Erin Chancer-Smith


I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Theater Arts with an Acting and Dramatic Writing emphasis. The only exercise that I really got was from the occasional dance class. Believe me, it showed. Until I came to I knew little to nothing about the gym other than how to turn on the treadmill. I had a lot to learn.

I have been with in the Web Content department for over a year and in the time I have gained a great deal of knowledge about the fitness world. This knowledge, along with the support of my peers, helped me to change my way of thinking and lose over 20 pounds.

I enjoy putting what I've learned into practice and living a more active life. I'm always looking for new workout and healthy recipes to try. I'd like to continue on this path and work towards a career in fitness writing. I believe that we can change lives and I hope to be a part of that.