The following training routine is typical or basic and not designed for specialized training. Other specialized routines that can be used are listed in my Reverse Pyramid Training book. Selecting a routine should best fit your experience, level of fitness, goal(s) and allotted time (weekly schedule).

If you are a beginner the routine below is ideal for you. DO NOT imitate routines of advanced bodybuilders! You'll only grow LESS in MORE time! Combined with performance nutrition, smart and hard training and sufficient rest a "lean tissue" gain of 24-36 pounds is realistic in the first two years of consistent training.

Signature Beginner Stack
Signature Beginner Stack
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  • Training Frequency: 3 days
  • Training Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Routine Duration: 3 to 6 months
  • Sets Per Exercise: 2 to 3 sets
  • Rest Between Sets: Up to 2 minutes

Approximate "lean tissue" gain in 6 months: 12 to 18 pounds

For fat loss & muscle maintenance: Perform your cardiovascular exercise after weight training for 20 minutes.

For muscle gain only: Abstain from performing any cardiovascular exercise.

Full-Body Routine
3 sets, 12-15 Reps
+ 12 more exercises


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