a lot of the world is overweight - obviously!

But what I can suggest is develop a plan for yourself and stick to it! If you are dedicated then results will come!

As a shampoo company promotes - "It won't happen over night, but it WILL happen!"