Bear Crawl Sled Drags

The bear crawl sled drag is an advanced variation of the bear crawl exercise involving added resistance from a sled or other weight. If no sled is available, other viable options include dragging chain, a barbell plate, or a tire. The bear crawl sled drag is an intense full-body movement that targets the cardiovascular system as well as a wide range of muscle groups, in particular the shoulders, core, and legs. It can be done in short bursts for power or circuit training, or for longer durations as cardiovascular conditioning.


  1. Intense conditioning challenge even with light weight
  2. Engrains cross-body gait pattern and athletic coordination
  3. Torches the shoulders, core, legs, arms, back—pretty much everything

Bear Crawl Sled Drags Images

Bear Crawl Sled Drags image
Bear Crawl Sled Drags image

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