The push-jerk is a movement in which the barbell is pushed from the front rack position to overhead with help from the legs. It differs from the push-press in that the lifter dips under the bar rather than simply pushing it up. It is popular in CrossFit workouts and Olympic weightlifting, as well as power training for athletics. It is usually performed for low reps, focusing on power and movement quality.


  1. Builds full-body power, strength, and coordination
  2. Allows you to put heavier weight overhead than with the push-press or strict press
  3. May be more comfortable for some lifters than the split jerk

Push-jerk Images


Push-jerk Instructions

Push-jerk muscle diagram
  1. Standing with the weight racked on the front of the shoulders, begin with the dip. With your feet directly under your hips, flex the knees without moving the hips backward. Go down only slightly, and reverse direction as powerfully as possible.
  2. Drive through the heels create as much speed and force as possible, and be sure to move your head out of the way as the bar leaves the shoulders.
  3. At this moment as the feet leave the floor, the feet must be placed into the receiving position as quickly as possible. In the brief moment the feet are not actively driving against the platform, the athletes effort to push the bar up will drive them down. The feet should be moved to a slightly wider stance, with the knees partially bent.
  4. Receive the bar with the arms locked out overhead.
  5. Return to a standing position.