Good Morning

The barbell good morning is an exercise that targets glute, hamstring, and lower back development. It is often trained as an accessory movement to the deadlift, but also has value on its own. It is sometimes performed for reps in traditional strength-focused rep ranges such as 5-8 reps per set, but due to the risk posed to the lower back, is rarely treated as a max-effort single-rep lift.


  1. Accessory exercise the deadlift and squat
  2. Challenges upper back and core strength
  3. Trains correct hinging motion
  4. Serious hamstring and glute builder

Good Morning Images


Good Morning Instructions

Good Morning muscle diagram
  1. Begin with a bar on a rack at shoulder height. Rack the bar across the rear of your shoulders as you would a power squat, not on top of your shoulders. Keep your back tight, shoulder blades pinched together, and your knees slightly bent. Step back from the rack.
  2. Begin by bending at the hips, moving them back as you bend over to near parallel. Keep your back arched and your cervical spine in proper alignment.
  3. Reverse the motion by extending through the hips with your glutes and hamstrings. Continue until you have returned to the starting position.