Straight-bar wrist roll-up

The straight-bar wrist roll-up is a movement targeting the muscles of the forearms and hands. It is normally performed in high reps, for time, or simply to failure as a burnout for the lower arms. If shoulder fatigue limits your ability to perform the movement, it can be done with the barbell resting in a rack.


  1. Builds hand and wrist strength
  2. Builds forearm size and strength
  3. Doesn't require unique equipment
  4. If grip strength is a limitation, lifting straps allow heavier loading

Straight-bar wrist roll-up Images


Straight-bar wrist roll-up Instructions

Straight-bar wrist roll-up muscle diagram
  1. Hold a barbell with both hands and your palms facing down; hands spaced about shoulder width. This will be your starting position.
  2. Alternating between each of your hands, perform the movement by extending the wrist as though you were rolling up a newspaper. Continue alternating back and forth until failure.
  3. Reverse the motion by flexing the wrist, rolling the opposite direction. Continue the alternating motion until failure.