Dumbbell thruster

The dumbbell thruster, which begins with a squat and ends with an overhead press, works the entire body at once in a single fluid motion. This exercise is often performed with kettlebells, but dumbbells are also a great option.


  1. Helps improve coordination, muscular endurance, and balance
  2. Develops core stability
  3. Burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time

Dumbbell thruster Images


Dumbbell thruster Instructions

Dumbbell thruster muscle diagram
  1. Begin in a standing position with a dumbbell in each hand. Clean the dumbbells to shoulder height utilizing a jumping motion and shoulder rotation. Your palms should be facing each other and the elbows pointed forward. Look directly forward, keep your chest up, and place your feet about shoulder-width apart. This will be your starting position.
  2. Initiate the movement with a squat, flexing the knees and hips to lower your body. Descend as far as flexibility allows, maintaining good posture in the spine, hips, and knees.
  3. Pause for a brief moment at the bottom of the squat before returning to a standing position by extending the hips and knees.
  4. After fully rising to a standing position, press the weights overhead by extending the elbows and flexing at the shoulder.
  5. Return the weights to the shoulder before repeating the entire movement for additional repetitions.